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  • News: Sky launches iTunes rival

    Sky has revealed it is partnering mobile music specialist Omnifone in a bid to launch an online music store.

  • News: Nokia N97 gets Skype VoIP software

    Nokia has revealed it will ship its new N97 handset with specially developed Skype Voice over IP (VoIP) software.

  • News: Facebook responds to user terms fury

    Facebook new terms of service have some members fuming that the company now asserts permanent rights to anything they create or upload, even if the member removes it from the site.

  • News: Gangsters turns to Skype to avoid wiretapping

    Italian police have warned that eBay's VoIP service Skype is undermining their use of wiretapping in criminal investigations.

  • Opinion: PC Advisor jumps on the Twitter bandwagon

    ITV's announcement today that it is giving up on Friends Reunited - four years after it paid £175m for it - demonstrates that social-networking sites live a precarious existence. The must-visit website or Web 2.0 tool of today will get replaced by a Web 2.1 upstart tomorrow, meaning many of us leave several out-of-date profiles sitting around on the internet untouched.

  • Opinion: How Facebook lost $11 billion dollars

    Due to a hefty dollop of technological ineptitude, we know that Facebook is worth $11 billion less Microsoft thought it was.

  • News: Pirate Bay illegal downloads trial begins

    The trial against the four owners of Pirate Bay - a BitTorrent tracking site that allowed web users to illegally download music, movies and software - has begun in Sweeden.

  • News: UK mobile operators tracking web habits

    UK mobile operators have been collecting information about the websites handset users visit from their device for the past year, as part of a trial by the GSM Association (GSMA).

  • News: Nokia app store to launch in May

    Nokia is following in the footsteps of Apple and Google and opening an app store that will offer downloads for users of handsets running the Symbian S40 and S60 platforms.

  • Video: World Technology Update, February 16 2009

    Amazon unveils Kindle 2, the EU promotes Safer Internet Day, Ebay tightens regulations and Microsoft gets its 10,000th patent

  • News: Google lets developers charge for Android apps

    Google has revealed it is giving developers the facility to charge web users to download apps for handsets running its Google Android Platform, such as the T-mobile G1.

  • News: The 10 best Twitter add-ons

    Supercharge your Twitter account with our selection of the best third-party apps

  • News: O2 customers test apps to earn cash

    O2 has unveiled an app store where mobile phone users can test apps for their handsets and provide feedback to the developers, ensuring the apps do exactly what they want.

  • News: The best online travel sites

    When it comes to holidays - the web's long been a useful place. You can find cheap flights and hotel rooms, rent cars and even read reviews of you accommodation online.

  • News: The 10 biggest annoyances in Outlook

    Microsoft's highly capable email client Outlook is glitchy and has too many features for its own good - much like some other so-called productivity software we could mention. We look at its 10 biggest annoyances and reveal how to fix them.

  • News: The 10 greatest PC games of all time

    When it comes to PCs, there have been some brilliant games over the past 30 years. We've rounded up what we think are the 10 greatest PC games of all time.

  • News: 11 music download sites compared

    Is DRM dead? As more and more music sites sell unrestricted tracks, PC Advisor investigates the best places to download your favourite tunes.

  • News: Facebook pays $65m to settle lawsuit

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg forked out $65m to settle a lawsuit in which three former classmates accused him of ripping off their idea for a social networking site.

  • News: Huge Apple security update fixes 55 bugs

    Apple has released a security update for Mac OS X that patches 55 bugs and marks the largest update by Apple in nearly a year.

  • News: EC urges govt to act on Phorm privacy concerns

    The government is being urged to respond to privacy concerns raised by the European Commission (EC) over controversial targeted advertising system Phorm.

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