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  • News: 5 useful research websites

    Between them, the millions of users who surf the web every day have vast accumulated knowledge on everything from politics to baking, finance to car maintenance. So wouldn't it be great if we could harness all that information and collate it one place?

  • News: Six websites that will save you money

    When it comes to your pieces of eight, it pays to be vigilant. The web offers a number of sites that can help you keep track of your outgoings and even help you save a few pennies at the same time.

  • News: Use the web to find trusted tradesmen

    Most of us don't have a trusted tradesman on hand to call in an emergency. Helpfully, sites such as Yell allow you to enter your postcode, in return providing you with the telephone numbers of local tradesmen that should be able to help.

  • News: 10 websites to watch in 2009

    2008 was the year of Twitter and Facebook, but which sites will dominate 2009? We've put together a list of the 10 sites we think you won't be able to live without this year.

  • News: Find great restaurants and pubs online

    There's nothing worse than heading out to a local pub or restaurant and being disappointed with what you find. But the web can help.

  • News: Three great online backup services

    The web is ideal for backing up your digital files and online storage space costs very little if your needs are only modest. Should you come to depend on your backed-up files, they can be downloaded on the spot from wherever you are, provided that there's a web connection.

  • News: 7 great music, image and video-sharing sites

    When you've got your stash of music, image and video files safely backed up, you'll want to start showing them off to your friends.

  • News: 5 great news websites and services

    The web's a great source of breaking news. No matter the time of day, you can log on and find out what's going on in the local or national news. A number of sites, including PC Advisor, also let you comment on the stories of the day.

  • News: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 delayed again

    The release of the third beta of Mozilla's Firefox 3.1 web browser has been delayed again after 18 bugs were detected in TraceMonkey - the browser's JavaScript engine.

  • News: Beat 2009s 17 most dangerous security threats

    To use a computer safely, you have to be prepared for a growing number of constantly evolving security threats. We've addressed 17 scams and attacks you might not be aware of, and provide advice on how to defeat them.

  • News: Govt reveals plan for universal 2Mb broadband

    The government has called for everyone in the UK to be given broadband access with a speed of at least 2Mbps in the initial findings of its Digital Britain report.

  • News: Twitter 'spitters' increase social networking spam

    Hackers are setting up fake accounts on micro-blogging service Twitter in a bid to build-up a database of contacts they can spam or infect with viruses, says Sophos.

  • News: 25% of Brits have sent saucy work emails

    Brits are becoming too relaxed over the way they use email in the work environment, says Proofpoint.

  • News: Struggling AOL cuts 10% of workforce

    AOL has announced it is laying off 10 percent of its workforce in a bid to survive the recession.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite video website?

    PC Advisor is looking for recommendations of your favourite video websites. Which sites serve up the best video content, and what makes them particularly attractive? Do you look for the widest variety of clips, or the best quality?

  • News: BT helps businesses beat the recession

    BT is helping the UK's businesses survive the recession with a pack of free IT and communications services.

  • News: UK Film Council search engine finds online movies

    The UK Film Council has launched a search engine FindAnyFilm.com so that film buffs will be able to find when, where and how more than 30,000 movies are available, including on the internet.

  • Opinion: Bowie proves Twitter ain't cool

    It used to be cool to be on Twitter, but I think those days are numbered.

  • News: TalkTalk 'emergency' broadband beats credit crunch

    In a bid to help web users hit by the credit crunch, TalkTalk is offering to waiver the £6.49 charge its customers pay for broadband access.

  • News: Lost is first HD show available on iTunes UK

    Apple is finally offering UK iTunes users the chance to download TV shows in high definition, starting with Amercian drama Lost.

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