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  • News: Three Steps To Productive Meetings

    Meetings are a necessary evil in the business world -- few people like them, but without face-to-face discussion time, problems persist. Minimize the anguish and get the most out of precious time by following this expert's advice.

  • News: CIOs Extend Unified Communications to Mobile Devices

    A survey finds that IT leaders are accelerating their plans to invest in unified communications and collaboration technologies. But the systems aren't cheap.

  • News: CIOs Need a Wakeup Call

    Many CIOs think they're more relevant than ever before, but their CEOs often disagree. IDG Enterprise's own CEO is calling for CIOs to figure out how to better include innovation in their job descriptions

  • News: Larry Ellison on Steve Jobs personality, successes and failures

    Last night president of Pixar Ed Catmull and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison sat down at the D10 conference to chat about Apple’s late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs. They discussed Jobs success, his personality, how he interacted with people, and what made Jobs so unique.

  • News: Oracle ERP project woes force construction firm to delay financial filing

    Problems with the rollout of an Oracle JD Edwards ERP (enterprise resource planning) system have forced a Pennsylvania construction company to delay the filing of its fiscal 2012 annual report with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • News: Logica acquired by smaller Canadian firm for £1.7bn

    One of the UK’s last remaining software and information technology services companies, Logica, has been acquired by a smaller Canadian based firm, CGI, in a deal worth £1.7 billion.

  • News: Microsoft adds photo sharing to SkyDrive

    SkyDrive for Windows now allows users to access the Photos app in Windows 8 so they can fetch photos stored on their other PCs that have SkyDrive installed.

  • News: Getting More Business Value Out of Vendors

    Scenario: Direct Energy CIO Jerry Brace wants to push vendors beyond traditional relationships

  • News: New Value From Commercial Innovation

    Aon's eSolutions subsidiary is creating internal benefits with products developed for external customers

  • News: ACTA agreement gets thumbs down in EU Parliament

    There are three more nails in ACTA's coffin as three European Parliament committees on Thursday voted to reject the international anti-piracy agreement, ACTA.

  • News: Is the cloud really ready for prime time?

    Coupa, a 2006 startup that helps more than 200 customer companies manage purchasing and procurement, doesn't own any IT infrastructure -- it is run completely from the Amazon Web Service cloud.

  • News: Germany taken to court for failing to implement data retention

    The fifth paragraph of the story, "Germany taken to court for failing to implement data retention," posted to the newswire Thursday, gave an incorrect country affiliation for a member of the European Parliament. The correct country is Sweden. The quote that opened that paragraph also should have included the full first sentence. Both have been changed on the wire and that paragraph now reads:

  • News: Nine fun ways to stop summer brain drain

    It goes by many names, but the syndrome is the same. Whether it’s dubbed “summer learning loss,” “summer vacation slide,” or good-old-fashioned “summer brain drain,” studies show that students usually have to relearn four to six weeks of classwork at the beginning of every school year. On the brink of the lazy days of summer, what’s a parent to do? Here are nine ways to use your Mac and iOS devices to keep your kids sharp during the summer. Add your own advice to the comments at the end of this article.

  • Opinion: IT Innovation Won't Be Slowed by Cloud Concerns

    Those who continue to deem the cloud "rogue IT" fail to see the forest for the trees, CIO.com's Bernard Golden writes. Institutions dead set in their ways should prepare to see smaller, more innovative firms embrace the cloud and race past them.

  • News: How to Conquer Your To-Do List

    If you have a to-do list a mile long with items that never get accomplished, you're not alone: According to a new LinkedIn survey, only 11 percent of respondents across the globe complete all of the tasks they plan to do. The reason for the low number: unplanned events like phone calls, emails and meetings that derail their priorities.

  • News: SpaceX Dragon heads home after historic mission

    The first commercial spacecraft to lift off from the U.S. is on its way home from a mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station.

  • News: Germany taken to court for failing to implement data retention

    European authorities have taken Germany to court for failing to implement the E.U. Data Retention Directive.

  • News: U.S. companies, government not likely burned by Flame

    Hope is security vendors, enterprises will get beyond panic and use the Middle East-focused malware as a teachable moment

  • News: Proposal aims to improve EU software repository system

    The European Commission wants to improve its free and open-source software repository system using an enhanced metadata specification meant to help E.U. countries exchange more information about their free and open-source software projects.

  • News: Juniper beefs up Mykonos Web Security to tackle more online threats

    Software now targets directory traversal, brute force authentication, among other attack techniques

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