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  • News: Netflix DVD Rental Becomes Qwikster, Adds Game Rentals

    Netflix has completely separated its DVD by mail service from its video streaming offering, and added the facility for subscribers to rent console games.

  • Opinion: Netflix Splits in Two, Adds Games, Upsets Users Further

    Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings thinks he has a great idea to stop more customers from defecting since its recent price hike: split his company into two operations, require users to maintain two separate accounts, and add video games. Hastings announced late Sunday that Netflix plans to rebrand its DVD by mail business as Qwikster, giving the new brand a separate website and independent viewing queue. Qwikster will also expand into video game rentals for Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hastings named Andy Rendich, who currently heads up the Netflix DVD service, as Qwikster CEO.

  • News: Video: Tokyo Game Show dominated by PlayStation Vita

    At the 2011 Tokyo Game Show, the main attraction is Sony's PlayStation Vita.

  • News: Video: hands on with the PlayStation Vita

    We get hands on with the PlayStation Vita. At the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. The company has 70 of its new PlayStation Vita game consoles for hands on playtime.

  • News: Get the Tex Murphy Games for 50% Off

    Good news for fans of Chris Jones' sardonic San Franciscan gumshoe: all five of of Access Software's Tex Murphy games are going for half-off all this weekend.

  • News: Portal is free for Macs, PCs until September 20

    If you haven't yet experienced the wonder of thinking with portals, there's never been a better time to start: Valve has made Portal free for the Mac and PC until September 20 as part of its "Learn with Portals" initiative.

  • News: Research: Study the Player, Not the Game

    Recent research suggests that placing the blame for elevated aggression and other negative effects solely on the shoulders of video games is unfair, and that individual personalities play a significant role.

  • News: Layton Vs Ace Attorney Features Actors from Movie

    The upcoming Layton Vs Ace Attorney game will be voiced by the same actors charged with bringing Nick and Maya to life on the Japanese silver screen.

  • News: Portal is Free in the Name of Education Until September 20

    If you still don't understand the now rather tired "cake is a lie" meme, now you can uncover the truth for yourself for free.

  • Opinion: Nonsense: Of Course PS Vita's Not Hitting the US Dec. 31

    It seems some in the media are comfortable speculating about the PS Vita's release date yet this year, right up to the point of phony baloney headlines based on obvious non sequiturs. ZDNet noticed Amazon's placeholder release date--December 31, 2011--for the PlayStation Vita and Wii U after reading a bizarrely straight-faced Washington Post story, and decided, well, that it was newsworthy...in the face of overwhelming evidence (and official word) otherwise.

  • News: Want to beta-test a new Dreamcast game?

    Still holding on to that Dreamcast? Then you might be interested to know that there's a new game on the way for Sega's last hurrah in the console market.

  • News: Heroes of Neverwinter Launches Open Beta

    The Dungeons and Dragons Facebook game has now launched to the public, and Atari has fixed some of the game's glaring issues from closed beta.

  • Opinion: Knights of the Chalice a Tough, But Rewarding, Game

    Knights of the Chalice ($24, free demo) is a cheerfully old-school game in which blocky, two-dimensional characters wander a blocky, two-dimensional world in order to gut and eviscerate everything that moves and haul off as treasure everything that isn't nailed down. In some contexts, this would be the work of sociopathic brigands; in the world of role playing games, it's called "adventuring."

  • News: Get Street Fighter II And Final Fight On Your iPhone

    Are you an App Store aficionado with a penchant for old-school pugilism? Then today may be your lucky day. Hot on the heels of the hefty update that hit Street Fighter IV: Volt earlier today, Capcom Mobile has released Final Fight and the Street Fighter II Collection for iDevices everywhere.

  • News: Are Your Eyes Ready for Dual LCD Monitor Glasses?

    Vuzix's 1200 line takes a novel approach to 3D gaming. Instead of headache-inducing shutter glasses, their glasses offer dual LCD monitors. GamePro explains.

  • News: TGS: Japan Gets a $500 Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Edition PS3

    If you liked Final Fantasy XIII and are already planning your New Year's budget around Final Fantasy XIII-2, you might want to have an extra $500 handy.

  • News: TGS: Square Enix Announces Mobile Final Fantasy Legends

    Despite not having any native Japanese speakers on staff, Touch Arcade not only pieced together the details of Square Enix?'s new mobile RPG, but the possible English name, should the title come stateside.

  • News: Rebuttal: Remaking Final Fantasy VII Would Be a Bad Idea

    Japanese RPG fans are really passionate about the whole issue of whether or not Final Fantasy VII should be remade. In fact, not long after McKinley posted his passionate opinion on the matter, I got two separate pitches from freelancers wanting to write a rebuttal. But as McKinley is my peer here at GamePro, maybe it's best that I respond myself. I don't have any illusions that this piece will put the issue to bed for good, but I can at least explain why I think remaking Final Fantasy VII would be a bad idea.

  • News: PSN Update Shields Sony From Lawsuits

    Sony may not be familiar with how to properly secure their own online service, but when it comes to high-profile lawsuits, they've got all of the dance steps down to a science.

  • News: Dead Island Racks Up 1 Million Units Shipped in Just a Week

    It looks like a rough PC launch and some unfortunate gender-bashing didn't affect sales of Dead Island for the worse, as publisher Deep Silver reports that the game has successfully shipped a million copies in just a week.

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