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  • News: Chinese Olympics broadcaster slams Londons mobile broadband capabilities

    Tencent, an internet giant that has some 950 people working on providing London 2012 Olympics coverage online to hundreds of millions of viewers in China, has slammed the mobile broadband infrastructure in London, which it claims have hindered its ability to upload content on the fly.

  • News: Bang & Olufsen moves email into the cloud

    ttdgrBang & Olufsen said it is saving 82 percent on IT costs by moving email, calendaring, collaboration and communications into the cloud with Microsoft Office 365.

  • News: Microsoft, NYPD develop counterterrorism and crime prevention system

    Microsoft and the New York Police Department (NYPD) have jointly developed a counterterrorism and crime prevention system that will for example notify about suspicious packages and vehicles, and allow NYPD personnel to search for suspects using technologies like smart cameras and license plate readers.

  • News: Xbox Kinect makes finding the perfect pair of jeans easy

    No matter the size or cut, shoppers in Silicon Valley now have a high-tech way to find the perfect-fitting pair of jeans.

  • News: CSOs warned to watch for FinFisher spyware

    Spyware able to record Skype and other voice over IP communications, log keystrokes and turn on a computer's webcam and microphone

  • News: Valve expands Steam delivery platform beyond games

    Hoping to break out from the confines of the gaming community, computer game distributor Valve will start hosting non-gaming programs on its Steam software-downloading and maintenance service.

  • News: Federal watchdog calls on FCC to reassess mobile phone radiation issues

    Noting that the Federal Communications Commission's Radio Frequency exposure limits may not reflect the latest research, and testing requirements may not identify maximum exposure in all possible usage conditions, the Government Accountability Office today said the agency should reassess and possibly change its regulations regarding mobile phone radiation.

  • News: Does 'shadow IT' lurk in your company?

    Business divisions are bypassing the IT department, making their own decisions to buy cloud-based application services or use mobile devices, raising the specter of so-called "shadow IT" that's outside the knowledge or control of the CIO and the IT staff.

  • News: Google testing link between Gmail and search

    Google has begun testing a search feature that mines relevant emails from users' Gmail accounts and displays links to them in the results page.

  • News: HP takes $8 billion writedown on services arm

    Hewlett-Packard said Wednesday that it would take a US$8 billion charge in its third fiscal quarter owing to weakness in its enterprise services division.

  • News: Proact launches latest 'Dropbox for the enterprise'

    Storage integrator Proact has launched a new file-sharing and storage service called Probox – the latest offering claiming to be a “Dropbox for the enterprise,” alongside the likes of Google Drive, VMware Octopus, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box and Huddle Sync.

  • News: How to Send Sensitive Information Via Email

    Suppose corporate needs your bank's routing and account numbers to get you set up for direct deposits. Or the IT department needs your password to upgrade or modify your account.

  • News: IT helps prop up jobs market

    The monthly Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG Report on Jobs shows job vacancies continued to increase during July, but the latest improvement was the smallest increase for six months.

  • News: Linux distributors duke it out in cloud OS market

    Linux operating system distributor Suse says it is gaining ground among cloud service providers as their choice platform for delivering the open source OS to customers, but at least one analyst says the market is still split between the Suse, Red Hat and Canonical's Ubuntu.

  • News: Microsoft Office 13 embraces Web development

    With the upcoming release of Microsoft Office 13, Microsoft is encouraging developers and administrators to use open Web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML to build their add-on apps.

  • News: Google adds cell locking to spreadsheet app

    Users' of Google's Spreadsheet application can now designate blocks of cells that only they can modify when they allow their worksheets to be edited by others.

  • News: Mat Honan Hack Pokes Holes in Apple iCloud

    The hackers that hijacked Mat Honan’s online life, took over his Twitter account(s), and wiped out his iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and Google accounts in one fell swoop showed some perseverance in achieving that goal. Not all attackers are quite that determined, but the hack still demonstrates some serious flaws in Apple’s iCloud and the iCloud security model.

  • News: Cisco driven start-up heads for SDNs

    A start-up that bases its product line and business model on software-defied networking concepts is emerging from stealth mode.

  • News: Cognizant's UK revenues set to fall short of targets

    Cognizant’s second quarter results indicate that its UK business is likely to fall short of headline revenue targets of 20 percent over the second half of the year.

  • News: 9 Unheralded Technology Innovations

    Some of the indispensable technology that you use every day was so ahead of its time that it now goes largely unnoticed. Here the innovations that forever changed email, Web development, database management and other "givens" in today's tech finally get their due.

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