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  • News: IT workers with multiple programming languages earn £10,000 more

    Having multiple programming languages can yield up to £10,000 more a year for IT professionals, according to research.

  • News: Compliance isn't security, but companies still pretend it is, according to survey

    According to the 2012 "HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data," increasingly strict regulation and increased compliance from providers haven't slowed an increase in breaches over the past six years.

  • News: Apple Gives $29 Snow Leopard Upgrade Away for Free to Some

    If you still haven't upgraded to Snow Leopard, and you paid for Apple's cloud-based MobileMe service back when it still cost money, you can now snag the OS X upgrade for free.

  • News: Amazon Web Services offers one-click purchase of cloud apps from IBM, SAP, others

    Amazon Web Services on Thursday announced a new online marketplace that allows customers to buy software and services from a variety of vendors at hourly rates through its cloud infrastructure platform.

  • News: Workday update pushes it deeper into Oracle, SAP's turf

    Workday is rolling out version 16 of its cloud-based ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to customers this week, an update that includes upgrades to the financials component that could help it steal away deals with large enterprises from the likes of Oracle and SAP.

  • News: Greenpeace protesters target Apple's Ireland HQ

    Protesters from Greenpeace have targeted Apple's European HQ in Cork, Ireland, to publicise its ‘How Clean is your Cloud’ report.

  • How-Tos: How to Create a Bootable Mac OS X Flash Drive

    A bootable Mac OS X thumb drive comes in handy when you need to troubleshoot OS issues for yourself, your family, or your friends. It's also extremely useful for keeping your basic setup consistent across multiple computers, if you find yourself switching hardware regularly; and I've had fun in the past setting up a bootable USB keychain loaded with all the apps and files I need to turn any Mac-compatible computer into a viable media center quickly and easily.

  • News: European Parliament agrees to send airline passenger data to US

    The European Parliament on Thursday approved a controversial data transfer agreement with the United States despite splitting the body.

  • News: Mobile app platform allows for code-free development on iOS

    The service lets users build simple forms-based apps from their iPad or iPhone, with an Android version promised

  • News: What to consider before signing up for Google Drive

    With Google reportedly looking to launch its GDrive service soon, would-be customers of cloud storage providers should consider several important questions about any service and their needs.

  • News: MIT and others launch a tech education revolution

    MIT and several other schools -- along with start-up Udacity -- have joined the open-education movement, which makes it easier for college students to access tech-related courses online. And it could revolutionize higher education.

  • News: CSC staff protest against compulsory redundancies

    CSC workers, who are members of Unite the union, will be protesting tomorrow over the company’s compulsory redundancy plans.

  • News: HP to build new printer manufacturing facility in China

    Due to incorrect information provided by a Chinese government agency, the story "HP to build new printer manufacturing facility in China" posted to the wire on April 18, misstated some information about the new manufacturing facility.

  • News: Amazon cloud accessed daily by a third of all 'Net users

    DeepField Networks, a cloud intelligence company operating in semi-stealth mode, offered up some eye-popping findings Wednesday about the breadth of Internet activity Amazon is now responsible for.

  • News: Game mechanics: The new leadership paradigm

    About two years ago I co-founded the Life Game Project (LGP). LGP is focused on using immersive online games to support learning the skills required to be successful in life. For learning to occur two things need to be present for the learner. Content, there has to be something to learn, and engagement, they have to want to learn. Traditional education does a great job of delivering content but increasingly it struggles to engage the learner. Games are experts at creating engagement and if you can use them to deliver the educational content then you can make significant progress on learning.

  • News: The 'new' globalisation and the CIO

    Globalisation is not a recent phenomenon, and yet it is still affecting the majority of organisations in one way or another. Given their unique pan-enterprise view, CIOs are increasingly being asked to drive globalisation initiatives for enterprises.

  • News: The road less travelled

    V. C. Gopalratnam believes "chief innovation officer" is a better title for today's CIOs.

  • News: On a merger mission

    "Our business is not just four DHBs (district health boards) but effectively we are delivering to many individual hospital departments and primary and community care organisations, working together around the patient," says Johan Vendrig, general manager information systems, at healthAlliance.

  • News: A merged CEO and CIO role

    Alan Grainer had been thinking of changing the direction of his career for some time.

  • News: Google gives Apache a SPDY boost

    As part of their effort to speed delivery of Web pages, Google engineers have released a module for the Apache Web server software that augments the basic protocols used for carrying Web traffic across the Internet.

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