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  • News: If William Shakespeare wrote an Apple rumor blog

    Let's face it: The state of iPhone and iPad rumors is parlous, petty and paltry, where bad writing and punditry drives out the good.

  • News: Samsung Galaxy Note: 1 Million Units of 5.3-Inch Device Shipped

    Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the smartphone with the 5.3-inch screen, seems to have struck a nerve with customers because one million of the devices have been shipped to retailers in the two months since its release.

  • News: Apple pays $5 million to settle Elan patent lawsuit

    If patent infringement lawsuits are the soap operas of the tech industry, the news that Apple has paid out $5 million as part of a settlement to Taiwanese company Elan Microelectronics might qualify as a “shocking twist.”

  • News: Acer Icona Tablet to Sell for $329

    Acer is firing a shot in the tablet price wars with the Iconia A200, a 10-inch tablet that goes on sale for $329 this month.

  • News: Sprint set to sell white Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch on Sunday

    Sprint announced it will sell the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch in a frost white color starting on Jan. 8 for $199.99 with a new two year plan.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: CES preview

    Next week is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and accessory makers are already releasing details of new products they'll unveil at the annual gathering. This week's roundup of new iOS accessories features a number of CES-preview products that have caught our eyes.

  • News: Ice Cream Sandwich MIA? Only on 0.6% of Android Devices

    A wave of devices running Google's latest Android flavor, Ice Cream Sandwich, may be expected at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show, but ICS is currently active on just 0.6 percent of all Android devices worldwide. The latest Android distribution numbers are based on Google's count of devices that have accessed the Android Market over a 14-day period that ended Tuesday.

  • News: Rocker Steve Van Zandt Stars in New Netflix TV Series

    In an unexpected move Tuesday, Netflix announced it would stream a new original TV series starting February 6 with Steve Van Zandt, known for his role as Silvio on the Sopranos and as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Setec astronomy

    It's all about secrets here on the remains of the day, whether it be Apple's trade secrets, the secrets of crossing the U.S. border with just an iPad, or the secret goodies hidden inside a new year's promotion at Japanese Apple Stores. The remainders for Wednesday, January 4, 2011 have nothing to hide.

  • News: Marvell's new chip fills Google TV void left by Intel

    Marvell was set to announce a new ARM-based chip for televisions on Thursday that will run Android and Google TV software, filling a void left by Intel's decision in October to depart the TV market.

  • News: Broadcom to unveil four faster Wi-Fi chips

    The International Consumer Electronics Show next week may be a major launchpad for a new, faster generation of Wi-Fi that goes about three times faster than current gear, with at least one major silicon vendor announcing and demonstrating a set of chips for the IEEE 802.11ac standard.

  • News: Samsung to build new NAND flash factory in China, production in 2013

    Samsung Electronics will break ground on a new NAND flash factory in China this year, a spokesman said Thursday, moving production closer to where many advanced devices are manufactured.

  • News: LogMeIn Ignition goes free

    Remote access app for iOS moving to a new freemium model.

  • News: Ultimate StarCraft 2 Lego Project Uses 15,000 Bricks

    Everyone loves a good Lego project: Whether it's making an idea off the top of your head to following the instructions on a kit, building Lego creations can be a fun pastime for yourself or with others. It sure looks like Sven Junga also enjoys sitting down with a tub of bricks, given he built this massive Lego battlecruiser.

  • News: Verizon sells 4.2 million iPhones in fourth quarter

    A few months ago, Apple's Tim Cook said he was confident that the company would set an all-time record for iPhone sales in its first quarter (financial results for which will be announced on January 24). If carrier partner Verizon's recently released fourth quarter figures are any indication, that prediction is looking pretty solid: The cellular company more than doubled its iPhone sales from the previous quarter, with 4.2 million new handsets in customers' hands.

  • News: Has the world's largest gadget expo lost its mojo?

    The International Consumer Electronics Show takes place next week in Las Vegas, and as always there will be plenty to trigger our technolust. Teaser press releases from exhibitors augur a new suite of super-thin laptops and mid-range tablets, plus Internet-connected cars and TVs, as well as the latest developments in charging and connecting devices without wires.

  • News: Apple sets China's iPhone 4S launch for Jan. 13

    Apple today announced it would start selling the iPhone 4S in mainland China a week from this Friday -- Jan. 13.

  • News: Live TV coming to Metro PCS smartphones later in 2012

    Metro PCS Communications customers in 14 cities will be able to watch live, local broadcast TV on their mobile phones later this year.

  • News: Roku Streaming Stick Packs Hundreds of Channels in a Thumb-Sized Device

    Roku has unveiled the Streaming Stick, a thumb drive-sized device that offers access to Roku's hundreds of content channels.

  • News: Roku announces Streaming Stick for MHL-enabled HDTVs

    Set-top boxes? Built-in software on your TV? That’s so 2011. For 2012, media center manufacturer Roku is taking a different approach: The company on Wednesday announced that it would be compressing its traditional set-top software into a thumbdrive-sized Streaming Stick, to be available in the second half of 2012.

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