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  • News: Thieves knock Sainsbury's site offline

    Sainsbury's online store was knocked offline for several hours yesterday for the second time in a month, following a problem at network operator Cable and Wireless.

  • News: Storm worm exploits US/Iran tensions

    The authors of Nuwar – also known as the Storm worm – are exploiting the escalating political tensions between the US and Iran to encourage users to download the malware, according to McAfee Avert Labs.

  • News: ZoneAlarm users lose internet access

    Some ZoneAlarm users were cut off from the internet after installing one of the security updates issued by Microsoft on Patch Tuesday, according to online message forums.

  • News: PC Advisor's Broadband Survey 2008 now online

    Broadband internet service providers (ISPs) had better watch out: PC Advisor readers are about to start having their say about what really makes them fume when it comes to getting online.

  • News: Google releases AdWords upgrade

    Google is adding a feature to its AdWords platform that lets advertisers see how frequently people use certain search terms in order to more finely tune their ad campaigns.

  • News: 20% of Brits want Facebook on the beach

    Almost half of the UK believes they should be able to access the internet wherever they go, be it the pub, the beach or the park, reports T-Mobile.

  • News: Europe could cut off illegal file-sharers

    An amendment to a telecommunications law, which has been approved by theCommittee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO), could see illegal file sharers in Europe disconnected from the net.

  • News: Nine 'important' updates released by Microsoft

    Nine vulnerabilities in Windows, Exchange, SQL Server and Microsoft's Domain Name System (DNS) server and client software have been fixed in the company's monthly round of 'Patch Tuesday' updates.

  • News: Symantec warns Word users of new exploit

    Symantec has warned that hackers are taking advantage of what appears to be a new bug in Microsoft's Word software. A note on the security vendor's website says the company has seen attackers exploiting "what is possibly an undisclosed vulnerability affecting Microsoft Word".

  • News: Ofcom ready to act on illegal file-sharing

    Communications regulator Ofcom is considering setting up regulation to help clamp down on file-sharing.

  • News: Icahn: Yahoo won't 'botch up' new Microsoft deal

    Microsoft has confirmed that it would be interested in resuming talks with Yahoo with a new board of directors, both to buy the search business or the entire company.

  • News: Microsoft attracts projects aimed at poor

    Microsoft added an award for Rural Innovation for the first time to its Imagine Cup competition this year, and it attracted a number of projects aimed at solving problems faced by people in developing nations.

  • News: Sony's Second Life-killer to open this autumn

    Sony has confirmed that its virtual world Home will launch this autumn.

  • News: Free AVG software updated to tackle web overload

    AVG is upgrading the LinkScanner component of Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0 following reports that the security suite was placing heavy demands on the websites it scans.

  • How-Tos: How to locate the source of an email

    There are many aspects to web security. You can hardly move for apps that automate online protection and safeguard your identity, for instance. But one area that gets less attention is IP-address tracing.

  • How-Tos: How to set up an Office Live account

    Many of us dream of breaking free of the nine-to-five grind and setting up our own businesses, but few of us actually get round to doing so.

  • News: Mobile broadband to prompt 100Mbps rollout

    The increase in popularity of mobile broadband could force fixed-line ISPs to invest in next-gen networks that will provide 100Megabits per second (Mbps) broadband, reports Ofcom.

  • News: UK's most spammed man gets 16m emails a year

    The UK's five most spammed individuals receive between 3,900 and 44,000 spam emails each day, reports a new survey from ClearMyMail.

  • News: BBC plans pre-booking system for iPlayer

    BBC iPlayer users could soon be able to pre-book shows they want to watch a week before they’re broadcast. The new queuing system will be set up in such a way as to minimise the load on the network, with shows set to download at an "optimum time for the user, the UK internet and the BBC", according to the BBC. The new feature is only in the planning stage. Proposals to put the plan into effect have been put to the BBC Trust, which must give its permission for the feature to be introduced.

  • News: Storm botnet tricks users on 4 July

    Hackers tried to trick users into downloading the Storm bot Trojan on Friday by unleashing a flood of Fourth of July spam bearing links to malicious sites.

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