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  • News: Studio Ghibli's PS3 Game Playable at TGS

    For all the hype that used to surround Tokyo's epic gaming convention, there's a lot we're not going to get to see at this year's TGS. But one highly anticipate title we will get to see is Ni No Kuni, the Studio Ghibli-developed RPG coming exclusively to PS3.

  • News: All About Time Travel in Final Fantasy XIII-2

    A key part of Final Fantasy XIII-2's gameplay will revolve around the use of something called the Historia Crux. Besides sounding like something out of Harry Potter, the system will allow players to travel through time and space to, in game director Motomu Toriyama's words, "experience many different historical possibilities."

  • News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution DLC Available October 2011

    The first piece of DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is known as "The Missing Link." Available in October, the addon fills in part of the story where protagonist Adam Jensen otherwise mysteriously (some might say "conveniently") vanishes for three days. Mild spoilers follow.

  • News: Activision Wins Modernwarfare3.com Case

    Activision has emerged triumphant in the case to determine the ownership of modernwarfare3.com, which temporarily redirected to Battlefield's website.

  • News: Steam User Finds More Offensive Skill Name in Dead Island

    One of the perils of accidentally releasing a buggy or development version of your game to the public is that said public will then take the opportunity to dig through the game's files in order to determine what is going on and how to resolve the problem if possible. Sometimes this can lead to the community making huge improvements to an otherwise fundamentally broken game. And sometimes this can bring things to light which were never intended to be seen, such as the original skill names for Dead Island player character Purna, found by Steam user AlexeiVasiliev and shared in this forum post.

  • News: Max Payne 3 Out in March 2012

    I sat alone in a darkened room, the light of the monitor illuminating my face like a small personal moon, the steam from my coffee the only movement visible as I hunched over the screen like a pensive statue. I frowned in consternation at the words on the screen in front of me, the furrows in my brow as if a farmer had ploughed them in preparation for a bountiful harvest. But the only harvest these furrows would see was the sweat from my face, as hot as the Amazon as it was in that tiny, dark, cell-like room.

  • News: Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone Gets Major Update

    PopCap has announced that the iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies is to get a big new update today. The update adds 9 new minigames taken from the computer versions of the game; a new microgame; and new Game Center achievements.

  • News: Xbox Indie Games Summer Uprising Scores Dashboard Promotion

    The Xbox Indie Game Summer Uprising has had its successful campaign rewarded with a feature spot on the Xbox Dashboard.

  • News: Assassin's Creed Revelations Beta Opens to All PSN Members

    Following a successful run for PlayStation Plus and Uplay members, the Assassin's Creed Revelations multiplayer beta is open to all PS3 owners from today.

  • News: Good Old Games Continues Ultima Revival

    Top retro gaming site Good Old Games has released the second trilogy of classic Ultima RPGs for $5.99.

  • News: The Impossible Game Comes to PSN

    Surprise indie hit The Impossible Game has made the jump to PS3 and PSP thanks to publisher Grip Games.

  • News: Check Out This Funky Atari Retro-Joystick for iPad

    An Atari joystick for your iPad? Now that is kind of cool, and it actually looks like it'll work in a truly connected sense, unlike some of these awkward alternatives where you're basically suctioning something to the iPad's glass surface. Thank Discovery Bay Games, who've partnered with Atari to make it so.

  • News: LG Dual Play provides simultaneous full-screen gaming

    LG has come up with a cunning way of allowing two-player mode gaming to work in fullscreen for both players at once. Its Dual Play lets each player view of its 3D scenes in 2D

  • News: Rovio teaming with disputed Chinese Angry Birds park

    Angry Birds publisher Rovio is seeking to cash in on a Chinese theme park that has created a real-life Angry Birds game without the company's permission.

  • News: Kill Zombie Sarah Palin, Bill 'O Reilly, Others in New Game

    While many gamers are busy this week slaughtering the undead in Deep Silver's Dead Island, another zombie game has appeared on the Internet, this one pitting you against undead versions of notable Republican and Conservative politicians, and several Fox News anchors.

  • News: Nintendo Sued Over Wii and Wii U Patents in Texas Court

    If you work in Nintendo's legal department, what do you do when someone hits you with a lawsuit? Is it more of a "not again!" feeling? Or is it more like a soft chuckle, knowing that the case will likely never go anywhere?

  • News: Nintendo Takes Kirby Mass Attack on Tour with Snacks

    Kirby Mass Attack is getting a nice little promotional boost from Nintendo, as the company is taking the pink puff ball on a three-city tour.

  • News: IBM, 3M team to glue together high-powered silicon bricks for servers, smartphones

    IBM and 3M today said they will jointly develop a new line of adhesives they hope will let them make it possible to build commercial microprocessors composed of layers of up to 100 separate chips.

  • News: Microsoft Bids Farewell to Halo 4 Creative Ryan Payton

    Yesterday, we reported on the departure of one of Halo 4's creative team, Ryan Payton, from Microsoft's Halo studio 343 Industries. Payton cited creative differences and a degree of self-doubt as the reasons for his departure, and has formed his own studio which is already working on two new titles.

  • News: Arkham City Album Out Oct. 4

    Warner has confirmed that the official Arkham City album will release on October 4, two weeks before the game itself will release. Those who purchase the Collector's Edition of the game will receive a download token for the 12 track album as well as the other goodies on offer.

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