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  • News: Steve Jobs launches Apple iPad: details, pictures

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs today announced the Apple iPad and the Apple iBookstore at an invitation-only event in San Francisco, at the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco. Here are full details and pictures.

  • News: Delta to launch 13in colour touchscreen e-reader

    Taiwan's Delta Electronics plans to start marketing a new 13.1in colour touchscreen e-reader and an 8.1in monochrome touchscreen device around the end of the second quarter, which use e-paper technology from Japan's Bridgestone.

  • News: Apple partner confirms tablet launch, iPhone OS

    McGraw-Hill Companies CEO Terry McGraw said in a US TV interview yesterday that Apple would be announcing its much-vaunted 'Apple Tablet' today.

  • News: Networked home media to double

    Consumer electronics devices that can integrate with home networks are set to deliver more than double the revenue in 2012 that they did in 2009.

  • Opinion: 'Leaked advert' for Apple Tablet

    Wow! I just heard something crazy. Are you ready? Apple might be introducing a new tablet computing device. Maybe even this week. 

  • News: Apple CEO confirms 'major new product'

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed that the company will announced a "major new product that we're really excited about" as the iPhone-maker announced its first quarter financial results, but technology enthusiasts will have to wait until tomorrow's high-profile launch to find out whether the highly anticipated Mac tablet is about to make an appearance.

  • News: Apple Tablet FAQs: what we know, what we don't

    What do we know about technology's worst-kept secret, the so-called Apple Tablet? Not a lot.

  • News: 5 Apple Tablet rumours exposed

    If any device was destined to fail to meet expectations, it's Apple oft-rumoured tablet device. Tablet rumours have been piling up for years, but the gossip mill has gone into overdrive since Apple scheduled a special press event for Wednesday.

  • News: Web analytics firm claims it has proof of Apple Tablet

    Apple has been testing apps on 50 prototype tablets, says web analytic firm Flurry, citing internet traffic analysis from third-party software developers.

  • News: 54% of Brits will consider buying Apple Tablet

    More than half of Brits will consider buying Apple's iTablet, says VoucherCodes.

  • News: Vodafone iPhone sales hit 100,000 in one week

    Vodafone revealed that it sold 1000,000 Apple iPhones in the first week it was offering the handset.

  • Feature: Revealed: the truth about the future of 3D TV

    As the 3D TV hype continues to flow, we separate the hope from the hype when it comes to this latest technology.

  • News: 10 product patents we want to see made

    They're clever. They're creative. And some of them are just plain bizarre. How come we can't yet buy products based on these patents?

  • BeBook NEO e-book reader

    BeBook has launched a new e-book reader that is both touch-enabled and has Wi-Fi. The NEO can even be used for basic web surfing, extending its BeBook predecessors' capabilities beyond pure digital page provision.

  • Yike Bike electric bike

    Electric bikes have been around for years but are only just getting to the stage when they can be made light enough and inexpensively enough to have mass appeal.

  • News: Report: Apple looks to repackage content for tablet

    Apple is looking at ways TV, magazine and newspaper content can be presented differently on its upcoming tablet device, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

  • News: Sony launches first TransferJet gadgets

    Data transfer between gadgets that's as simple as bringing them together: that's the promise of TransferJet, a Sony-developed technology that will begin appearing in products soon.

  • Opinion: Rounding up the Apple tablet rumours

    As you probably know by now, Apple is holding a product event later this month. And with countless rumours flying around about the iSlate, iPad, iTablet or whatever Apple decides to call it, the big question on everyone's mind is this: are tablets on the table?

  • News: 63% of under 10s own a mobile phone

    Nearly two thirds (63 percent) of under tens own a mobile phone, says Prezzybox.com.

  • News: Motorola adds new Google Android handset

    Motorola this week unveiled its first Android phone for the South Korean market. The phone, called the Motoroi, looks similar to the Motorola Droid handset in the U.S. or the Milestone in Europe but without the slide-out keyboard.

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