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  • News: Five Android-only apps to make iPhone users jealous

    Temple Run, Instagram, Flipboard, Vine, Angry Birds...sometimes it seems like all the great apps start on iOS before making their way to Android. But not all apps start their life inside of Apple's walled garden--some have launched on Android first and have yet to make their way to iOS. While iPhone users are often first to experience the latest games, Android users get apps that fully automate their phones and predict what they want to type next.

  • Huawei Ascend Y300 video review

    Huawei's latest entry to the budget smartphone market is the Ascend Y300. It could be yours for just £69 on pay-as-you-go with a top up. Watch our Huawei Ascend Y300 video review to find out more.

  • News: HTC One mini leaked with full specs

    HTC's much rumoured One mini smartphone has been leaked in more photos with a full specification, plus the firm has hinted at the device with an infographic.

  • News: New Android malware lowers the bar for cyberciminals

    Discovery the latest example of a growing market in commoditized services for mobile like those available for infected Windows machines

  • News: Android mega flaw fixed but phones remain vulnerable

    Handset makers are slow to push fix to users, and fragmentation is not helping in the enterprise

  • News: Swinging for the fences with MLB.com Home Run Derby

    It may be one of the showcase events of Major League Baseball's All Star festivities, but the Home Run Derby--airing Monday night on ESPN--has never been one of this sports fan's favorite summer happening. The competition is too bloated, the broadcast is too filled with announcers working the same schtick that grew tiresome a decade ago. Give me the celebrity softball game anytime over the three-hour slog that is the home run derby telecast.

  • News: Dual-OS hybrid tablets create challenges for IT

    Samsung's upcoming 13.3-in. dual-OS ATIV Q convertible tablet is versatile, but that versatility could deter some users and create security and support headaches for IT shops.

  • News: Google chairman outs the Moto X accidentally on purpose

    Google's Eric Schmidt has set tongues wagging yet again, but this time it's not about what he said but what he didn't say. The search giant's Executive Chairman was spotted at the Allen and Co. media conference on Thursday using a mysterious Motorola smartphone that looks awfully similar to leaked pics purporting to be the upcoming Moto X smartphone.

  • News: No more free lunch for Google's Alfred

    Hungry mobile device owners won't have Alfred to tell them where to find a bite to eat anymore. The restaurant recommendation app for iOS and Android shuts down July 19, joining the growing number of apps and service that Google has put out to pasture.

  • News: What I'm Playing: Crime and punishment

    Deus Ex: The Fall

  • Buying Advice: 6 best phone cameras

    Which smartphone has the best camera? We test six of the best smartphones' cameras to find out.

  • News: Google launches new Maps app and closes Latitude

    Google has launched a new version of its Google Maps app and has said it will retire its Latitude service.

  • How-Tos: How to delete trash in Gmail on Android

    Deleting your Gmail trash on an Android smartphone or tablet couldn’t be easier. Here’s where we show you how it’s done.

  • News: Amazon to launch new Kindle Fire tablets this year

    Amazon will be launching new versions of its Kindle Fire tablet range later this year.

  • News: Google: Critical Android security flaw won't harm most users

    A security flaw could affect 99 percent of Android devices, a researcher claims, but the reality is that most Android users have very little to worry about.

  • News: LG to launch Optimus G2 on 7 August

    LG has teased the launch of a smartphone, likely to be the Optimus G2, with a video.

  • Opinion: Tweaks for HTC One

    Your HTC One may rank among the best Android phones ever, but that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. In particular, you may find yourself hating HTC's various software "enhancements" and longing for a more pure Android environment. Although you can find a Google Play edition of the HTC One that comes bearing Google's stock Android with no modifications, that model doesn't work on all carriers, and sometimes it isn't worthwhile to break your contract just for a slightly better handset.

  • Opinion: Make your Galaxy S4 more like stock Android, without rooting

    The moment Google announced the Google Play edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4, you could almost hear the buyer's remorse from millions of people who had already picked up the regular version of the handset. Not only is the Google Play edition of the phone free from bloatware, but it also benefits from timely updates similar to Google's line of Nexus devices. Suddenly, that pricey new phone you signed a 2-year contract for isn't looking as lustrous as when you first got it.

  • News: Twitter banishes annoying blue dot with direct message syncing

    It haunts you, that blue dot next to the Me tab when you sign in to Twitter. It follows you from the app to your desktop, then from your desktop to the mobile site, across devices. The dot signifies an unread direct message is waiting for you, but Twitter doesn't recognize when you've read a message on another device--until now.

  • News: Simple mobile file sharing grows up: Meet the new wave of phone-to-phone apps

    It's 2013, and we carry little computers in our pockets everywhere we go. We live in a world that's more connected and social than ever before. But, inexplicably, we still can't use our smartphones to share our data, files, and memories with each other easily and seamlessly without using email or some type of formal cloud service like Google Drive or Microsoft's SkyDrive.

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