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  • News: Microsoft details Office Web Apps enhancements

    Microsoft is test driving a new version of its Office Web Apps suite, whose applications are hosted by the vendor and accessed by users via a web browser.

  • News: Google corporate IT builds before buying

    Bucking the corporate practice of buying instead of building internally, Google's corporate IT department will typically build management software itself, or adopt an open source software package, before investigating the feasibility of purchasing proprietary software.

  • News: Civil liberties groups praise revised cybersecurity bill

    Five U.S. senators have introduced a revised version of cybersecurity legislation unveiled earlier this year, with digital liberties groups praising changes that limit the type of cyberthreat information that can be shared between private companies and the U.S. government.

  • News: Oracle set to hype advances in Exalogic 'cloud in a box'

    Oracle is planning to discuss how its Exalogic application server machine is "the logical choice" for running applications, during a special webcast event on Wednesday.

  • News: Trentino joins Italy's open source alliance

    The Autonomous Province of Trentino - Alto Adige this week joined the ranks of Italian regional administrations that are turning their backs on proprietary software in favor of free and open source alternatives.

  • News: Mayer to Yahoo employees: 'Keep moving'

    Marissa Mayer, Yahoo's new CEO, reached out to company employees for the first time and asked them to stay focused while she devises a strategy to get Yahoo back on track.

  • News: Edit Docs on Your iPad Using Microsoft Office Web Apps

    Microsoft’s Office Web Apps-SkyDrive combo are great tools for working online, as long as you’re using a traditional mouse-and-keyboard PC. But if you’re using a tablet such as an iPad or one of the many Android slates, you must use app-based options such as Apple’s Pages for iPad to edit your SkyDrive docs . . . or do you?

  • Opinion: How to Solve All Your Major Email Hassles

    Inbox overload got you down? Are you constantly chasing responses to your messages? These are but a few of the email-related hassles that can sap your productivity.

  • News: Microsoft sizes up its cloud

    Microsoft says its Azure cloud has more than 4 trillion objects stored in it, a fourfold increase from a year ago.

  • News: Tips on How IT Leaders Can Attract (and Retain) Millennials

    If you lead an IT shop today, chances are at least some of the employees who report to you are millennials--young adults in their 20s. Millennials--also known as Generation Y--think about life and work differently than older boom and gen X employees, and hiring and retaining them requires management that understands their needs and a business environment to match, says Jim Finkelstein, president and CEO of FutureSense, a consulting firm the specializes in organization and people.

  • News: Microsoft OneNote MX Has a Secret Weapon

    Microsoft launched a consumer preview of the new Microsoft Office suite this week. Traditionally, the core Microsoft Office elements have been Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, but OneNote has developed into a fourth pillar of the Microsoft productivity suite. In fact, Microsoft has put OneNote front and center as the poster child of the new mobile, touch-friendly Office.

  • News: Double dip recession stifles IT investment in the UK

    IT investments in the UK fell by 10 percent in the first quarter of 2012, according to the Office for National Statistics, despite an increase in overall business investment of 3.45 percent in the same period.

  • News: Most CIOs on the board but have little business influence

    Most CIOs are now on the board but they have little influence over core business strategy, according to research.

  • News: Global effort stops half the world's spam

    An international effort by spam fighters has taken down the infamous Grum botnet, slashing in half the worldwide amount of spam email.

  • News: Microsoft's Shift to the Cloud: What It Means for You

    Microsoft's announcement of Office 2013 is another linchpin in the company's effort to assume a leadership role as a cloud-computing services provider.

  • News: Microsoft open-sources Entity Framework

    Code release of .Net application development tool is being handled by Microsoft Open Technologies

  • News: Researcher releases smart meter hacking tool

    Security consulting firm SecureState today released a new open source hacking tool that it claims will let security researchers and penetration testers verify the security of electric utility smart meters being installed in millions of homes around the country.

  • News: Nokia reports loss with slump in smartphones

    Nokia has reported poor second quarter results including a 34 percent slump in smartphone sales.

  • News: PHP creator extolls language's modest start

    It is one of the widely used programming languages across the Web today, but PHP was created with decidedly modest ambitions, according to the creator of the language.

  • News: Global effort stops half the world's spam

    With the Grum botnet taken down by authorities and another quiet, spam volumes have been halved, researcher says

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