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  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Judith L. Batenburg

    When Judith Batenburg started her job at Starz Entertainment six years ago, IT was isolated "by choice," she says. Starz's business is broadcasting -- the company provides premium movies and original programming -- not technology, and IT seemed happy to keep its head down and do its own thing. "I thought that was odd," says Batenburg, vice president of IT infrastructure and operations, "so over the course of the first few years, I worked hard to get the IT organization to see that they were there to serve a business need, not just provide email to people."

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Marlo Donate

    Three years ago, Marlo Donate lit a fire under Toyota Financial Services, a traditionally conservative, risk-averse company that often took two years to bring a new idea to market. She challenged the group to get up to speed with its competitors.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Kevin Chase

    Kevin Chase has three objectives as CIO and senior vice president at Dallas-based Energy Future Holdings. He wants IT to do the following: understand the business units' top priorities and deliver systems that allow them to achieve those goals, continue its drive for operational excellence and system reliability, and consistently and constantly evaluate and minimize risk.

  • News: The 2013 Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leaders: On the fast track

    It started as a research project to explore how Steelcase's customers might benefit from products with built-in collaboration technologies. What emerged is Media:Scape, a line of high-tech multimedia office equipment that is now on the sales fast track at the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based office furniture manufacturer. Steelcase's IT department was front and center in the innovation effort, developing, building and managing the first prototypes of the products, which feature high-definition videoconferencing capabilities.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader profile: JR Gamez

    Inspiration struck JR Gamez at a city council meeting. As the Redwood City, Calif., police chief listened to a developer tell the councilors that he could get more done if he didn't have to come into City Hall for everything, he wondered whether his officers could be more efficient if they had more flexibility with when and where they meet citizens.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader profile: Joseph Eckroth

    For Joseph Eckroth, success comes from thinking big while paying close attention to the little things.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Kris Herrin

    Since its founding in 1997, Heartland Payment Systems has grown to become the sixth-largest payments processor in the U.S.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leaders: Lucille Mayer and Ramaswamy Nagappan

    The co-CIOs at Pershing have to juggle the demands of the Jersey City, N.J-based company's 1,500 clients, for whom they provide IT services. Those clients -- global financial services firms, investment advisers, banks and insurance companies -- must comply with a variety of laws and regulations. But they also need tools that enable them to operate efficiently and give them competitive advantages.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Greg Meyers

    If you're wondering what a next-generation IT leader looks like, look no further than Greg Meyers, vice president of IT at Biogen Idec, a $6 billion specialty pharmaceutical company based in Weston, Mass.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Tamara Payne

    Given FedEx's focus on speed, it should come as no surprise that the company has created a way to significantly cut software-testing time.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Mark Reilley

    Mark Reilley, IT director at Washington-based Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, takes issue with the notion that the nonprofit world is any less competitive than the private sector.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Malcolm Jackson

    Malcolm Jackson, CIO of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is a drilling engineer by training, and he's tech-savvy -- he worked as a mainframe programmer when he started his career in the 1980s. But he also has a background in marketing, which is especially helpful at the EPA.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Monique Shivanandan

    Monique Shivanandan keeps Capital One on the leading edge. As senior vice president and chief technology officer, she leads the company's innovation lab, which she launched in 2010. The lab, made up of 20 developers and product managers in San Francisco and Washington, brings together all sides of the business, as well as partners in the start-up and university realms, to bring new ideas to market fast.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Denise L. Stephens

    At the Idaho National Laboratory, competitive advantage means providing technology that can enhance the quality of research and garner an edge in the global energy race.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Henry J. Sienkiewicz

    Delivering a competitive advantage is a matter of national security for Henry J. Sienkiewicz, vice chief information assurance executive at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Garry Lyons

    When MasterCard WorldWide's chief innovation officer, Garry Lyons, launched MasterCard Labs two years ago, his approach to hiring was anything but conventional. Lyons began by recruiting talented people who didn't know anything about the payments processing business. "If you know too much about a particular domain, you end up saying 'that won't work' or incrementally improving something." And that, Lyons says, won't lead to the kind of innovations that bring disruptive change to the business. "Our goal is to get next-generation payment solutions into the market faster and cheaper than ever before," he adds.

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Nancy Wolk

    As CIO of a very large company -- Alcoa employs 61,000 people in 200-plus locations in 31 countries -- Nancy Wolk sees her primary role as advancing technology to drive what she describes as "profitability through innovation."

  • News: Premier 100 IT Leader: Lincoln Wallen

    Movie studio DreamWorks Animation is in the business of fantasy. And CTO Lincoln Wallen is responsible for making sure that the team has the tools needed to turn fantasy into reality.

  • News: Qualys streamlines vulnerability scanning of Amazon cloud instances

    Security firm Qualys has improved the integration of its QualysGuard vulnerability management service with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Monday, allowing its customers to scan their AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) instances for vulnerabilities more easily and without requiring explicit approval from Amazon.

  • News: Obama touts IBM-backed tech education program

    In his recent State of the Union address, President Barack Obama had nice things to say about tech vendors, specifically drawing attention to a unique IT education program backed by IBM.

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