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  • News: PC Advisor's top 5 technology video reviews

    PC Advisor TV contains hundreds of news, reviews and product videos. But which of our expert video reviews are the most popular?

  • News: SlingPlayer update improves video quality

    Sling Media has released an update for its SlingPlayer software, improving and fixing several items.

  • Violet Mir:ror

    Have you ever thought how cool it would be to bring inanimate objects to life? If you have, you might be intrigued by this RFID-based device that appears to make the walls talk.

  • News: Steve Jobs 'wrong' on netbook sales

    According to the latest smartphone sales numbers from Gartner and DisplaySearch's netbook sales numbers, 4.7 million iPhones were shipped in Q3 2008 while a whopping 5.6 million netbooks were sold in the same period.

  • News: Microsoft Zune Phone to rival Apple's iPhone

    Rumours that Microsoft is considering launching a Zune Phone have surfaced again.

  • Opinion: New slang words are cool tech savvy

    The Royal Mail, of all hip and with-it organizations, has released a survey explaining some of the new English words and terms that have evolved through our increasingly digital lives.

  • Cassette Tape USB Hub

    Retro is back in a big way, though Christmas always seems to bring out a rash of all things nostalgic. While it's great to see new twists on Rubiks Cubes, they're just not as good - or as robust - as the originals.

  • News: Outrage over drug dealing iPhone app

    A drug dealing game for Apple's iPhone has raised concerns.

  • News: Intel develops faster data-transfer device

    Intel has developed a device, the Avalanche Photodetector (APD), that senses light pulses and amplifies output signals for faster data transfer over long distances, the company said.

  • News: Apple iPhone sales quadruple in Q3

    Apple's iPhone stood apart from the rest of the market in the third quarter of 2008, with strong gains for the handset despite Q3 showing the weakest ever year-on-year growth in the smartphone market, according to Gartner.

  • News: Apple hits back in iPhone 3G lawsuit

    Apple and AT&T have filed separate claims asking that the iPhone 3G lawsuit brought against the companies by Avi Koschitzki be dismissed. The lawsuit claims slow 3G speeds and hairline cracks that develop in the iPhone casing.

  • News: Make your PC a multimedia powerhouse

    These days our PCs and portable devices burst with multimedia files, but our movies and music are not always as flexible and available as we'd like. PC Advisor shows you how play iTunes tracks on any device, and rip DVD movies to a media player.

  • News: Boost your PC with 10 easy PC projects

    Ramp up your PC's performance, boost your Wi-Fi range, expand your Xbox and unlock extra camera features with PC Advisor's 10 projects.

  • Video: World Technology Update: December 5 2008

    In this week’s show: Microhoo is back, Bill Gates appeals to lawmakers, Google Earth is used by terrorists, Nintendo introduces a new DS title and Sony celebrates Christmas.

  • News: New lawsuit targets Apple's iPhone 3G speeds

    pple is facing another lawsuit claiming it misrepresented the data speed of its iPhone 3G.

  • News: Icephone is 'Swiss Army Knife' of handsets

    A British Army-inspired smartphone which unfolds to three panels is set to be launched commercially next year

  • News: Open-source Symbian OS expected in 2010

    The Symbian Foundation is on track to take over Symbian as an open-source operating system in 2010 and will put out its first distribution of software for developers in the first half of next year, its executive director said on Thursday.

  • News: HTC targets iPhone factor with design acquisition

    HTC, the smartphone maker behind T-Mobile's G1 'Google phone', has bought San Francisco-based One & Co, a design company it worked with on the development of the HTC Touch Diamond.

  • News: Nokia N97 3G vs Apple iPhone 3G

    Nokia yesterday released its high-end N97 3G smartphone, combining a touchscreen with a tilted 3.5-inch display, a full QWERTY keyboard, and inviting a straight-up comparison with Apple's trend-setting iPhone 3G.

  • News: Joost launches iPhone video streaming app

    Online TV portal Joost has launched an iPhone app that lets users browse and view content from their handset where there's a Wi-Fi connection.

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