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  • News: Intel dishing out $29K to Android developers in game app contest

    Intel is dishing out a total of US$29,000 in cash prizes to Android developers in an effort to encourage coders to write games for tablets and smartphones using Intel chips.

  • News: Samsung Widening Lead Over Apple, Says Analysts

    Samsung began distancing itself from Apple as the undisputed global leader in smartphone sales, according to a poll of 41 financial analysts released Monday by Reuters.

  • News: Google Nexus 7 Tablet Hard to Find; Sam's Club and GameStop are Best Bets

    Google's red-hot Nexus 7 tablet is hard to get your hands on this weekend as the device has been flying off store shelves since retailers began selling it Friday.

  • News: Polycom adds remote camera control to Real Presence Mobile

    A new version of Polycom's Real Presence Mobile software allows users to control a video conferencing camera remotely, the company said Monday. Version 1.3 software will be available this month and adds support for two HTC handsets and Apple's new iPad.

  • News: Google Nexus 7 gets firmware update

    Google's Nexus 7 tablet has got its first software update taking the device to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

  • Opinion: Android, iOS Called Dominant Smartphones

    Google's Android and Apple's iOS account run 86 percent of the U.S. smartphones, leaving RIM's Blackberry and other mobile platforms -- we're looking at you, Windows Phone -- in the dust.

  • News: Nielsen: Android nears 52% market share for US smartphones

    New research from Nielsen indicates that Android products now account for more than half of the smartphones in use in the U.S. market, and that 54% of those who purchased smartphones in June 2012 opted for an Android device.

  • News: HTC Vertex is firm's next tablet?

    HTC's upcoming tablet could be called the Vertex.

  • News: Exclusive: Sony to launch tablet in time for Christmas

    Sony has confirmed that it will launch a tablet by the end of the year.

  • News: Two More Tiny Linux PCs Each Cost Less Than $100

    This year has already been a notable one on many technological fronts, but certainly one of the more exciting ones among them is the Linux-powered revolution that's taking place in personal computing.

  • News: Amazon smartphone hits testing

    Amazon is reportedly testing a smartphone which could go into production this year.

  • Opinion: Nexus 7 Costs $160 to Make, Says iSuppli

    Google's Nexus 7 might turn a small profit after all, according to a third-party estimate by IHS iSuppli.

  • News: Android-Powered Ouya Isn't Without Its Share of Problems

    It’s not a secret that gamers are pining for new hardware. Whether that’s next-gen consoles or new handhelds, it doesn’t really matter, they just want something new to play games on. That seems to be where the fervor directed at Ouya comes into play.

  • News: Sprint Cripples Galaxy S III Via Security Update: Bye, Bye Universal Search

    Samsung Galaxy S III users on Sprint are reporting that a “security update” for their phones has removed the universal search feature from Android. The home screen search bar now only returns results from Google search, without searching through apps, contacts, and emails among other data.

  • News: Android Trojan attacks SMS smartphone bank security

    A security company is warning about a new Android Trojan that is being distributed by criminals to beat the SMS smartphone authentication systems employed by European banks to verify money transfers.

  • News: T-Mobile Launches Two New myTouch Phones from Huawei

    T-Mobile will add two inexpensive Android phones to its roster: the T-Mobile myTouch and the T-Mobile myTouch Q. Both phones are made by Huawei and will cost $50 after a $50 mail-in rebate card and a new two-year contract.

  • How-Tos: Tablet Encryption 101

    Today’s workplace is becoming increasingly agreeable to the BYOD (bring your own device) concept: Employers are finally giving the green light for staffers to use their own equipment for work while they're at the office. For businesses, it's cheaper to let employees bring in their own laptops, smartphones, or tablets, since that cuts down on the need to purchase hardware (though not on the need to support it). Regardless, businesses seem to have little choice in the matter, since many employees are bringing their devices in whether they have permission or not--and some people are knowingly breaking the company’s security policy in doing so.

  • News: Android Ice Cream Sandwich Superguide Available Now

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a marvel of advanced engineering: a powerful, handsome, and versatile operating system that presents a universe of opportunities--if you know how to use it. But most of us could use some help on that score. Fortunately, assistance is now available in the form of PCWorld’s just-published Superguide, an in-depth look at Android Ice Cream Sandwich for smartphone and tablet owners. The all-new guide, written by PCWorld’s mobile experts, can get you started on Ice Cream Sandwich in a hurry, with a walk-through of new features, a generous collection of tips and tricks, and a guide to essential apps for both phones and tablets.

  • ZTE launches budget Kis Android smartphone

    ZTE has teamed up with Virgin Media to launch its entry-level Kis smartphone.

  • Motorola announces Motosmart budget Android phone

    Motorola has unveiled its entry-level Motosmart Android smartphone.

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