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  • News: Google Book Search to put millions of titles online

    Google has struck a deal with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers that will make millions of books available online.

  • News: AOL kills AOL Pictures service

    AOL has notified its users that it is to close its AOL Pictures service at the end of the year.

  • News: Web-based Microsoft Office takes on Google Docs

    Microsoft is to preview a hosted version of Microsoft Office today, after more than a year of speculation about when the company would put its productivity suite on the web to compete with Google Docs.

  • News: US military: Twitter poses terrorist threat

    Social networking site Twitter could be used by terrorists as a tool in planning attacks, says the US military.

  • News: Qik app enables Blackberry users to stream video

    Social networking site Qik has launched an application that enables BlackBerry users to stream and share videos from their handset.

  • News: Hackers use Google to get sensitive data

    Hackers are employing search engines such as Google when attacking web applications that hold sensitive data, says a security expert.

  • News: Windows 7 & Windows Azure explained

    Microsoft revealed a significant shift in its strategy this week, introducing two new and drastically different Windows products at its annual Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles

  • News: LinkedIn & Facebook pose growing IT risk

    New research reports that use of Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, peer-to-peer networking and instant messaging in the office continues to surge.

  • News: Google Earth available for iPhone & iPod touch

    Apple iPhone and iPod touch users can now use Google Earth on their handset, after the application was made available via the App Store.

  • News: Windows Azure is Microsoft's new 'cloud' platform

    Microsoft chief software architect Ray Ozzie has unveiled Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud-computing platform that allows developers to build and host their services on Microsoft infrastructure.

  • News: Lexmark Toolbar helps prevent wasted prints

    In today's environmentally friendly society, printing is among some of the least friendly activities that takes place in an office. On average, employees print as many as 700 pages per month, which amounts to between 50 and 75kg of paper per employee a year, says printer manufacturer Lexmark.

  • Opinion: Google Street View shuns UK

    Google Street View sounds like fun. It's like Google Earth, just with panoramic views at street level. Some of us have even seen the special Google cars driving around snapping roads, buildings, phone boxes, litter bins, dog mess, lampposts, street signs, vehicles, and even people (mainly with their faces smudged out).

  • News: Eightfold increase in malicious spam

    The amount of spam containing dangerous attachments designed to infect PCs with malicious viruses increased by eight times during July and September this year, says Sophos.

  • News: No e-voting for 2009 local elections

    The Government has announced that it won't be offering an e-voting scheme for the 2009 European or local elections.

  • News: Web users don't know how to report illegal content

    Over three quarters of web users have stumbled across disturbing content on the net but have no idea how to report it, says the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

  • News: New EU platform helps users report child porn

    The European Commission has pledged €300,000 to create a pan-European alert platform where people can report internet child porn material on websites.

  • News: Yahoo announces developer platform

    Yahoo is to launch a platform for web developers as part of its bid to add Facebook-like social networking features to its websites.

  • News: The web's 10 best blogs revealed

    Blogging is one of the biggest online crazes of recent years, but an awful lot of blogs are not well written or interesting. Some, however, represent the best of journalism. We've trawled the blogosphere to find the best blogs out there.

  • News: 16 great email and instant messaging downloads

    Communication is one of the main reasons people go online. Whether its email or instant messaging, virtual communication is a huge part of our online lives. We've put together a list of 16 great downloads that will help you communicate better through email and instant messaging.

  • News: Use Google's Gmail to fight all spam

    When it comes to spam, there are plenty of different ways to fight this email annoyance. Tools like MailWasher and Spam Assassin are great at clearing you inbox of irrelevant and useless emails, but we've found another solution: Gmail.

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