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  • News: Voice and video calls via Wi-Fi from 30,000 feet?

    Federal regulations forbid making calls from cell phones while aboard U.S. commercial planes in-flight, but Wi-Fi services could eventually permit voice and video calls over the Internet for a fee.

  • News: Samsung Galaxy Note: Is it a Phone or a Tablet?

    Pre-orders have begun at AT&T for the Samsung Galaxy Note. The device is either a very large smartphone, or a diminutive tablet. Either way, it faces some significant challenges trying to inspire buyers.

  • News: Smartphone Sales Boom -- Who Needs A Laptop?

    Will your next laptop be a smartphone? The idea isn't as crazy as it sounds. In the coming decade, mobile phones will gain capabilities that make them suitable replacements for the conventional desktop/laptop computer.

  • News: The Week in iPhone Cases: iLove

    Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day? And what better way to find that elusive gift for your significant other than helping to protect their beloved iPhone? In this week's roundup of new iPhone cases, we've even got a model specifically designed for the annual holiday of love.

  • News: Find February Deals on Laptops, HD TVs, Kindle Fire

    If you're shopping for a hefty laptop, big HD TV, or a Kindle Fire, February will be a good month to pull the trigger on a purchase.

  • News: Cutting the Cord: How to Ditch Your Cable Company

    By now, the fact that anyone can watch TV online without paying a dime to a cable company is practically common knowledge. But lucky for most cable companies, time-sensitive television programming such as news, sports, and popular shows the first night they air are still somewhat off-limits unless you know where to look. Here are some quick and dirty ways to get TV programming with just an Internet connection and a computer or a mobile phone--no gazing into neighbors’ living rooms required.

  • News: How to protect online transactions

    The trusty telephone is emerging as one of the key elements in new multifactor authentication schemes designed to protect online banking and other web-based financial transactions from rapidly evolving security threats.

  • News: HTC aims to improve on its past smartphones with better 4G products this year

    After facing a disappointing financial fourth quarter, HTC has reviewed its under-performing products from last year, making changes in design and components for its future smartphones, according to its CFO Winston Yung.

  • News: Apple Pulls Ripoff Apps From its Walled Garden

    Apple perhaps knows better than any company that app ripoffs are everywhere.

  • News: Apple takes iPhone and iPad out of German online store

    UPDATE: Apple will reinstate the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 and all 3G-capable iPads on its online store in Germany after being forced to remove them this morning by a court injunction.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Undercover boss

    John Browett masqueraded as an ordinary salesman, The Daily reveals its subscriber numbers, and a former Apple product manager unveils the not-so-secret secrets of the iPhone's development. Ignore the remainders for Friday, February 3, 2012 behind the curtain.

  • Opinion: Dropcam HD Launch Delayed to Fix Video Quality Issues

    I was thrilled to get the latest Dropcam Wi-Fi mobile connected camera in house, the Dropcam HD, shortly after it debuted at CES. I reviewed the previous model last spring and was impressed with its easy setup and cool companion apps for Android and iOS. With a more sleek design and 720p HD video capture and streaming, the Dropcam HD was one of the more exciting connected home gadgets I saw at CES. The Dropcam HD was supposed to ship at the end of January to customers, but now its launch has been delayed.

  • News: Apple updates iBooks Author license, clarifies sales restrictions

    Apple on Friday rolled out a minor update to iBooks Author, its new tool for creating interactive ebooks. Though the 1.0.1 update weighs in at nearly 150MB, Apple says only that it “provides an updated version of the End User License Agreement.” While that hefty piece of legalese helps clarify some of the agreement’s contentious wording, it doesn’t address all the complaints over its restrictions.

  • News: Under the Gavel: Motorola patents trump Apple in Germany

    Visitors to Germany's online Apple Store may have witnessed an odd sight on Friday, as Apple scrambled to remove the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and all Wi-Fi + 3G iPads, thanks to a temporary injunction banning the sale of those products--a ban that was lifted mere hours later. In addition, iCloud users in the country may have to change how they get their email, thanks to a separate legal issue.

  • Opinion: Google's New 'Bouncer' Targets Android Market Malware

    Hard on the heels of the controversy that arose recently around Symantec and its claims that numerous apps on the Android Market were actually malware in disguise, Google on Thursday unveiled a new tool to help it identify malicious apps.

  • News: Smartphone shipments outpaced PCs in 2011 for first time

    Smartphone shipments overtook personal computers -- including tablets, laptops, netbooks and desktops -- for the first time in 2011, according to Canalys.

  • News: iPhone 5 'to be revealed at WWDC in June'

    Apple is planning to unveil the sixth-generation iPhone at the WorldWide Developers Conference scheduled for June, a report has claimed.

  • News: The Humble Indie Bundle: Now on Android!

    The celebrated Humble Indie Bundle has returned with a mobile twist: For the first time, the included games are available on not only Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, but also Android devices. Anomaly: Warzone Earth, EDGE, and Osmos are available for whatever price you choose to pay, but you’ll have to beat the average ($5.99 at the time of writing) to also receive World of Goo, as well as whatever bonus games, if any, are added later during the sale. As always, you determine how much of your payment goes directly to the game developers, the Humble Bundle website fund, and charity.

  • News: RIM offers free PlayBook to attract Android developers

    Research in Motion is trying to woo developers by giving a free BlackBerry Playbook tablet to coders who port their Android application for its BlackBerry Tablet OS.

  • News: Google finally scans malware-ridden Android Market

    The Bouncer service analyzes apps in Android Market for known malware, spyware, and trojans

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