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  • News: Severe weather intensifies focus on disaster planning

    Severe thunderstorms, wildfires and droughts should put companies on alert to look into their business continuity plannings. Disaster recovery plans that include only backing up data regionally may need to be rethought, experts say.

  • News: Indian outsourcers expected to report weak Q2 revenue growth

    A slow recovery in the U.S., the debt-crisis in Europe, and slowing growth in the domestic market is likely to have slowed down revenue and profit growth in U.S. dollar terms at Indian outsourcing companies in the second quarter, according to analysts.

  • News: At Imagine Cup finals, next generation of entrepreneurs shine

    On Saturday, Pedro Querido of Portugal waved his arms back and forth, taming a shopping cart with a green basket that seemingly had a mind of its own.

  • Opinion: Like Open Source? For Collaboration, Try Group-Office 4.0

    There's no shortage of software out there designed to help foster collaboration in businesses large and small, but this past week a key open source contender got a major update that makes it particularly worth considering.

  • News: Apple recruiting for 15th Australian Apple Store

    Apple looks set to open its 15th store in Australia. The company is advertising for staff for its first store in Canberra.

  • News: Rural carriers protest FCC telephone subsidy reform

    A U.S. Federal Communications Commission cap on rural telephone subsidies will cost jobs in rural areas and lead to higher prices for customers in those areas, a group of rural carriers said.

  • News: Court's damages expert for Oracle-Google trial stands to get $2 million

    A court-appointed damages expert who served in the intellectual-property suit Oracle lodged against Google over the Android mobile OS could receive nearly US$2 million in compensation, according to court filings late Thursday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

  • News: Facebook touts Open Graph versatility

    In an effort to encourage broader use of its Open Graph protocol, Facebook has posted a number of examples of how the company used the Web standard to build its own internal apps.

  • News: Oracle-SAP retrial set to begin in August

    The retrial of Oracle's corporate-theft lawsuit against SAP will begin Aug. 27, according to a court filing on Friday.

  • News: Say Goodbye to Windows Home Server

    Technology enthusiasts are mourning the end of the line for Microsoft's Windows Home Server (WHS), a central device capable of managing multiple PCs and files across a home network. Microsoft confirmed through a support document [PDF] that WHS development will end.

  • News: Olympic competition heats up -- among elite hackers

    Forget the colors of the world. This competition is between the white and black hats

  • News: Commonwealth Bank to launch Facebook banking

    The Commonwealth Bank (CBA) is to offer banking via Facebook by the end of this year, and has further announced that its Kaching mobile payment application is now available for Android-based mobile devices.

  • News: Twitter ruling disappoints, but doesn't surprise privacy advocates

    Privacy advocates this week said they are dismayed, but not surprised about a New York Criminal Court judge's decision ordering Twitter to hand over all the data it has on an Occupy Wall Street protester being investigated for disorderly conduct.

  • News: Some IT jobs signal preference for visa holders, report claims

    A group that monitors IT help wanted ads claims that there are many job ads specifically designed to recruit visa holders and not U.S. workers, a practice it charges is discriminatory.

  • News: Mozilla, activists call for release in Syria of open-source developer

    Mozilla Foundation and other activist groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation have called for the release of Bassel Khartabil, an open-source developer who was detained on March 15 in the Mazzeh district of Damascus in a wave of arrests.

  • News: Genius Bar revamp coming to Apple Stores

    Apple is revamping the Genius Bar in its retail stores, according to new reports.

  • News: Apple revamps iCloud.com beta for developers

    Apple's iOS and Mac developers now have access to a revamped iCloud.com beta website accessible at beta.icloud.com.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Lego my Apple Store

    Someone finally figured out how to recreate the Apple Store, brick by brick; at least one judge thinks patent lawyers are animals; and Steve Jobs apparently was influenced by more of France than just its citizens' penchants for black turtlenecks. The remainders for Thursday, July 5, 2012 are having a cow.

  • News: 10 Ways to Top Your IT Outsourcing Provider's Priority List

    While you may not want to be your outsourcing provider's favorite client (that probably means you're making them the most money with the least effort), you don't want to be on their black list either. The very important customer roster is where you want to be. "Being at the top of your provider's priority list will inevitably be to your benefit over the long haul," says Steve Martin, partner with outsourcing consultancy Pace Harmon. "And figuring out how to get there without having to buy your way into this elite club is worthwhile."

  • Opinion: Best Buy Copies the Apple Store

    A Best Buy store usually has all the charm of, say, a Costco warehouse. Step inside and you'll find a cavernous space packed with everything from big-screen TVs to French door refrigerators. And on busy days you'll see a long checkout line filled with irate customers, many of whom are probably wondering why they didn't save themselves a trip and buy online instead.

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