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  • Video: Samsung shows high-tech, see-through window displays

    Flat-panel screens are intended to be used as high-tech windows

  • Video: Samsung and LG show off flexible displays

    OLED, e-paper displays can be gently bent

  • News: Fibre leads fixed broadband rise

    Global fixed broadband subscribers increased by 1.4 percent from 456.5 million in the second quarter of 2010 to 463 million in the third quarter of 2010. Among the fixed broadband platforms, the major subscriber net addition was in the fibre segment.

  • How-Tos: How to alter the size of icons in Windows XP

    I have a Linx Net-TV box running on Windows XP and connected to a 40in Sony LCD TV via an HDMI cable. Only the 1280x720 setting provides a proportional picture in fullscreen mode when watching BBC iPlayer and similar TV on-demand services, but this creates an oversized display that's awkward to use for other tasks.

  • News: Channel Five comes to Virgin's TV on demand

    Virgin Media has joined forces with Channel Five to make shows broadcast on the channel available through Virgin's TV-on-demand service.

  • News: LoveFilm finally hits PS3

    The online film rental service LoveFilm has been made available to PlayStation 3 users.

  • News: BBC iPlayer comes to BT Vision

    BT and the BBC have joined forces to give BT Vision viewers the chance to watch BBC iPlayer through the TV-on-demand service.

  • News: Cheaper chips to make mobile TV a reality

    Chip makers IPWireless and ST-Ericsson said Wednesday that they have joined forces to develop a platform designed to lower the cost of building Integrated Mobile Broadcast (IMB) technology into smartphones.

  • Libratone Beat wireless speaker

    Libratone has launched a triangular speaker that can be used wirelessly and is designed to fit snugly into the corner of a room and yet promises to deliver a hefty dose of audio. The Libratone Beat goes onsale in the UK at the end of this month. 

  • News: BT Vision joins Sky and Virgin by offering 3D

    BT has joined Sky and Virgin Media in offering 3D content through its TV on demand service.

  • News: BBC iPlayer to be made available outside the UK

    The BBC is set to launch an international version of its catch-up TV service, iPlayer, after the BBC Trust gave the project the go-ahead.

  • News: Sony's 10 biggest tech disasters

    Since its founding in 1946, Sony has produced some of the biggest hits in consumer electronics.

  • News: Best Buy launches dedicated UK online store

    US consumer electronic retailer Best Buy has made its online store available to Brits.

  • How-Tos: How to watch videos in Internet Explorer, Windows XP

    I'm having trouble getting embedded videos to display in Internet Explorer on my Windows XP PC. Microsoft Fix-it Center solved the problem with my Administrator account, but not my Standard account.

  • How-Tos: How to make photo slideshows look good on TV

    DVD slideshows that I've created in Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker display fine on my PC, but look awful on my TV. I used the 720p burn option.

  • Opinion: The three screens

    Last year Microsoft was trumpeting the concept of ‘three screens and a cloud’ to inspire its customers to look for money-making opportunities beyond desktop PC culture. (Remember, Microsoft’s main customers are not really consumers, but the PC hardware manufacturing companies that it persuades to preinstall its Windows software.)

  • Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab attacks iPad

    Plus: a look at the Toshiba Folio tablet

  • News: The 12 best games for mobile and web

    PC Advisor presents the best games for Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone, and recommends the best web-based games for your desktop or laptop PC.

  • News: The 18 best audio apps

    PC Advisor presents the best digital audio apps for Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone, and recommends the best utilities and online applications for your desktop or laptop PC.

  • News: The 12 best TV and video apps

    PC Advisor presents the best TV and video apps for Google Android, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone, and recommends the best utilities and online applications for your desktop or laptop PC.

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