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  • News: PlayStation Vita Release Date Leaked: October 28?

    With Nintendo's 3DS reportedly floundering on store shelves and dropping its retail price from $250 to $170, the gaming market waters just changed for the yet-to-be-released PlayStation Vita -- which may be heading to shelves in less than three months.

  • News: Diablo III to Feature Real Currency Transactions

    Blizzard has announced that the Auction House facility in its upcoming Diablo III will allow players to trade items for real money.

  • News: The Witcher 2 360 Delayed Until 2012

    CD Projekt Red has announced that it's delaying the hotly-anticipated Xbox version of its excellent RPG until the first quarter of next year.

  • News: Preorder King of Fighters XIII, Get Soundtrack

    If you've been a fan of the King of Fighters series across its entire 15+ year history, this preorder deal will likely be of interest to you.

  • Sony Cyber-shot TX55 super-slim HD digicam launches

    Sony is touting its new Sony Cyber-shot TX55 compact digital camera as the slimmest camera in the world capable of capturing full HD video (1920x1080i). The 16.2Mp camera is just 12.2mm thick.

  • News: Final Fantasy Tactics iOS Port Approved by Apple

    As reported by the fine folks at Touch Arcade, the oft-delayed iOS port of Square Enix's Final Fantasy Tactics has finally gotten the go-ahead from our new world leaders over at Apple.

  • News: Two New Free to Play Games Coming to Steam

    Valve's free to play department on Steam is gathering pace nicely, with two new titles set for inclusion on the service soon.

  • News: Nintendo President Cuts Salary in Half

    Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that he is cutting his own salary in half as part of a wide range of cost-cutting across the company.

  • News: Rebel Gaming Participating in Charity Auction

    A selection of gaming-related goodies are on offer at a fundraising auction to benefit acute myelogenous leukemia treatment and awareness.

  • News: Nintendo Stumbles to Worst Profit in 27 Years

    Due to a disastrous April, May, and June, Nintendo find themselves downgrading their profit estimates by 82 percent to 20 billion yen (about $257 million at current exchange rates). On Thursday, the Japanese game developer has also reported a net second quarter loss of $324 million, their worst profit margin in 27 years.

  • News: More Disagreements Between EA, Valve; Dragon Age a Casualty

    After yesterday's report that Dragon Age II no longer appeared to be available for purchase on Steam, we followed up with EA and Valve to see what was going on. Valve hasn't got back to us yet, but EA's senior vice president of global e-commerce David DeMartini had this statement to make on the matter:

  • News: Black Ops Annihilation Pack Now Available for PC and PS3

    Xbox players have been getting their teeth into the Annihilation DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops for a while now, but from today PC and PS3 owners can join the party, too, as the content pack has now been released.

  • News: Ubisoft Sees Controversial DRM as 'a Success'

    Ubisoft has said that from the perspective of reducing piracy of its titles, its controversial and unpopular DRM solution has been successful.

  • News: Frozen Synapse Patch Adds Tournament Play

    Frozen Synapse developer Mode 7 has done a consistently great job of engaging with the community and responding to feedback since well before the game launched to the public. Now, the officially-released version of the game has received its first major patch, with a significant number of tweaks and fixes based on community feedback as well as some new features.

  • News: Resistance 3 Public Beta Early Access Starts August 4

    Insomniac has announced that Resistance 3's public beta will be up and running from August 4 for those with early access invites.

  • News: Alleged LulzSec and Anonymous Spokesperson Arrested

    Police in the UK have arrested an 18 year old man believed to be the spokesperson for notorious "hacktivist" groups LulzSec and Anonymous.

  • News: Space Invaders Infinity Gene Creator Releases Groove Coaster

    If you enjoyed Space Invaders Infinity Gene's modern take on pixel-art and retro gameplay, you may be interested in Reisuke Ishida's latest iOS game.

  • Opinion: Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed $80

    Nintendo 3DS retail price, come on down, you're the next contestant on "the price wasn't right, so we're slashing it." Yep, Nintendo's marking the 3DS down an astonishing $80—from $250 to $170—not six months after the "no-glasses 3D" handheld launched in the U.S. on March 27th. The new price goes into effect August 12th, which I'd wager makes the 3DS a contender for "fastest post-launch price drop (by one-third) ever."

  • News: Nintendo slashing price of 3DS

    Nintendo will slash the price of its 3DS handheld gaming device in Japan from mid August.

  • News: THQ Touts Saints Row 3 Pre-Orders, Phases Out Red Faction

    Speaking with investors, THQ CEO Brian Farrell noted that over-the-top open worlder Saints Row: The Third has racked up an impressive number of pre-orders in recent weeks, and is well on its way to surpassing the amount of pre-orders that Saints Row 2? garnered, and nearly 15 weeks before its official launch.

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