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  • News: OnLive cloud-based gaming system to hit UK on September 22

    OnLive, the cloud-based gaming service that is already available in the US, will hit the UK on September 22.

  • News: OnLive Launching in September, Giving Out Free Systems

    Cloud-based gaming service will be launching in the UK in September, and they'll be handing out free MicroConsoles as Eurogamer Expo 2011.

  • News: No GBA Games for Late 3DS Owners

    Nintendo's Amabassador program is a pretty nice deal for current 3DS owners. On September 1, they'll be able to download 10 NES Virtual Console games to their system including:

  • News: Farmville in Danger, Hackers Plan to Attack Facebook

    In this video, allegedly from the hacker group Anonymous (the group made infamous in gaming circles for the involvement in the recent Sony hacks), a group reveals their plans to take down Facebook on November 5.

  • News: These Square Enix DS Games are Discounted on Amazon Today

    Because, honestly, how many copies of Chrono Trigger is too many copies? Our Supreme Overlords of Capitalism over at Amazon.com are currently discounting a few quality Square Enix titles for the Nintendo DS: Chrono Trigger (originally $19.99) is going for $14.99; The World Ends With You (also $19.99) is now $14.99; Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded (once $34.99) is being offered for $19.99; and [

  • News: Target's Also Selling the Nintendo 3DS for $170 a Bit Early

    As reported by Joystiq, Target has "gone Walmart," one might say (nobody would say that) and is already offering the Nintendo 3DS handheld device at its reduced price of $169.99, a whole two days before it was supposed to. Crazy times we live in! First that whole debt ceiling thing, and now this.

  • Opinion: Sixaxis Lets You Use a PS3 Controller With Android

    Pulling off a hadouken is already tricky enough, and it's nigh impossible on a touch screen with a virtual joystick. But thanks to the Sixaxis controller app by Dancing Pixel Studios, you can now use your PS3 controller with a rooted Android device.

  • News: Amazon Preorders for Battlefield 3 Up Against Battlefield 2

    Amazon UK reports that the array of sequels due out later this year have all been preordered significantly more than their predecessors.

  • News: Hothead's Hitchhiker's Guide iOS App Isn't a Game

    Hothead Games has revealed some new details about exactly how it's bringing Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy franchise to iOS devices.

  • News: Theme Park and Battlefield 3 Heading to iOS

    EA is reportedly bringing two of its biggest franchises to iOS devices later this year -- with one of them being a long-standing request.

  • News: Steam Launches Game-and-Hat-Trading Beta

    Steam library full of unwanted spare copies of games and TF2 hats? Now you can trade them with other people.

  • News: Play Mario Forever with HTML5 Infinite Mario

    Can't get enough Mario? Then you need a Mario game that goes on forever. Enter the newly-HTML5ified Infinite Mario.

  • PURE Evoke Mio Orla Kiely Abacus Flower DAB

    PURE has launched a DAB radio firmly intended to enhance home life. The PURE Evoke Mio Orla Kiely Abacus Flower radio is intended to grace an elegant kitchen shelf - and even comes with its own egg timer.

  • News: First Two Kingdom Hearts Titles May Get HD Remake

    Square Enix has a history of milking franchises for an infuriatingly long time, and Kingdom Hearts is a textbook example of that practice. However, you can't blame the developers -- it's one of their biggest franchises. After all, they've successfully sold KH titles on every platform they've tried (GBA, DS, and even the PSP).

  • News: The UK, France and Germany has 153 million gamers in total

    More than half of adults in the UK, France and Germany admit to playing computer games, says PopCap.

  • News: Sony Xperia Play Hack Puts PS One Games in Your Pocket

    Ever wanted to put old PlayStation One classics like Suikoden II, Valkyrie Profile, Final Fantasy VII, Mega Man Legends, and Rival Schools on your mobile device? Well, if you happen to be a crack reverse-engineering Android developer like Yifan Lu, that's not an unreasonable goal. He's currently enjoying a nice game of Crash Bandicoot, loaded right from a handy .ISO file.

  • News: Sign up for the Gotham City Impostors Closed Beta Now

    Hey, remember that scene in The Dark Knight where Batman shows up to fight the Scarecrow, but it's not really Batman, and then the real Batman shows up, and that dude's all "What gives you the right?" and then Batman's all "I'm not wearing hockey pads?" Remember that they're making a game that's kind of based off that idea? You remember that?

  • News: Humble Indie Bundle 3 Raises Over $2M, Sells 372,235 Copies

    Humble Indie Bundle 3 has officially closed up shop, with donations topping out at $2.16 million. Gamers were even more generous this time around, with HIB3 comfortably beating the previous record held by Humble Indie Bundle 2, which racked up $1.8 in sales and donations. Every person who bought the collection of indie games is now the proud, DRM-free owner of Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight, And Yet It Moves, Steel Storm, and Atom Zombie Smasher.

  • News: UK Rock Band Bracing for a Fight with Ubisoft

    Unsigned UK band Rocksmith is preparing for a legal battle against Ubisoft to protect its name from the publishing giant's trademark applications.

  • News: Team Bondi's Assets and IP Sold Off

    Troubled Sydney studio Team Bondi has reportedly sold off its video game IP and other remaining assets, while staff have been offered alternative employment or severance pay.

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