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  • News: NVIDIA Gives Glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich on Transformer Prime

    NVIDIA has released a video of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich running on the new Transformer Prime tablet from Asus, giving consumers a glimpse of a powerful OS in action.

  • News: Turkey day deal: Verizon to offer Samsung Illusion for free

    The Samsung Illusion smartphone, made from recycled materials, will be offered for free by Verizon Wireless with a two-year contract from Thursday through Monday in an online promotion.

  • News: Facebook Phone? No Thanks

    Once again, a Facebook phone is the talk of the tech world, despite Mark Zuckerberg's insistence that his company is not building a smartphone.

  • News: HD Voice makes steady progress in mobile networks

    This year the number of operators that have implemented HD Voice has almost tripled, and more phones are also compatible with the technology, according to a report by industry organization GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association).

  • News: Camcorder tips for the holidays

    The holidays are a time for not only getting together with friends, expressing affection through cards and gifts, and ingesting far too many sweets, but also the time of year when the family camcorder gets the greatest work-out. To help ensure that the videos taken with your camcorder are as enjoyable as the events it captures, follow these tips.

  • News: DSLR camera buying guide

    For serious and professional photographers, digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are the way to go. They offer faster performance, more control over settings, and better image quality than even top-of-the-line point-and-shoot cameras. Most importantly, they give you the ability to change lenses.

  • News: InfoWorld's guide to a successful BYOD and mobile IT strategy

    The consumerization of IT trend's leading wave is the use of personal mobile technology, so a smart BYOD strategy lays the groundwork for a complete consumerization approach

  • News: Face Unlock feature in Galaxy Nexus seen as novelty, not security

    Face Unlock, the facial recognition software offered in Android 4.0 on the Galaxy Nexus, is being promoted by Google as an alternative to using a PIN to unlock a phone. But it can apparently be spoofed.

  • News: HTC Dealt a Setback in Apple Patent War

    The ITC has dismissed a patent infringement claim from S3 Graphics against Apple. The ruling is bad news for HTC, which is engaged in its own patent battles with Apple, and is in the midst of acquiring S3 Graphics--ostensibly to shore up its patent arsenal.

  • Opinion: Holiday Gifts for New and Growing Photographers

    When I was a kid, this time of year I'd comb through the pages of the Sears Wish Book and make a list filled with GI Joe sets, Lego blocks, and Erector sets. These days, I put grown-up toys on my wish list--even though it's scientifically proven that you can never outgrow Legos. Over the next few weeks, I'll take a page from my own wish book and give you recommendations for digital photo gadgets and goodies. I'll start with some gift suggestions for new and growing photographers. Come back for suggestions aimed at casual snapshot takers, action photographers, and people who love to shoot portraits and outdoor photos.

  • News: Qualcomm's Mirasol reflective color display debuts on Korean e-reader

    Qualcomm's long-awaited Mirasol reflective color screen technology is on the market, in an e-reader that launched in South Korea on Tuesday.

  • News: S3 Graphics loses a patent fight with Apple

    The U.S. International Trade Commission has determined that Apple did not infringe technology patents owned by S3 Graphics and ended its investigation of the matter, the ITC announced Monday.

  • Opinion: GeekBytes: Go Go Gadget...Gadgets!

    GeekBytes is back for November 21, 2011, and to get the week started, we're looking at some great, geeky gadgets. So if you're looking to buy or make a Christmas gift for a loved one or just fancy something nice for yourself, read on!

  • Opinion: Romo Turns Your Android Into an Android

    Robots are loads of fun to play with, but despite the prevalence of easy-to-use microcontrollers like the Arduino, and kits to make your own bots, the barrier to entry when it comes to owning your own robot is often pretty high. Enter Romo, a robot that uses your smartphone to power everything it does.

  • Opinion: Deals Arrive Early: Many Phones Practically Free Already

    It isn't even Black Friday yet, and already prices for some of the hottest holiday gadgets have been slashed down to almost nothing. Amazon Wireless has added the Droid RAZR to its penny-pincher sale, offering one of the top Android phones on the market for just a penny with a two-year Verizon contract.

  • News: AT&T says hack attempt affected up to 1 million customers

    AT&T on Monday acknowledged an organized attempt to hack information on as many as 1 million AT&T wireless customer accounts, but the company said no accounts were breached.

  • News: Gunman barricades himself inside Air Force's GPS satellite control facility

    The Air Force confirmed this afternoon that an individual from the 50th Security Forces Squadron has barricaded himself inside the Colorado base building that controls most of the GPS communications throughout the U.S.

  • News: Galaxy Nexus arrives in Canada on Dec. 7; no U.S. ship date yet

    Samsung's Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone running Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich) will be available through Canadian wireless carriers starting Dec. 7, while Verizon Wireless still hasn't announced a release date for the device in U.S.

  • News: Cirago USB to HDMI Display Adapter Review: Device Lets You Use an HDTV as a Second Monitor

    Most new PCs have HDMI ports for outputting high-definition video to HDTVs, but just a couple of years ago that wasn’t the case--and if you want to watch high-def content (for example, anything you buy on iTunes) on a big screen, getting it to that screen isn’t easy. The Cirago USB to HDMI Display Adapter solves the problem by turning your HDTV (or any other display that accepts HDMI input) into a second monitor that connects to your PC through a USB 2.0 port instead of a graphics card.

  • News: Debate erupts over Android malware dangers

    Reports of an explosion in Android malware have sparked a debate over whether malware on mobile devices is actually a big deal for most users.

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