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  • News: Why virtual reality is better than augmented reality for gaming

    Let's get this out of the way: I have not tried out Microsoft's new augmented reality HoloLens device yet. That means it's extremely dangerous for me to write this article. There's a chance I come to regret all the words I'm about to write--that in twenty or thirty years some poor child with HoloLens eyes looks up at me from the ashes of the apocalypse and says, "Old man, what's the dumbest article you ever wrote?" And I'll say, "The time I wrote that HoloLens (and augmented reality in general) is not great for gaming."

  • News: Eyes-on: Windows 10's Xbox app finally ties console and PC gamers together

    More than thirteen years after the launch of the original Xbox, and the gaming console still feels like a separate business. Microsoft's new Xbox app appears to close the gap somewhat.

  • News: Windows 10 powers up PC gaming with DirectX 12, native DVR, deep Xbox integration

    The artificial wall between Xbox players and PC gamers will get torn down with Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10, which allows streaming of Xbox One games to PCs and even lets gamers on the two disparate platforms play together.

  • News: Free game alert: Origin's giving away Theme Hospital

    It's that time again: Boot up Origin, wait for it to update, snag a free game, feel happy about your accomplishments, and then close Origin again until next month. EA's mining its back catalog and bringing out some deep cuts for its "On the House" program. What game could possibly follow up classics Crusader: No Remorse and SimCity 2000?

  • News: After death threats, Gamergate target starts group to fight online harassment

    Zoe Quinn, a game developer harassed by the Gamergate movement, has co-founded an organization aimed at combatting online abuse and helping victims.

  • Feature: 19 games you should be most excited about for 2015

    We round up the best games set to come out in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U, 3DS and more.

  • News: Mass Effect 4 release date and features

    We take a look at when Mass Effect 4 will launch and why it's taking so long

  • Test Centre: Best free Chromecast apps 2015 UK

    We all know Google's Chomecast supports a handful of great apps, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vevo, Plex, Rdio and BT Sport, and that you can enjoy movies and music bought through Google or stored on your device or network via the streaming dongle. But what about the apps you don't know about? More than 250 apps support Chromecast streaming; here's our pick of some great free Chromecast apps for Android in the UK 2015.

  • Feature: The Sims 4 Game Packs, Expansion Packs, Mac release date & new features

    Explore the latest news about The Sims 4 including updates, Game Packs, Expansion Packs and the official release date for Mac

  • News: Scary Steam for Linux bug erases all the personal files on your PC

    If you're a Steam fan running Linux, the last thing you'll want to do in the next few days is mess with your Steam files. Users on Valve's GitHub Steam for Linux page are complaining about a nasty bug that has the potential to wipe out every single personal file on your PC. Even worse, users say the bug will even wipe out documents on USB connected drives. So much for local backups.

  • News: Astro A38 review: A staggering price to pay for convenience

    I honestly don't even know how to rate the Astro A38. Technically it's a gaming headset, sure, but it's abundantly clear Astro doesn't really expect you to use these very often with your PC. Everything about this headset was designed with cell phones in mind, from the small form factor to the fact that it only connects through Bluetooth.

  • News: Microsoft Xbox chief Spencer talks about bringing Xbox tech to Windows 10

    Xbox chief Phil Spencer said Thursday that Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 the best operating system for gamers, traversing the PC, phone, and console.

  • News: Total War: Attila preview: Total, brutal, unrelenting war

    Despite the foreboding name, for years I've played every entry in the Total War series in much the same way I play its strategy game cousin Civilization. I putter around for fifty or so turns creating an empire--making sure my citizens are happy, investing in various cultural milestones, and just all-around building something where these entirely fictional people go "Oh wow, did you hear about that city? I wish I lived there instead of this miserable hellhole on the other side of the map."

  • Feature: H1Z1 game UK release date, price: H1Z1 coming to Steam Early Access today

    Everything there is to know about Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming zombie apocalypse survival MMO, including release date rumours, gameplay, videos and screenshots, which is coming to Steam Early Access today!

  • News: PC-exclusive Shadowrun sequel shatters Kickstarter goal in mere hours

    I love Shadowrun. My editor loves Shadowrun. The Shadowrun: Dragonfall expansion even landed on PCWorld's list of the best PC games of 2014. And a lot of you love Shadowrun too, because we're getting more Shadowrun in August 2015.

  • News: Grand Theft Auto V for PC delayed yet again

    We're just about two weeks from Grand Theft Auto V finally launching on the PC and... wait, what's that? They moved the release date again?

  • News: NZXT's $100 Doko box aims to kill Steam Machines and HTPCs

    For all the talk about squeezing three graphics cards into small form factors and dropping PC power into console-like forms, none of the Steam Machines revealed thus far have delivered what I'm really looking for in my living room: A diminutive, dirt-cheap box that simply lets me stream games from my PC to my TV. Forget firepower in the living room! I already have a gaming PC tucked away in my office, and true Steam Machines will be limited to running the limited Steam for Linux library natively--which means PC gamers are likely to lean heavily on [ Steam in-home

  • News: Dying Light preview: Zombies are even more stomach-churning in virtual reality

    "Hold on, I just need to take a break," I say, pulling the Oculus Rift off my face and blinking as a dimly-lit conference room comes into view, along with Techland producer Tymon Smektala.

  • News: 15 years later, a new Baldur's Gate game is finally coming

    There's a new Baldur's Gate game in the works. No, I don't mean Obsidian's spiritual successor Pillars of Eternity. I mean a real, "It's called Baldur's Gate" game. The announcement comes courtesy of Beamdog, the developer that worked on the updated Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition.

  • News: Razer's new micro-console does one thing better than Steam OS

    If your man- or woman-cave is a PC gaming empire, your living room is a third-world banana republic with no fewer than a dozen different factions fighting to rule gaming on your 60-inch HDTV.

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