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  • News: Spotify to be used for Top 40 charts

    Online music streaming services such as Spotify could be taken account when it comes to compiling the UK Music charts.

  • News: 10% have watched illegal videos

    Nearly one in ten of all consumers in the UK, France, Germany and the US have admitted to watching illegally downloaded video contents, says Futuresource Consulting.

  • News: Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate now available

    Mozilla has made the Release Candidate (RC) of Firefox 3.5, its latest web browser, publicly available.

  • News: Google improves Flash search and indexing

    Google has enhanced its search engine's capacity to index Adobe's Flash files, which are very popular on the web but tricky for search engine spiders.

  • News: Twitter visitors increase 1,500 percent

    Twitter grew faster than any other website in May, when its unique visitors rose almost 1,500 percent year-on-year to 18.2 million, according to Nielsen Online.

  • Opinion: Smashing the digital divide

    Lord Carter's Digital Britain recommendations included an upgrade for digital radio, measures to improve mobile phone coverage and new efforts to tackle music and video software piracy. But it was the announcement of what critics are calling a 'broadband tax' that captured the most headlines.

  • News: The 9 strangest software bugs

    Bugs are common in software, almost every program has one that exasperates its users. But truly unusual bugs that prompt technology to behave as if it was possessed are a rare breed. We round up nine of the most fascinating rare bugs.

  • News: Confessions of a web user

    The web is a great communication tool, its links people who would neither otherwise met and let them discuss topics that interest them through blogs, forums and websites.

  • News: China orders Google to remove suggest function

    Google has been ordered to remove the suggestion function from its Chinese website.

  • News: Sensitive data made available on Parcelforce website

    Sensitive personal data including names, addresses and postcodes has been made publicly available on Parcelforce's website.

  • News: Illegal music swapper must pay $1.92 million

    A woman who won a retrial after a $220,000 verdict against her for sharing music files has now been ordered to pay $1.92 million by a jury in Minnesota.

  • News: O2 to cut off unauthorised iPhone web tetherers

    iPhone owners who've upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0 have been told by O2 not to tether their phones to laptops in order to enjoy free 3G connectivity of their PCs. O2 says it will disconnect anyone who attempts to tether their iPhone without paying the necessary charges.

  • News: Google brings Iran into translation service

    As the internet becomes a more important path for information between Iran and the rest of the world, Google has added support for Persian to its Google Translate service.

  • News: China slams Google porn filtering

    The Chinese government has slammed Google claiming its filtering of pornography is too weak.

  • News: Apple iPhone 3G S launch draws crowds

    With the usual fanfare attendant with an Apple product launch, the company released the iPhone 3G S.

  • News: Men are less security savvy than women

    When it comes to online security, men are less savvy than women says PC Tools.

  • Opinion: Bing continues to grow, but is Google suffering?

    Microsoft is gaining new ground with its freshly rebranded Bing search engine, some recently released data suggests. Bing, the research finds, grew 0.8 percent during its second week online, following a 2.2 percent jump during its debut week. One question that has yet to be answered, though, is how that growth is affecting other search engines.

  • News: BT, PayPal & Intel back unified online IDs

    The Kantara Initiative, formed to promote interoperability among identity verification applications and services, launched on Wednesday with big-name backers such as BT, Oracle, Intel, eBay's PayPal, AOL, CA, Novell, Fidelity Investments, Liberty Alliance, and Boeing.

  • Opinion: Twitter proves its worth in troubled Iran

    Twitter has suffered endless wise cracks about its users tweeting more about their favourite sandwiches and coveted parking spots than anything truly important, but the past few days have showed the microblogging site's real promise.

  • News: Microsoft search queries plummet before Bing

    Microsoft's search engine suffered a steep usage drop in May, right before the company launched Bing, a new version of its search engine, according to the latest market share figures from Nielsen Online.

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