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  • News: Chrome for Android Beta: 3 Drawbacks

    Google recently launched Chrome for Android Beta, a version of the search giant's popular desktop browser for Android smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The new mobile browser includes many features that make Chrome so popular on the PC including speed, simple design, bookmark and open tabs sync, and autocomplete suggestions. But Google's mobile Chrome isn't all good news, there are also a few letdowns for people who love Adobe Flash, Chrome extensions or are part of the 99 percent.

  • News: Microsoft OneNote Now Available for Android

    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may get all the attention, but OneNote has quickly become the gem of the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft is now extending the reach of OneNote with an app for Android smartphones and tablets.

  • News: Pantech Burst Review: Fast and Affordable Android Phone

    At CES this year, the arrival of inexpensive LTE phones and tablets was one of the overarching themes. In particular, AT&T was pushing this idea, releasing a slew of Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets on its 4G network. The Pantech Burst ($50 with a two-year AT&T contract, price as of February 5, 2012), with its low price tag, high-end specs, and silky-smooth performance, was a breakout star at CES. But if you like to take a lot of photos with your phone, you won’t appreciate the Burst’s below-average camera and slow shutter speed.

  • News: Mobile Social Network Caught Uploading Users' Address Books

    Users and critics are upset with Path, the smartphone-based social network, after a developer discovered that Path was uploading users’ entire address books to its servers without explicit consent.

  • Opinion: Google Chrome for Android: What You Need to Know

    With the arrival of Chrome Beta for Android, the convergence of Google's desktop and mobile browsers has begun.

  • News: Motorola Droid 4 Lands at Verizon on February 10

    Motorola's Droid 4, with its physical QWERTY keyboard, arrives Friday for $200 to round out Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE smartphone roster.

  • News: Upcoming Microsoft CRM clients may mean more productivity

    The productivity of salespeople could jump with the upcoming release of native Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications for specific mobile platforms and put the software vendor ahead of some of its competitors, an expert says.

  • Feature: Best Android apps: Five free apps to have fun with photos

    The camera included on smartphones have improved over the past few years, and now many of the Google Android devices available have 5Mp or above cameras, meaning its become the norm to capture pictures on your handset.

  • Opinion: Prepare Your Business for Facebook Mobile Ads

    Facebook's IPO has revealed one of its greatest weaknesses: the need to monetize its increasingly mobile user base through advertising. Speculation has been rife about how Facebook plans to solve this problem, which future stockholders will want addressed.

  • Opinion: Super Bowl XLVI Ads Pander to Geeks

    For most Super Bowl XLVI was all about the game. For others it's about the overhyped ads, beer, and the chicken wings. For me, it's all about the ads.

  • News: Mobile device management: Apple's extra little tricky requirement

    Anyone wanting to buy mobile-device management (MDM) software to manage Apple iOS devices will find they need a special digital certificate from Apple to activate it, a requirement that doesn't apply to the same MDM software that would be used to manage Google Android devices, for instance.

  • News: HTC aims to improve on its past smartphones with better 4G products this year

    After facing a disappointing financial fourth quarter, HTC has reviewed its under-performing products from last year, making changes in design and components for its future smartphones, according to its CFO Winston Yung.

  • News: Apple Pulls Ripoff Apps From its Walled Garden

    Apple perhaps knows better than any company that app ripoffs are everywhere.

  • Opinion: Dropcam HD Launch Delayed to Fix Video Quality Issues

    I was thrilled to get the latest Dropcam Wi-Fi mobile connected camera in house, the Dropcam HD, shortly after it debuted at CES. I reviewed the previous model last spring and was impressed with its easy setup and cool companion apps for Android and iOS. With a more sleek design and 720p HD video capture and streaming, the Dropcam HD was one of the more exciting connected home gadgets I saw at CES. The Dropcam HD was supposed to ship at the end of January to customers, but now its launch has been delayed.

  • Opinion: Google's New 'Bouncer' Targets Android Market Malware

    Hard on the heels of the controversy that arose recently around Symantec and its claims that numerous apps on the Android Market were actually malware in disguise, Google on Thursday unveiled a new tool to help it identify malicious apps.

  • News: The Humble Indie Bundle: Now on Android!

    The celebrated Humble Indie Bundle has returned with a mobile twist: For the first time, the included games are available on not only Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, but also Android devices. Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, and Osmos are available for whatever price you choose to pay, but you’ll have to beat the average ($5.99 at the time of writing) to also receive World of Goo, as well as whatever bonus games, if any, are added later during the sale. As always, you determine how much of your payment goes directly to the game developers, the Humble Bundle website fund, and charity.

  • News: Google finally scans malware-ridden Android Market

    The Bouncer service analyzes apps in Android Market for known malware, spyware, and trojans

  • Opinion: Symantec Shouldn't Backpedal on Android 'Malware'

    Symantec stirred up controversy last week when it announced the discovery of apps in the Android Market that it deemed malicious. Symantec has now stepped back from calling the apps "malware", but it still maintains that the apps in question do unwanted things that legitimate apps shouldn't do...so what's the difference, exactly?

  • News: Android Isn't as Fragmented as You Think, Report Says

    Fragmentation is often held up as one of Android's biggest problems, posing all kinds of challenges for developers and users alike.

  • News: HTC Android phone flaw fix not coming until next week for some

    Some users of HTC Android phones will have to wait until next week to get a fix for a problem that could leak credentials used to gain access to Wi-Fi networks, including corporate networks.

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