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  • News: Ultimate weddings, birthdays and funerals for geeks

    If you've ever dreamed of marrying a video-game character, having your ashes put in a computer, or holding your wedding on the deck of Star Trek's USS Enterprise, you're not alone. Geeks before you have had the same ideas - and some have even implemented them.

  • News: Tories buy YouTube home page on election day

    The Conservatives are hoping to gain a few last minute votes by advertising on Google's YouTube.

  • News: Computer games can improve maths skills

    Computer games can improve maths skills in school children, says Mangahigh.com.

  • News: First Doctor Who game available from June 5

    The City of the Daleks has been revealed as the first of four 'interactive episodes' of Doctor Who, which the BBC is offering to web users.

  • Opinion: Brain games may do nothing for the brain

    Those brain-training games you've downloaded on to your iPhone or bought for your Nintendo DSi XL may have no actual effect on improving brain function. According to a study conducted by the BBC, printed in Nature magazine [PDF], these grey-matter twisters result in nothing other than entertainment.

  • News: Nintendo 3DS to launch in October?

    The Nintendo 3DS - a 3D version of its DS handheld gaming console - could hit shelves by October.

  • News: Brain training games don't work, finds BBC study

    Brain training games such as those available on the Nintendo DS handheld games console do nothing to keep the brain ‘fit', according to a BBC study.

  • Freeplay ZipCharge rapid charger

    Charging gadgets can be a full-time job, depending on how many of the blighters you have. Smartphone, MP3 player or iPod, laptop, digital camera and Flip camcorder - all need to be charged up and ready for use when the moment arises.

  • News: BBC to launch free Doctor Who games online

    The BBC is giving 'Doctor Who' fans the chance to download four free interactive episodes win which they can control the actions of the Doctor and his assistant Amy.

  • News: Google & Nintendo create 'Search Engine' game

    Nintendo and Google have joined forces to create a game for the Wii console that has players battling to produce top search engine results.

  • News: Microsoft enables USB storage for Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 users can now load games or videos through USB flash drives.

  • News: Nvidia launches fastest-ever graphics cards

    Nvidia on Friday introduced its fastest graphics cards to date, which will be able to play back 3D movies on PCs and bring more realistic images to games.

  • How-Tos: How to optimise your graphics card for gaming

    Tweaking the settings on your graphics card can do a lot to improve play during gaming. We've put together some guidelines for obtaining good image quality, as well as for finding the right blend of quality and performance, when tweaking the settings.

  • Opinion: Pay to play video games with girls

    Attention gamers. Do you often find yourself logging onto your Xbox Live account, only to play video games with your (male) friends or (male) strangers? Do you yearn for the soft caress of a female voice over your Xbox headset?

  • News: Nintendo 3DS to include force-feedback system

    Nintendo's upcoming revision to its DS handheld will have screens no larger than those in the DSi XL and feature a force-feedback system that vibrates at certain points during games, according to a report in Wednesday's Nikkei newspaper.

  • News: Nintendo to launch 3D handheld games console

    Nintendo is planning to release a handheld games console later this year, which offers 3D graphics without the need for special glasses.

  • News: Nintendo 3DS to support glasses-free 3D

    Nintendo is planning to launch a new version of its handheld DS gaming device on which users can get the illusion of 3D without using special glasses, it said Tuesday.

  • News: 11 great Windows Phone 7 apps

    Windows Phone 7 won't be out until the end of the year - meanwhile, whet your appetite with a look at some of the cool apps waiting in the wings.

  • News: The 19 strangest gadgets

    If you're a gadget fan, then you're sure to know all about phones, digital cameras and even games consoles. But what do you know about weird tech?

  • Opinion: When four cores aren't enough: Intel i7-980X

    Intel has announced its latest Extreme Edition processor, the Core i7-980X. The i7-980X (previously code-named Gulftown) brings Intel's turbo boost and hyperthreading technologies to the 32nm process, and is also Intel's first processor with six physical cores.

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