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  • News: What You Really Need to Know About Cloud Security

    Despite all of the hand wringing over cloud security, major cloud security breaches haven't been grabbing headlines. The past year has seen major breaches, such as the ones that hit Sony and Epsilon, but we haven't heard much of an emphasis about the cloud being a weakness.

  • News: New Android malware disguised as security app

    Android Security Suite Premium, which is loaded with Zeus variant ZitMo, is a threat to companies given the bring-your-own-device(BYOD)trend

  • News: Oracle profit jumps 8 percent, though hardware sales decline

    Profits at Oracle climbed 8 percent in the quarter just ended, though hardware sales declined and overall revenue was up only slightly.

  • Opinion: Google: Use the Cloud, Save the Planet

    Organizations generally switch to cloud-based services to save money, but there are environmental benefits as well. Cloud computing reduces energy use and carbon emissions, according to Google, which claims that an average enterprise can lower its energy usage by 65 percent to 85 percent by switching to online productivity tools such as Google Apps.

  • News: Oracle profit jumps 8 percent, though hardware sales decline

    Profits at Oracle climbed 8 percent in the quarter just ended, though hardware sales declined and overall revenue was up only slightly.

  • Opinion: The Cloud, Day 27: All the Rest of the Cloud

    From a consumer perspective “the cloud” revolves around music, photos, email, and perhaps a bit of productivity. Some of those are important for small and medium businesses (SMBs) as well, but really only scratch the surface of what the cloud has to offer for businesses.

  • News: Big Data for Marketing: Respect Consumer Privacy or Get Burned

    Many companies are pursuing Big Data with the ultimate aim of better understanding and selling to their customers. After all, it is well-understood at this point that even basic personalization, like using customers' individual names, can substantially increase open and response rates for physical and digital mail. And Big Data promises a far greater degree of personalization and targeting. But collecting that data can be like handling a live wire: You can wind up having a real bad day if you don't treat it with respect.

  • News: SAP looking to create 'distinguished engineers' for its HANA database

    SAP is creating a new program that seeks to anoint consultants as "distinguished engineers" working with its HANA in-memory database platform, the company announced Monday.

  • Opinion: Password-Protect Your Files, Folders, and Drives with File Secure Free

    Your data is like your business blood: It must be protected at all costs. That's why it's a good idea to safeguard your most important data, to back it up in case of disaster, to password-protect it in case of loss or theft, and to destroy it when it's no longer wanted.

  • News: ARM and x86 could coexist in data centers, says Calxeda

    ARM processors could potentially coexist with x86 processors from Intel or Advanced Micro Devices in server environments, with the use case being similar to CPUs and graphics processors in some supercomputers today, chip maker Calxeda said on Monday.

  • News: Managed communication services move to the cloud

    In another sign that just about anything can be offered as a service nowadays, PBX and enterprise communication platforms are increasingly being offered through the cloud.

  • News: Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

    If Apple's aim of making the iPad as essential to education as pencils and paper comes to pass, it will be apps like Inside the World of Dinosaurs that help make it happen. The education offering from M5859 Studios packs in a wealth of audio, visual, and written information into an engaging iPad app.

  • News: Google promotes energy savings with Apps

    Companies that turn off their local servers for e-mail, productivity and collaboration applications and switch to the cloud-hosted Google Apps suite can save significant amounts of money in energy costs, Google said on Monday.

  • News: Governments should invest more in catching cybercriminals, researchers say

    Improving the ability of law enforcement agencies to catch cybercriminals should be a priority when governments decide how their cybersecurity budgets get spent, according to University of Cambridge security engineering professor Ross Anderson.

  • News: Mozilla's concept iPad browser eliminates the URL bar, tabbed browsing

    Safari for iPad has a "pretty miserable" user experience and browsers for Android tablets are even worse, according to Mozilla developers working on an iPad browser of their own, called Junior. Their vision of tablet browsing, presented in a video made last week, removes the URL bar and strips away tabs to achieve a sleeker and simpler browser experience on tablets.

  • News: Why Yammer Is Worth $1 Billion to Microsoft

    Microsoft seems to be at the center of all the rumors right now in a way normally reserved for Apple. Aside form the mystery media event in Los Angeles later today, where Microsoft is expected to make a tablet-related announcement of some sort; it’s also the focus of speculation that it is finalizing talks to acquire Yammer for around $1 billion.

  • News: Most business leaders have no faith in IT

    The majority of European business leaders do not believe that IT is a facilitator for achieving their business priorities.

  • News: 'Occupy' protests send police shopping for wearable cop cams

    In his lengthy career with the Oakland Police Department, Steve Lovell encountered plenty of cases where in-field video footage could have come in handy.

  • News: Samsung's SAFE for Galaxy S III aims to help IT embrace Android

    Samsung announced a new program on Monday to help enterprise IT shops feel more confident about allowing workers to use the coming Galaxy S III smartphone on the job.

  • News: U.S. regains supercomputing crown, bests China, Japan

    The U.S., once again, is home to the world's most powerful supercomputer after being knocked off the list by China two years ago and Japan last year.

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