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  • News: Daily Star apologises for GTA Raoul Moat story

    The Daily Star has apologised for the story it published last week about the apparant creation of a video game entitled 'Grand Theft Auto Rothbury', intended as a cash-in following the Raoul Moat case.

  • News: Las Vegas awaits influx of Black Hat crackers

    If you have plans to travel to Las Vegas next week, you may want to cancel them. Why? Because the city will be crawling with hackers attending a "Black Hat" conference on electronic security. The sponsors of the events describe them as "highly technical information security conferences that bring together thought leaders from all facets of the infosec world - from the corporate and government sectors to academic and even underground researchers."

  • News: Mozilla patches latest Firefox flaw

    For the second time in two months, Mozilla on Friday rushed out a fix for Firefox to patch a problem with a browser update issued just days before.

  • News: IE8 Smartscreen Filter stops one billionth malware download

    Internet Explorer 8's Smartscreen Filter, used to secure users from dodgy websites, has stopped its one billionth malware download, Microsoft has proudly announced.

  • News: Mozilla shows off new Firefox tab interface

    Future versions of Firefox are set to adopt a new tab design that will transform the browser's interface, a senior Mozilla developer has announced.

  • News: Most businesses use cloud computing

    Most businesses now use some element of cloud computing according to research from Mimecast. However, security concerns remain a barrier to adoption, however 57 percent of cloud users say that moving to the technology has actually improved security.

  • News: Four ways IPv6 will save the web

    The world is almost out of IP addresses - or at least it's almost out of the IPv4 addresses that IT admins and users are most familiar with.

  • News: Yahoo plans to invest in hackers

    Yahoo is considering investing in hackers with good ideas and technologies, a company executive said on Saturday.

  • News: ProcessOne launches instant messaging for business

    ProcessOne has released a new messaging service that gives small businesses their own instant messaging capability using their domain name.

  • News: Pirate Party to launch its own ISP

    The Swedish Pirate Party is launching its own ISP in an attempt to offer increased privacy and as a means of increasing revenue.

  • News: Microsoft will not offer rewards for identifying bugs in IE

    Microsoft has no plans to follow in Mozilla and Google's footsteps and offer security researchers rewards for identify bugs in its software.

  • News: Steve Jobs admits iPhone 4 problems

    Plus: Bill Gates' Aids crusade and more stories

  • News: Open Rights Group slams Ofcom's net piracy code

    The Open Rights Group has slammed Ofcom's draft Code of Practice to tackle net piracy, claiming the code fails to outline the standard of evidence needed to prosecute those accused of illegal file-sharing.

  • News: MySpace loses 49% of visitors in 12 months

    MySpace has almost half as many visitors as it did last year, says ComScore.

  • News: Google pushed to name names over Wi-Fi data collection

    Google is being urged to hand over the names of its engineers that created a code, which was accidentally used by the search engine to collect information from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

  • News: Google: 'Java too complicated'

    Today's commercial-grade programming languages - C++ and Java, in particular - are way too complex and not adequately suited for today's computing environments, Google distinguished engineer Rob Pike argued in a talk Thursday at the O'Reilly Open Source Conference.

  • News: New Google Chrome every six weeks

    Google on Thursday said it will pick up Google Chrome's release pace by issuing a new version of the browser about every six weeks. According to Anthony Laforge, a Chrome program manager, the new schedule will put a a new "stable" version of the browser in users' hands roughly twice often as in the past. The picked-up pace will debut over the next few months.

  • News: Windows flaw exploited by malware writers

    The Windows attack used by a recently discovered worm is being picked up by other virus writers and will soon become much more widespread, according to security vendor Eset.

  • News: Twitter to banish Fail Whale with own data centre

    Twitter hopes to improve the reliability of its service by moving into its own, custom-built data centre later this year, the company said this week.

  • News: Eleonore toolkit has one in ten success rate

    Cybercriminals have infected 1.2 millions PCs with the Eleonore toolkit in a bid to take control of the machines and potential steal banking and credit card details from unsuspecting web users, says AVG.

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