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  • News: Mozilla's Firefox OS smartphones do matter -- to developers and buyers

    Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich described keen interest shown by 8 million Web developers in the Firefox OS, and said that 20-plus smartphone makers and wireless carriers plan to sell devices running the OS to first-time buyers globally, initially in markets where low-cost phones are in demand.

  • Opinion: No waiting rooms, no copay: 6 apps to get a doctor's advice

    The last time I saw my doctor, I arrived about 12 minutes early for my appointment. She arrived 22 minutes late, to find me waiting outside of her locked office. Which means I'd been there for over half an hour before I even saw the waiting room. Now, I appreciate the test of both my patience and my blood pressure, but it seriously cannot continue to take me three hours to get a prescription filled. In the wise words of Sweet Brown: Ain't nobody got time for that.

  • News: Mobile by Sainsbury's coming via Vodafone

    Sainsbury's has announced that it will launch its own mobile network using Vodafone's infrastructure.

  • News: Microsoft's 'MoodScope' phone software senses your mood

    Your phone is there, always watching. It's your life companion, according to one manufacturer. So shouldn't it be able to tell your mood, too? Microsoft thinks so.

  • News: Researchers turn Android phone into Agent 007 tool

    Kindsight proof-of-concept said to be ideal tool 'to launch an insider attack against a corporate network or government network'

  • News: Activity tracker Basis knows everything about your body

    Sometimes it doesn't matter how many workout apps, protein shake recipes, or Nike+ FuelBands you have--it can seem like you just don't really know how well your training is going. Sure, your Fitbit can tell you how many miles you ran last week, but it can't share, say, how well your blood was flowing during those runs. Basis claims it's developed a wearable activity tracker that is much more than just a high-tech pedometer.

  • How-Tos: How to use Google Keep

    We explain how to use Keep, Google’s new note-taking app which allows Android users to quickly make text, photo, or voice notes and synch them to their Google Drive account.

  • News: Facebook makes us all QA testers, launches beta channel for its Android app

    Calling all beta-testers! At an engineer roundtable Thursday, Facebook announced it was opening up a beta channel for its primary Android app. Signing up for the beta program gives you access to early builds of the Android Facebook app, so you can check out upcoming features before they're officially released.

  • News: Google to make Android games console

    Google is reportedly developing its own Android-powered games console to rival an upcoming Apple launch.

  • News: Facebook wants beta testers for its Android app

    Facebook is launching a beta tester program for Android smartphone users that it hopes will result in quicker diagnosis of bugs and more feedback on new features.

  • News: You'll never guess who makes the best mobile keyboard

    You might think your fingers nimble and spry, but your phone's keyboard plays a huge role in how quickly you can peck out that sext to your "friend." Each mobile operating system has a different keyboard, and Android even lets you replace the default keyboard with a third-party alternative. We're always arguing in the TechHive offices over which mobile keyboard is best; I was the sucker put in charge of settling the feud and running honest tests to determine a winner.

  • News: Sony Xperia Z Ultra release date, price and specs

    Sony has taken the wraps off its latest smartphone, the Xperia Z Ultra so here's the release date, price and specsin the UK.

  • News: Lookout calls out shady Android ad networks

    If you own an Android phone, there's a small chance that you've downloaded an app with some questionable advertising tactics. Now, mobile security firm Lookout is naming and shaming the ad networks involved.

  • News: New Norton Mobile Security includes database of 4 million scanned Android apps

    Somewhere deep inside Symantec, there's a humming farm of virtual machines whose sole purpose is to crawl 200-plus Android app stores worldwide, download about 10,000 new apps every day, and scan each and every one. They're looking not just for malware, but for other annoying, privacy-invading things an Android app could do--oh, like take your phone number and send it along to a third party, or grab your camera pictures or contacts.

  • Sony Xperia Tablet Z video review

    This is Sony's third attempt at a high-end Android tablet. Find out what we made of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z in this video review.

  • News: LG Optimus G2 leaked

    LG's new smartphone called the Optimus G2 has been leaked ahead of any kind of official announcement.

  • News: Ouya's retail launch yields online sell-outs... and unhappy Kickstarter backers

    Ouya has launched at retailers nearly one year after its Kickstarter debut, but it's already in short supply.

  • News: Xamarin tool aims to show the ease wth which .NET apps can become mobile

    As mobile device shipments overtake those of PCs, cross-platform tool developer Xamarin hopes to get more enterprises to adapt their apps for Android and iOS with the help of its .Net Mobility Scanner.

  • News: 7 must-have iOS apps that still haven't reached Android

    Let's face it: All the best apps come to iOS first. Even though Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, it has to wait patiently for developers to port their wares over to it. Popular video-sharing app Vine launched on iOS in January of this year, for example, and it's only just recently made its way to Google's mobile OS.

  • News: BlackBerry's Secure Work Space for Android and iOS now available

    BlackBerry continues to expand its support for Android and iOS with Secure Work Space, which separates work and personal apps and data, as the company tries to hold on to enterprise users by becoming more platform neutral.

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