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  • Bluelounge Refresh iPhone charger

    Plagued by a tangle of cables and fed up with never having the right charger to hand? The Bluelounge Refresh is designed to help. It's a charging dock that also acts as a cable tidy.

  • News: Google Books unlikely to hit e-readers soon

    Despite Google currently working on a settlement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (APP) over its Book Search programme, consumers are likely to be a long way from getting out-of-print 'orphaned' books onto their e-readers.

  • News: Apple investigates iPhone 3GS battery issues

    Apple has asked some iPhone users to install power-logging software on their handsets, in a bid to get to the bottom of the re-occurring problem of fast-draining batteries.

  • News: GPS guides tourists through Kew Gardens

    Visitors to Kew Gardens can now be led around by the Kew Ranger, a virtual tour guide that employs GPS, maps and videos.

  • News: Critter Cam records wildlife first hand

    National Geographic came to MIT for the HEMBI or Human Environment Mobile Based Interactions workshop and showed off their Critter Cam.

  • News: 10 cool uses for satellites

    Satellites are cool. To begin with, just the sheer fact that we've managed to get the technology into orbit makes them cool. Throw in their uses - from monitoring the movement of great white sharks to looking for asteroids streaking towards Earth - and they become even more amazing.

  • News: Tech fans 'don't expect gadgets to last'

    Over three-quarters of tech fans don't expect gadgets to last more than five years, says Lexmark.

  • News: Sony unveils thinnest ever Walkman

    The world is still focused on the new iPod nano and Zune HD, but that didn't stop Sony from unveiling its thinnest Walkman ever yesterday. Sony's new NW-A840 Series devices measure just over a quarter inch thick.

  • News: BlackBerry Tour suffers near 50% return rate

    Problems with the trackball on BlackBerry Tour phones have led to return rates near 50 percent, an analyst at TownHall Investment Research said.

  • News: Microsoft Zune HD launches in the US

    Microsoft has launched the Microsoft Zune HD portable music player in the US.

  • Hatti Trading Pink Daisy netbook snug

    Fed up with all those plastic and nylon cases for your gadgetry? Hatti Trading has come up with an alternative.

  • WWF Endangered Species USB sticks

    The World Wildlife Fund (the WWF) has launched a boxset of USB memory keys in the shape of animals it's fundraising to protect.

  • News: New Apple iPod touch supports 802.11n

    The new Apple iPod touch uses a Wi-Fi chip that can support the just-approved high-throughput 802.11n standard, though Apple apparently has not switched on the cranked-up wireless link.

  • News: Palm Pre to be unveiled in UK next week

    The Palm Pre smartphone is set to be officially unveiled in the UK on Tuesday. The touchscreen smartphone, dubbed this year's iPhone killer, will make its UK debut on 15 September.

  • News: Video: Motorola launches Cliq smartphone

    Motorola has announced its first Google Android smartphone. The Cliq is a touchscreen handset tht will use an upcoming internet-based service for Motorola phones, called Blur.

  • News: Motorola launches Cliq/Dext, it's first Android phone

    Motorola has announced its first smartphone based on Google's Android operating system.

  • News: Video: Palm Pixi

    On Wednesday Palm introduced the Pixi, a smaller sibling to company's Pre, and a phone that also uses webOS.

  • News: Video: Steve Jobs back with new iPods & iTunes

    At Apple's music event in San Francisco on Wednesday evening, maybe the biggest news wasn't the revamp of iTunes or the availability of new iPods, but the return of Steve Jobs.

  • News: Steve Jobs is back with new Apple iPods

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at an event on Wednesday to introduce new iPod products, his first public appearance after taking a long medical leave of absence.

  • News: Palm introduces Pixi

    Palm introduced the Pixi, a smaller sibling to company’s Pre, and a phone that also uses webOS.

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