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  • News: Android Phones Will Power NASA's New Fleet of Mini-Satellites

    While most of the recent media attention on NASA has understandably focused on the Curiosity rover on Mars, that’s not the only experiment that the space and aeronautics research agency has in the works. A team at NASA’s Ames Research center in Moffett Field, California, is working on the future launch of miniature satellites constructed with Android-powered Nexus One smartphones at the helm. Dubbed “PhoneSat,” this project is part of a larger experiment called the CubeSat Launch Initiative that incorporates small consumer electronics into working nanosatellites.

  • News: Amazon Kindle Fire 2 to launch on September 6

    The Amazon Kindle Fire 2 is due to be revealed on September 6. Amazon has invited members of the media to an event in an airport hangar in Santa Monica, California on that day, at which we expect Amazon's tablet to launch.

  • News: T-Mobile Offers $100 Contract-Free Smartphone

    Lengthy service contracts--and the high costs that come with them--can keep some people from making the jump to smartphones. With its latest release, T-Mobile is looking to remove that obstacle from upgrading your mobile device.

  • News: New Kindles Coming? Amazon Event Set for September 6

    Amazon has scheduled a press conference for September 6, suggesting that new Kindle e-readers and tablets are nearly here.

  • News: Apple-Samsung jury extends deliberations

    As it begins a second day of deliberations in the Apple v. Samsung patent battle, the jury charged with evaluating the case has decided to work an extra hour.

  • News: Apple v Samsung: Five experts, five questions

    The story, "Apple v Samsung: Five experts, five questions," which ran on the wire on Thursday, incorrectly named the university to which a law professor is attached. Mark McKenna is at the University of Notre Dame.

  • Archos unveils 101 XS tablet

    Archos has announced its 101 XS tablet after months of teasing the product.

  • News: Apple v Samsung: Five experts, five questions

    As a nine-person jury begins deliberations in the closely watched patent trial between Apple and Samsung, the companies and their lawyers are left waiting and wondering what the jury made of the three weeks of arguments.

  • Opinion: Learn the Basics of Ice Cream Sandwich with the Android 4.0 Cheat Sheet

    So your company just snapped up your aging BlackBerry and handed you an Android phone. Or you got fed up with Apple (it happens) and decided to switch platforms.

  • News: Pirated Android Apps Are Only Part of the Problem

    The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has seized three websites for alleged copyright violations. The sites are accused of illegally distributing Android apps. When dealing with third-party mobile app sites, though, pirated apps may be the least of your worries. The more pressing concerns: your privacy and security.

  • News: Nikon to Release Android-Powered Coolpix Camera

    Nikon is following Polaroid's lead with a new pocket camera loaded with Google's Android mobile OS, giving you a high-powered pocket camera with smartphone-like capabilities, minus the phone. Unlike Polaroid, which has yet to release the SC1630 point-and-shoot camera since its January unveiling, Nikon has set a release date for the 16-megapixel Wi-Fi-enabled Nikon Coolpix S800c.

  • Nikon reveals Android–powered Coolpix S800c camera

    Nikon has launched the first digital camera to be powered by Google's Android operating system in the Coolpix S800c.

  • GoNote 10 touted as first Android netbook

    Ergo Electronics has announced its GoNote, a netbook style laptop running Google's Android operating system.

  • News: Apple-Samsung patent battle now in jury's hands

    A nine-person California jury will begin their deliberations Wednesday in the landmark patent battle between Apple and Samsung. The case, which has been argued since the beginning of the month, pits two of the world's largest electronics makers against each other and could result in billions of dollars in fines depending on the jury's decision.

  • News: Closing arguments begin in Apple vs Samsung patent trial

    Closing arguments have begun in the high-profile patent-infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

  • News: Closing arguments begin in Apple vs Samsung patent trial

    Closing arguments have begun in the high-profile patent-infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

  • News: Apple-Samsung jury told not to upgrade gadgets received as evidence

    Jurors hearing arguments between Apple and Samsung have been warned not to accept software updates or install apps on mobile gadgets they receive while deliberating the merits of the patent-infringement case.

  • News: Apple-Samsung judge wants court on its feet to stay awake

    Call it the legal equivalent of baseball's seventh-inning stretch. San Jose District Court Judge Lucy Koh plans to get the courtroom in the Apple versus Samsung case on its feet later Tuesday in a bid to stave off sleep as the jury hears a mammoth set of instructions.

  • News: Apple v Samsung jury to face 700+ questions on verdict form

    Imagine the longest, most complex government form you've ever had to fill out and you start to have an idea what jurors will face as they begin to consider their verdict in the patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung.

  • Opinion: Droid Razr HD: Why It's Worth Watching

    Motorola's Droid Razr HD has been making some noise in the tech blogosphere lately, even as the company itself stays quiet.

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