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  • News: Sony eyes consumer 3D cameras

    Recognizing that a shortage of content could doom its 3D push from the start, Sony is likely to launch cameras that give consumers the ability to shoot in the format.

  • News: Sony launches Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

    Sony Ericsson's new Xperia X2 smartphone will run Windows Mobile 6.5 when it ships in the fourth quarter, it said on Wednesday.

  • News: Sony shows Walkman clock radio combo

    If you listen to conventional wisdom you might think the traditional bedside clock radio was on its way out, since in many homes cell phones now rouse the sleeping from their beds. But a new gadget from Sony seeks to keep alarm clocks on the night table while bringing convenience to cell phone users.

  • News: Microsoft to focus solely on Zune HD

    Microsoft plans to drop all of its Zune models except for a new high-definition (HD) version that is due out in two weeks, the company confirmed Wednesday.

  • News: Coolerbooks-Google deal offers more eBooks

    eBookstore COOLERBOOKS.com is joining forces with Google to offer UK users access to over one million electronic books, which are in the public domain.

  • News: Google Android app sales failing to deliver

    The Android Market probably produces less than US$5 million a month, despite a recent report that issued that estimate, one successful application developer says

  • Video: IFA: Printstik offers printing on the go

    The paperless office and e-friendly technology is all the rage these days, but sometimes there is just that need to print out an email, document, spreadsheet or confirmation number.

  • News: Windows Phone 6.5 handsets coming in October

    Phones running Microsoft's newest software will hit shelves on Oct. 6, but don't expect the big lines and excitement that have characterized other iconic smartphone launches in recent years.

  • Video: IFA: Flip video cameras come to Germany

    At the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Cisco announced availability in Germany of its popular Flip video cameras.

  • News: 3 reveals MiFi 3G router price

    Mobile operator 3 has revealed that its MiFi Wi-Fi gadget will be available to order online on September 17 for £69.99.

  • Video: Microsoft OneApp brings more apps to feature phones

    Microsoft released OneApp, a platform for developing and running popular mobile applications on feature phones, phones that can run apps but aren't as capable as smartphones.

  • News: Samsung to open App Store for UK phones

    Samsung Electronics will launch an application store on Sep. 14 with applications and content for its Omnia smartphones, it said on Monday.

  • News: Apple blames users for exploding iPhones

    Apple claims the latest reports of "exploding" iPhones are caused by an "external force" and not by bursting into flames due to overheating batteries.

  • News: The 40 best dying or dead technologies

    Technology evolves at a breakneck speed, which mean's today's most-used technology, could just be a fleeting memory by tomorrow.

  • How-Tos: How to rescue a PC, laptop, iPod or monitor

    When it comes to tech, spilling water on your laptop, or any other gadget, becomes a life or death situation. But these unfortunate accidents mean you have to scrap your tech and invest in a new iPod, mobile phone or camera right?

  • News: Palm Pre UK release set for October

    The Palm Pre smartphone, sometimes compared favourably with Apple's iPhone, will launch in the UK on Friday 30 October, according to reports.

  • News: Mobile phone writes texts on thin air

    Cell phones can be modified to act as pens that record messages written in the air that can then be sent as e-mails.

  • Sony Reader Touch e-book reader

    Sony has added a touch-sensitive model to its Reader electronic book line-up, the Sony Reader Touch. Sony has also launched a smaller e-book model, the Sony Reader Pocket.

  • News: New Sony e-readers hit the UK

    Sony Electronics has unveiled a third e-reader with wireless Internet access to complement two devices announced earlier.

  • Wildcharge PowerDisc wireless iPhone charger

    Means of keeping gadgetry charged are becoming almost as prevalent as protective cases to keep them from becoming scratched and losing their lustre.

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