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  • News: Awomo launches 'fastest' games download site

    Awomo is a new games website that takes the pain out of lengthy downloads by allowing users to play only partially downloaded titles.

  • News: Nintendo, Microsoft prevail in joystick lawsuit

    A judge in the US state of Texas has thrown out a lawsuit filed against Nintendo and Microsoft that alleged the two companies infringed on a patent covering an interface for joysticks.

  • News: Faulty graphics chips cost Nvidia $44m

    Nvidia spent $43.6m during its last fiscal year to cover warranty and product replacement claims related to faulty graphics chips that were manufactured and sold with a weak packaging material, the company said on Friday.

  • News: Long live the Playstation 2

    At eight years old, the Sony Playstation 2 may be considered past its prime. However, it's certainly not dead, evenly pacing the consoles of the next generation, like its older brother the PS3.

  • News: MEP wants kill switch on consoles

    An MEP is calling for computer games to comes with a ‘red button' that will allow parents to stop the game if they think the content is unsuitable.

  • Opinion: Sega Superstars Tennis rated worst game

    Online reviews site Reevoo has compiled its list of the ten worst computer games ahead of tonight's BAFTA Games Awards.

  • News: UK Xbox Live users left in limbo

    Microsoft has hit back at reports that its Netflix film rental service may make its way on to the Xbox Live service in the UK.

  • News: The Beatles: Rock Band gets US release

    Fans of the Rock Band computer game eagerly awaiting a Beatles version, which was announced last year, have been put out of their misery after creator EA Games, revealed The Beatles:Rock Band will be available in the US from September 9.

  • News: Computer games are good for kids, say parents

    Computer games are good for children, according to a Microsoft-commission survey that seeks to pacify parents concerned by in-game violence, sex and swearing.

  • Opinion: CeBIT: hands on with nVidia's 3D gaming glasses

    If the phrase '3D' brings to mind stupid cardboard glasses and fims about stupid cardboard sharks, expand your mind my friend. Behold, the nVidia GeForce Stereoscopic 3D technology. 3D bins.

  • News: Nvidia launches fastest laptop graphics chip

    Nvidia has launched a new laptop graphics chip it says is its fastest to date.

  • Opinion: Game of the year: vote now

    Retailer GAME has announced that it is to sponsor this year's Gaming Baftas by supporting what amounts to the People's Choice Award. The British Gaming Academy Awards take place next week at London's Park Lane Hilton Hotel.

  • Opinion: Olympic hopeful uses Street Fighter in training

    With just over three years to go until the Olympic Games hit the UK, one of our athletes is taking a novel approach to training, by playing classic computer game Street Fighter.

  • News: 5 ways to speed up online gaming

    If there's one thing we hate about online gaming, its lag. We're tired of pulling a trigger in Call of Duty:World at War, and then watching the gun fire five seconds later? Likewise, we hate it when adrenaline-fueled matches in Halo 3 play out like slide-shows?

  • News: Sex and swearing surge in computer games

    Sexual content in video games is on the rise, says the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

  • News: 74% of parents want video-games classified

    Three quarters of parents are concerned about the content of video games, says the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC)

  • News: Nintendo Brain Training doesn't work, says Which

    Nintendo's Brain Training game is no more capable at protecting against memory loss than surfing the web, according to a study commissioned by Which?.

  • News: Microsoft removes 1m worms from gaming PCs

    Microsoft has revealed that it removed nearly 1 million samples of a particularly virulent password-stealing worm that targets games such as World of Warcraft, Legend of Mir and Gamania

  • News: The 10 greatest PC games of all time

    When it comes to PCs, there have been some brilliant games over the past 30 years. We've rounded up what we think are the 10 greatest PC games of all time.

  • News: Intel supports Nvidia SLI in x58 motherboards

    PCs based on Intel's high-end Core i7 processors and motherboards are getting a graphics boost. The chip maker has licensed Nvidia's SLI graphics technology, which allows a computer to use multiple graphics boards simultaneously.

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