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  • News: Smartphone vendors target BYOD enterprises

    Smartphone vendors have rekindled their infatuation with enterprises as the consumer segment fizzles; this week's exhibit is the launch of LG Electronics' Gate, which separates users' professional and private lives through virtualization.

  • News: Look out Nexus 7, Dell's new 7 and 8-inch Android tablets pack a punch

    After the flop that was the Streak, it looks like Dell is giving Android tablets another go. On Wednesday Dell announced the Venue 7 and the Venue 8, two new Android tablets powered by Intel's Clover Trail chipset. As if that wasn't enough to make you sit up and take notice, Dell's pricing the two tabs to be competitive with Google's own Nexus 7. Ladies and gentlemen, we may finally have a true competitor to the current Nexus monarchy.

  • News: Dell launches four new tablets -- all on Intel chips

    Dell introduced four new low-cost tablets on Wednesday that run on Intel processors, shutting out ARM-based processors from its launch.

  • News: LG to launch flexible smartphone

    LG is reportedly preparing to launch a smartphone with a flexible screen this month called the LG Z.

  • News: Camera-smartphone combo aims to make driving safer

    A South Korean company has developed a smartphone and camera combo that it claims brings to any car some driving safety features typically found in only high-end automobiles.

  • News: Samsung ramps up processor speed on Note 3 to score better in benchmarks

    They say that cheaters never prosper, which is why Samsung has yet to get away with tweaking the performance of the processors in its phones to get better benchmark scores.

  • News: Few use tablets to replace laptops

    A new survey shows that only 8.7% of tablet buyers want to use the tablet as a replacement for their laptops.

  • News: Ads may hit Gmail's Android app soon, teardown reveals

    Over the past few years we've seen advertising steadily creep into mobile apps, including unskippable ads on YouTube and promoted posts on Facebook and Twitter. Now Google, the grand poobah of online advertising, looks set to bring ads to an as-yet unsullied oasis of mobile connectivity. The groundwork is being laid to bring advertising to Gmail for Android, according to an app teardown by Android Police.

  • News: How Stripe, a company you've never heard of, powers the sharing economy

    The sharing economy has made life's annoyances a little less irritating. In the old days, you would hail a cab on the street and pull out a $20 bill to pay the driver. Today, you find a Lyft nearby using a smartphone app, and the app just charges your credit card, which is on file. No muss, no fuss.

  • Video: Sony Xperia Z1 review - the best smartphone just got better

    Sony has taken its popular Xperia Z smartphone and tuned it into the Xperia Z1. In our video review of the Xperia Z1 we witness a power house upgrade to an already great phone.

  • News: Google Open Project beams Android apps to any Net-connected display

    Forget Miracast and Wi-Di: Google wants to transform any web-connected screen into a public display for your smartphone or tablet. The Google Research blog recently published information about Open Project (as in "projection") screen-sharing technology. Open Project relies on your Android device's camera and a little server-side magic to bring your smartphone apps to the big screen.

  • News: HTC sells back stake in Beats in failed partnership

    HTC is selling back the remainder of its stake in Beats Electronics, shedding its financial ties to the headphones vendor in a partnership that did little to help turn the smartphone maker's fortunes around.

  • News: Make the secure switch from Blackberry to iOS and Android

    Solutions provider [[xref:http://www.arnnet.com.au/tag/Good Technology|Good Technology|All on Good Technology]] has launched a new platform transition solution to help make a secure switch from Blackberry to iOS and Android.

  • Test Centre: The 7 best budget smartphones

    We round up the seven best budget smartphones you can buy in the UK today, all for under £200.

  • News: Google updates Hangouts for Android under the radar, adds better status notifications

    Google inconspicuously updated its Hangouts app for Android this week, making it more obvious to see which of your friends is virtually available to "hang out." You'll be able to see whether your friend is engaged in a Hangout video chat, if they've read your message, and if they're currently typing.

  • News: How to get the most money for your old smartphone

    For many people, it's phone-buying season--in the past month or two, Apple, Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung have all released hot new phones. If your old phone is gathering dust in a drawer somewhere and you don't have a use for it aside from "paperweight," you might as well sell it and get something for it.

  • News: Desktops see growth as mobile markets dip

    The notebook, tablet, and mobile phone markets have seen decline for two consecutive quarters for the first time in Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ), and while this is not indicative of a saturation point, it could be an indicator of device fatigue and commoditisation, according to analyst firm, IDC.

  • News: Samsung to launch curved screen smartphone

    Samsung will next month launch a smartphone with a curved screen and has shown off gold Galaxy S4 models.

  • How-Tos: Run Android apps on your PC or laptop

    We show you an easy way to run Android apps on your PC or laptop that is fast and supports accelerated graphics.

  • News: How to use the new Android remote lock option

    Earlier in September, an update to the Google Settings app for Android tipped off that a remote device lock and password reset feature was on its way to the Android Device Manager. On Monday, the service finally went live for most users through the ADM Website.

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