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  • News: Clearwire, China Mobile detail coming TD-LTE testbeds

    Clearwire will test its LTE network in two U.S. cities and China Mobile will build test networks in select Chinese cities early this year to foster development of a global ecosystem for the version of the technology they will be using.

  • News: iPhone App Spotlight: Abukai Expense Reporting

    No one looks forward to monthly expense reporting. With new mobile apps hitting the market, though, this unavailing task could be a thing of the past.

  • News: Weird, Wild, and Totally Out of Control

    It's been a long time since my last visit to CES and Las Vegas in general, a long time since I walked down the strip to Sin City, and pounded the concrete pavement of what is now the world's largest consumer electronics show. And I can tell you, in the 10 years since I have been here, Vegas has changed faster than Joan Rivers face has in over 10 decades.

  • News: Samsung Gives Tizen a Boost with Plans to Merge Bada

    It's been pretty difficult keeping track of the ever-changing world of mobile platforms over the past few years, and recently another twist emerged.

  • How-Tos: When new apps and old iOS devices don't mix

    Reader Steve Paulson finds that old and new iOS devices don't always mix in pleasing ways. He writes:

  • Opinion: Vuzix SMART Glasses Augment Reality, Let You Search the Web From Your Shades

    Augmented reality isn't new--we've been covering it at GeekTech for years--but we spotted some new augmented reality gear among the piles of gadgets showcased at CES last week.

  • News: Verizon offers 16GB version of Droid Razr for $200

    While every feature in smartphones seems to be going toward bigger and faster, Verizon Wireless announced a 16GB version of its Droid Razr for $199.99, in addition to its 32GB version for $299.99.

  • News: Android better than iPhone in many ways - Woz

    Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, has confessed to finding Android-based handsets hard work, but says they have plenty of advantages over the iPhone.

  • News: Interactive e-books anticipated at Apple's NYC event

    Apple is expected to introduce interactive e-books for iOS devices at its education-themed announcement in New York on Thursday.

  • News: Fake iPads made of clay sold in Canada

    As many as 10 fake iPad 2s made of clay may have been bought by unwitting Canadians, according to a report.

  • News: Apple files new lawsuit against Samsung in Germany

    Apple continues to hound Samsung Electronics at the district court in Düsseldorf, and has now filed another lawsuit aimed at 10 models in its Galaxy family of smartphones, according to Peter Schütz, spokesman at the court.

  • News: Sharp, LG producing QXGA panels for next-generation iPad

    Apple has selected Sharp and LG as suppliers of the 2,048 x 1,536 QXGA panels for the next-generation iPad, according to a report.

  • News: The Top 10 Tech-Friendly U.S. Airlines

    In December, PCWorld posted a major story about the tech amenities available to travelers in America's airports ("20 Best U.S. Airports for Tech Travelers"). In it we focused on the airports themselves, but often airlines are responsible for driving the installation of new tech amenities in gate areas. The airlines know that electrical outlets, work desks, and zippy Wi-Fi can influence passengers' decisions to fly with Airline A or with Airline B.

  • Opinion: Free Smartphone Smackdown: What's the Best Deal?

    The Nokia Lumia 710, one of the first phones in the U.S. to ship with Microsoft's well-received Windows Phone 7.5 software, may have just arrived on the scene, but already it's priced as low as they go.

  • News: Five High-Tech Items that Will Cost You More in 2012

    Every day, stories appear about a price drop for this or that tech gadget. As a result, consumers have a tendency to delay spending. After all, why buy something today that will be cheaper tomorrow?

  • News: Workers ditch laptops for iPads - report

    Many workers are ditching laptops in favour of the iPad, though only 16 percent say that Apple's tablet has 'completely replaced' their notebook.

  • News: A hacked-together curtain call

    This new Arduino-based curtain idea for interior design automation by Jamie Zawinski is for the really, really lazy.

  • Opinion: Touch Up Your Portraits Without Makeup

    For many years, professional portrait photographers had a monopoly on delivering photos of you and your family that generally improved on reality. That's my wife has always insisted on hiring a photographer to take my kids' yearbook photos; only they could eliminate red eye, whiten teeth, and erase zits from their cheeks. Well, these days, you can do those sorts of things yourself. Last week, I talked about how to improve your photos by adopting a digital workflow and I mentioned that you should save your "local improvements" for the end of the workflow, after the photo is straightened, cropped, and color corrected. Well, this week I describe how to handle some of the most common local corrections you'll want to make: removing red eye, whitening teeth, and making blemishes disappear.

  • Opinion: Maker of Steve Jobs Action Figure Kills Project

    The maker of a controversial Steve Jobs action figure is stopping production and sale of the 12-inch doll following threats of legal action by Apple and Jobs' family.

  • Opinion: Finally, An iPhone Case With a Built-In Virtual Keyboard

    Celluon turned several heads during the last couple of years thanks to their unique laser projected keyboards. Specifically, the Magic Cube has been a hot ticket item for anyone wanting to escape the cramped confines of a touchscreen interface, due to its ability to create a full-sized typing tool on almost any surface. But for iPhone users who don't want the added clutter of another gadget, Celluon's pushing a new all-in-one solution -- the Prodigy.

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