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  • News: 73% say broadband's as essential as water supply

    Nearly three quarters of Brits believe a broadband connection is as important as a water or electricity supply, says the Communications Consumer Panel.

  • News: Facebook use grows 700% as MySpace plummets

    Facebook users spent 13.9 billion minutes on the social-networking site in April, a dramatic rise of 1.7 billion minutes from the same month in 2008, according to a report from The Nielsen Co.

  • News: Opera unveils beta version of Opera 10

    Opera Software has made the first beta of its latest web browser,Opera 10, publicly available.

  • News: Adobe BrowserLab aids web developers

    Adobe has created a web-hosted tool to help designers see how their sites look in a variety of browsers and operating systems, so they can adjust the layout as needed.

  • News: PC Advisor Mobile UK media network hits 170m pages

    PC Advisor Mobile, the UK's first specially optimised Technology magazine site, is now part of a UK media network serving more than 170 million monthly page impressions.

  • News: Online spending to surge despite recession

    Online spending in 2009 will rise by 13.3 percent compared to last year, taking the total spend to £20.9bn, despite the global recession, says Verdict Research.

  • News: Wi-Fi the solution to broadband for all?

    Community Wi-Fi networks could be the answer when it comes to the problem of offering 2Mbps broadband access for everyone in the UK, says Top 10 Broadband.

  • News: BT limiting broadband speeds at peak times

    BT is thought to be limiting download speeds during peak times on its cheapest broadband package, slowing down video services such as the BBC iPlayer.

  • News: Google to expand free music download search tool

    Google is considering taking the free music download search it offers in China to other countries as well, though it has no specific plans yet, the company said on Monday.

  • News: Google to offer eBooks by end of 2009

    Google has revealed that it plans to give publishers a way to sell eBooks by the end of the year.

  • News: Twitter jogger claims world's first twinjury

    Twitter has caused its first victim. No, not Google's lame real0time search, or even Facebook's social-networking crown. Now a user is claiming to have suffered a real "twinjury".

  • Opinion: Is Microsoft Bing worth a fling?

    When it comes to search, Microsoft has been sitting in a leaky boat with the waters rising on all sides. It's desperately hoping that Microsoft Bing, the newly reincarnated version of Live Search, will toss the company a lifeline.

  • News: 7m Brits illegally download

    Around 7m Brits are using a file-sharing network once a week to illegally download music files, says the Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property (SABIP).

  • News: Yahoo 360 to close in July

    Yahoo will close its Yahoo 360 social-networking site in July, something it originally planned to do in early 2008 and later delayed to last year's second half.

  • Opinion: Google Wave: selective sharing on social networks

    When Google Wave was unveiled, it was described it as a marriage of email and instant messaging. But to me it looks more like the kind of social network that I'd really like: one where I can exactly target the people with whom I want to share a comment, photo or video.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Bing: close but no cigar

    Analysts have given a mixed response to Microsoft's new search engine, Bing. They say Microsoft Bing will help the company gain some search share against Google and has features that users will find helpful, but is in no way a quick fix for Microsoft's poor position in the search market.

  • Opinion: Twitter fans raise $850k for heart transplant

    It's easy to mock the banality and self-regard of the average Twitter user (and fun, too), but the Twitterati can be surprisingly altruistic when the occasion calls for it. And when there's a celebrity or two involved.

  • News: ITV gives FA Cup final the Twitter treatment

    ITV is jumping on the Twitter bandwagon with a ‘unique experiment' to put football fans see tweets about tomorrow's FA Cup final on its website as the match progresses.

  • News: Google Book service faces EU probe

    Google's plans to make the content of millions of books available online are to be investigated by the EU over fears that the service may affect US authors' rights in Europe.

  • News: What is Google Wave?

    Google is releasing to developers an early version of Google Wave - a collaboration and communication tool that consolidates features from email, instant messaging, blogging, wikis, multimedia management and document sharing.

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