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  • News: Polaroid to launch Android-powered Smart Camera with phone

    Polaroid finds the whole concept of a "camera-phone" a bit insulting. So it is launching a phone-camera, an Android-driven Smart Camera that is mainly for taking pictures, but can also make the occasional phone call.

  • News: After Microsoft, what next for CES?

    Steve Ballmer gave Microsoft's last keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show Monday night, a damp squib that confirmed for some that the software maker has outstayed its welcome on CES's opening night. But whether Microsoft's departure is the beginning of the end for the world's biggest consumer electronics show depends on whom you ask.

  • News: Intel enters smartphone market after uphill battle

    Intel on Tuesday announced its first smartphone customers, signaling the arrival of Intel Inside smartphones after years of uphill struggle by the chip maker.

  • Opinion: Make Your iPhone Waterproof With Liquipel

    No, Liquipel is not simply a case for your iPhone. It is a patent-pending process of coating a device inside and out with a "nano" coating that is impervious to moisture. No, I wouldn't take your iPhone SCUBA diving or anything, but if you're accident prone, this may be just the thing to save yourself another embarrassing trip to the Apple Store.

  • News: Sony to launch 'SmartWatch' that synchs with, controls Android phones

    Sony plans later this year to launch a small device it is calling the SmartWatch, which links to Android phones via Bluetooth and runs a suite of custom mini-apps.

  • News: 4 sweet smartphones from CES 2012

    Who needs ultrabooks? Some of the coolest devices at this year's CES so far have come from our old friend the smartphone.

  • News: Mobility, video and cloud will drive network revenues up 8.7% in 2012, IDC says

    A perfect storm of growth in enterprise mobility, video consumption and cloud infrastructure will come together just in time for a major refresh cycle in 2012, driving worldwide enterprise network revenues to $39.4 billion by the end of the year, IDC predicts.

  • Opinion: Eyes-On With LG's Stunning 55-Inch OLED 3D TV

    I just fell in love with a TV. Unfortunately, it will probably cost around $10,000, so our cohabitation plans are unlikely to come to fruition.

  • Opinion: Recharge Your Phone with a Tablespoon of Water? Yup

    There are lots of ways to produce electricity. We don't generally think about that fact because we're seldom very far from a power outlet. But when you're lost in the woods and your GPS device runs out of juice, an alternative to a power outlet sounds really attractive. And that seems to be what Signa Chemistry has created.

  • News: Comcast AnyPlay streams live TV to iPad

    As a member of a one-TV/Comcast household--and the only member of that household who much prefers to watch televised sporting events over, say, a formulaic crime drama or anything Kardashian-related--I'm often outvoted when it comes to deciding what to watch. But now, with Comcast's new AnyPlay, I'll soon be able to use the iPad as a second TV to watch Comcast's live TV service.

  • News: Mobile shopping had monster holiday season

    Sales and traffic from mobile devices to online retailers during the holidays doubled over 2012 with Apple iPhone and iPad users leading the charge, according to research from IBM.

  • Opinion: Samsung Galaxy Note Gets Cloud Based Mark-Up App with Scribble

    The Samsung Galaxy Note is a unique device somewhere between a smartphone and a tablet, and it comes with an interesting add-on called the S Pen. The S Pen is not just another capacitive stylus, but rather an active digitizer which provides better accuracy, palm rejection, and pressure sensitivity.

  • News: The skinniest, thinnest, most emaciated products of CES 2012

    Sitting here in Framingham, Mass., I'm 2,700 miles away from CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but even from this vantage point I can see that one of the biggest themes of this year's event is simply: Thin is in.

  • News: CES: Mobee shows off wireless charger for Mac peripherals

    Mobee has shown off its Magic Feet wireless charging station at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • News: Mac, iOS products abound at CES's Digital Experience

    Though the International Consumer Electronics Show officially starts Tuesday, electronics and gadget makers look to get a head start on the rush of product announcements at Monday night's Digital Experience. The annual press-only event held by tech showcase company Pepcom usually features a cavalcade of new products, some of which are of particular interest to Mac and iOS device users. We spent a few hours combing the floor and found a few Mac and iOS things that stood out.

  • Opinion: Netgear's NeoTV Gears Up to Take on Roku

    Netgear's NeoTV set-top box doesn't have the hype of Roku or Apple TV, but Netgear is trying to make up for it by packing in more features at low prices.

  • News: PixelOptics shows off smart eyeglasses

    There are smartphones and smart TVs. Now there are smart eyeglasses.

  • News: Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone

    The Samsung Galaxy Note, with the world's largest smartphone screen at 5.3-in, doesn't really feel all that big at all.

  • News: A Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy Attain and LG Connect for MetroPCS

    The LG Connect 4G and Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G--both offered through MetroPCS--were the first of many LTE phones that launched Monday on Press Day at CES. These phones piqued my interest due to the simple fact that they’re contract-free. Remember those days when the only smartphone you could get prepaid was an ancient BlackBerry? My, how things have changed.

  • News: Video: CES: Sony rolls out celebrities, many products

    Sony demonstrated its brand reach at a Monday night press event at the Consumer Electronics Show with a 3D demonstration, then began rolling out the celebrity guests—from Will Smith to Kelly Clarkson.

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