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  • News: Amazon Kindle BlackBerry app launched

    Amazon.com has released a version of its Kindle application for BlackBerry users, giving them access to their e-books without a Kindle device.

  • News: Smartbooks to reinvigorate SSD market

    Sandisk today outlined its vision for mobile devices filled with smaller versions of the Nand flash memory hard disk and cited smartbooks as the obvious device in which they will find a home.

  • News: Apple blocks hackers from App Store

    Apple has blocked two well-known iPhone hackers from accessing the iTunes app store.

  • News: Puma Phone unveiled at MWC

    Sagem has joined forces with Puma to launch a smartphone, aimed at sports enthusiasts.

  • sWaP Active water-resistant watch phone

    sWaP has unveiled a water-resistant version of its watch phone. Intended to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, the sWAP Active is designed to withstand extremes of weather despite its inclusion of high-tech parts including a 1.5in touchscreen. 

  • News: HTC unveils update to Google Nexus One

    HTC has unveiled two new Google Android smartphones, one of which isn't officially billed as an update to Google's Nexus One, but its design is similar and it offers improvements over the Google phone.

  • News: Ericsson shows Android-based IPTV Remote

    Ericsson is showing off a prototype of its Android-based IPTV Remote, which allows users to control TVs throughout their homes, as well as heating systems. The prototype has a 10-inch touchscreen, a forward-facing camera and speakers and could also be used as a mobile phone and to browse the Web, the Swedish company said Monday at Mobile World Congress.

  • News: Analysis: Windows & Linux challenge Apple & Google

    Three traditional powerhouses in computing and communications - Microsoft, Intel and Nokia - have kick-started major revamps to their technology to adapt to a quick-changing smartphone market

  • News: Smartphone doubles up as HD media player

    Both Qualcomm and ST-Ericsson are demonstrating at Mobile World Congress concept smartphones that can connect to and play HD content on TVs.

  • News: Windows Phone 7 officially launched by Microsoft

    Microsoft has unveiled the next version of its operating system for mobile phones, Windows Phone 7 Series, featuring a move away from applications and towards functions

  • Samsung Wave - first look

    Samsung kicked off this year's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona on Sunday by unveiling Wave.

  • News: Powermat embeds itself in smartphones

    Powermat, a company that specialises in wirelessly charging gadgets such as BlackBerry smartphones and iPhones, is to start marketing wireless battery packs. This will enable handsets to be recharged without the need for an accessory device to pick up the charge.

  • News: ARM demos smartbooks and DIY smartphones

    ARM has been showing off reference designs for smartbooks and Android-based mobile phones based around its low-power processors. Dual-core Android smartphones are set to launch by the end of this year

  • News: Sony Ericsson launches Xperia X10 mini

    Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications expanded its line of smartphones based on Google's Android software platform on Sunday, adding two new touchscreen models: the Xperia X10 mini and mini pro.

  • News: Analysis: What will the Apple iPad be used for?

    The intended market for the Apple iPad, and just how consumers and business will make use of Apple's latest invention.

  • News: 8 Apple iPad questions Apple just won't answer

    As the smoke clears from Steve Jobs launching the Apple iPad, missing details suggest there's less to Apple's tablet than meets the eye.

  • News: Is augmented reality the next big thing in smartphones?

    Augmented reality in smartphones is set to become the next big thing. We look at what the concept is, what it'll be used for and whether current smartphones can handle the technology.

  • Freeloader Pico solar-powered gadget charger

    Freeloader's latest solar-powered charger, the Pico, is a super-slim 12mm thick and weighs just 49 grammes. The Freeloader Pico is also very fast at charging gadgets: half an hour of charge is enough to fully power up many items. 

  • News: One in five medical staff will buy an iPad

    One in five medical staff are already considering purchasing an Apple iPad as they will find it a helpful tool, says Epocrates.

  • News: Samsung & LG to show social networking phones

    Samsung and LG have both unveiled mobile phones with strong social networking links, which will be officially launched at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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