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  • News: Mesh first with DirectX 11 laptop

    Mesh Computers has launched what it claims to be the world's first commercially available DirectX 11 (DX11) laptop.

  • News: The 6 best gadgets that never made it

    Hundreds of gadgets are announced at CES every year, but many never make it on to the market. We look at the six best gizmos that never became publicly available.

  • Opinion: 'Porn king' Ron Jeremy disses video games

    Oh, world-famous pornographic actor Ron Jeremy. Could it be you were simply kidding when you called video games a 'far worse influence' than porn at CES last week?

  • Video: CES: Intel launches next-generation laptop, desktop chips

    Intel's latest Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 double the system and graphics performance of earlier chips.

  • Video: CES: Microsoft keynote highlights gaming announcements

    During Microsoft’s CES keynote on Wednesday night, the biggest news didn’t come from CEO Steve Ballmer, but from Robbie Bach, president of the company’s entertainment and devices division.

  • News: Ballmer hypes slate PCs in underwhelming CES keynote

    A new HP 'slate PC' described as "almost as portable as a phone and as powerful as a PC" was the high point in an underwhelming CES keynote delivered by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Robbie Bach, president of the company's Entertainment & Devices division, on Wednesday night.

  • News: CES: Parrot announces helicopter controlled by iPhone

    Bluetooth specialist manufacturer Parrot has been wowing visitors to the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas with its AR.Drone: toy helicopter and real-life video game that's controlled with an iPhone.

  • News: 18% of over 60s play computer games

    It's not only surfing the web that's popular with older generations, computer games are too, says MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

  • News: 39% of parents let kids play unsuitable computer games

    Over a third of parents (39 percent) let their children play games such as Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, despite not being suitable for their age group, says MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

  • News: 2010: The year of geo-location

    Twitter's acquisition of Mixer Labs, a service that helps developers build location-aware applications, shows that the company hopes to make location broadcasting an important part of its service.

  • News: Sony PlayStation fights back at Nintendo Wii

    Sony's PlayStation 3 got a boost from last week's launch of "Final Fantasy XIII" as Japanese consumers snapped up special-edition consoles to give the PS3 its best week since a relaunch several months ago, according to data released on Friday.

  • News: Up to 80% of violent crime due to online games

    China's state news channel has blamed hugely popular online games for problems including drug addiction, teen pregnancy and even murder this month as regulators crack down on allegedly harmful content in games.

  • News: PC Advisor's IT Company Of The Decade

    The end of the first decade of the 21st Century marks a great time to take stock of a monumental 10 years in technology. Here are PC Advisor's companies of the decade: there can be only one winner.

  • Video: 2009 year in review: Microsoft

    2009 was a big year for Microsoft. Bill Gates passed the baton on to CEO Steve Ballmer, the company launched a new OS and search engine and updated its gaming hardware, among other announcements this year. But by far the biggest news for the company this year was the launch of Windows 7. The buzz spanned most of the year, from when we got a look at it in January to when Microsoft shipped it out in October.

  • News: Most wanted Christmas presents all by Apple

    Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPod nano are the top three most searched for products

  • News: The 10 most popular product reviews of 2009

    With more than 4,000 reviews online, literally millions of people visit PCAdvisor.co.uk each month to get expert, impartial advice. But which products do people want to read about the most? Here are PC Advisor's 10 biggest reviews of the year.

  • News: First nVidia Direct X11 chip coming in Q1 2010

    Nvidia brushed off the technology lead that rival AMD built by releasing the first graphics chips to support DirectX 11, saying the release gives AMD only a short-term advantage that won't have a long-term effect on the graphics market.

  • Opinion: Study: Wii has 'little effect' on family fitness

    If you're thinking of buying a Wii this Christmas for health-related reasons, you may want to think again. A university study tracked eight families for six months to see if Nintendo's motion-driven console would affect their fitness levels, and found that the console "had little effect on family fitness".

  • News: 18 most important handheld gaming systems

    The world's first handheld gaming system with interchangeable cartridges , the Milton Bradley Microvision was released 30 years ago.

  • News: Nintendo DS is best-selling console of all-time

    The Nintendo DS has overtaken the Playstation 2 has best-selling gaming console.

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