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  • News: New Amazon Kindle expected next month

    Amazon may be launching a new version of the Kindle - its electronic book reader next month.

  • News: First Acer smartphone launching in February

    Acer is to launch its first smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

  • SAS Pen Cam

    The latest James Bond movie may have been a bit of a disappointment, but we never fail to get excited when we hear tell of a new spy-related gadget. Bang on cue, Boysstuff got in touch to let us know about the new SAS Pen Cam that they'll be selling from next month.

  • Video: BlackBerry Storm video review

    The BlackBerry Storm is the first handset RIM has worked with a network operator to produce, and features an intuitive touchscreen which provides feedback when you select a command

  • News: EC experts discuss iPod hearing-loss fears

    The European Commission (EC) convened a panel of experts in Brussels yesterday to consider the risks to hearing caused by listening to music players such as iPods at a high volume.

  • News: Zune decline heads to zero market share

    According to Microsoft's latest 10-Q financial report, "Zune platform revenue decreased $100 million or 54 percent reflecting a decrease in device sales."

  • News: Which smartphone platform should you choose

    As smartphones evolve into tiny handheld PCs, there's plenty of choice of mobile phone platform. But if you're thinking about developing an app, which one should you choose? We've got a developer's opinion on each of the mobile phone platforms available.

  • News: The 10 best Apple Macs of all time

    While Apple may be known for its small-enough-to-fit in your pocket devices now, it wasn't always like that. As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary, we look back at its products and pick the 10 best Macs of all-time.

  • News: Apple may sue over Palm Pre design

    Apple may be considering suing Palm for ripping-off the iPhone design, if recent comments by Apple's chief operating officer are anything to go by.

  • News: Obama keeps his beloved BlackBerry

    New US president Barack Obama has been allowed to keep his BlackBerry smartphone - and so is the first US president to have access to email in the White House.

  • News: Bruised Nokia targets iPhone market

    Posting a decline in Q4 sales and net profit, Nokia is pinning its hopes on the smartphone market.

  • News: New Sony mobile products in the pipeline

    Sony CEO Howard Stringer hinted on Thursday that the company has a number of new mobile devices in the pipeline.

  • News: Apple reveals profit increase in first quarter

    Apple has bucked the economic downturn and revealed its profits for its quarter one of 2009, which ended on December 27, hit $1.61bn (£1.16bn).

  • Bushnell Backtrack GPS Finder

    Ever had one of those moments when you've mislaid an important item such as your keys and can't remember quite where your recent meanderings have taken you?

  • News: Morgan Stanley: iPhone outselling G1

    Apple's iPhone is outselling the T-Mobile's G1- the handset running the Google Android platform - by six to one in the US, says Morgan Stanley.

  • News: Vodafone plays down Palm Pre rumours

    Speculation is rife that Vodafone will be the exclusive UK carrier for the upcoming Palm Pre smartphone.

  • News: Nokia N97 available for pre-order

    Three retailers have announced users can now pre-order the Nokia N97 mobile phone and should receive the handset sometime in March.

  • Video: World Technology Update: January 19 2009

    This week our show comes from CES again with Palm unveiling a new phone, Sony showing off futuristic glasses and Samsung thinning down their TVs and Blu-ray players. All that news and more on this week’s World Tech Update.

  • News: The 15 best products of 2009

    The Consumer Electronics Show, which took place in Las Vegas recently, saw top technology companies displaying the gadgets they'll launch later in the year. We've rounded up the best 15 gadgets from the show that you'll be aching to get your hands on.

  • News: 14 great ways technology can help you get fit

    From gadgets that encourage you to exercise and track your progress, to websites that motivate you, technology offers a number of ways to help you get fit. We've rounded up our pick.

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