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  • News: Adobe Carousel becomes Adobe Revel

    Adobe Carousel, the subscription-based photo editing and sharing application launched in late October 2011, has had a name change.

  • News: Pegatron lands more orders for iPad 3 and iPad 4 - report

    Apple has asked Pegatron to produce a "small volume" of iPad 3 units and the company is also expected to land a production deal for the iPad 4, according to a report.

  • Opinion: Earphones to Wear When You Want to Hear More Than Music

    Sometimes you don't just want to hear the music. When you're jogging, baby-sitting, driving, or doing anything that requires you to also pay attention to ambient noise, headphones that block out everything else can be a liability.

  • News: Why 3D Isn't 'Cool' This Year

    The bloom is off 3D this year at CES (formerly the Consumer Electronics Show). It's as if last year's CES, where 3D TVs were all the rage, never happened. How did 3D--in one short year--go from darling to dud?

  • Opinion: Up Close And Personal With The LG Viper And Sprint Galaxy Nexus

    Sprint held a special event for journalists and analysts alike at the TAO nightclub in the Venetian Hotel Tuesday night. The main event? The carrier's brand new LTE Android smartphones. I managed to get my hands on both the LG Viper 4G and Sprint Galaxy Nexus at the event; while this is by no means a full review, I liked what I saw from Sprint's newest offerings.

  • Opinion: New Glasses Change Focus With a Touch

    Young people tend to be on the cutting edge of change and most new tech products are marketed to them. But to really understand Empower glasses, you need to be at least middle-aged. That's because these digital lenses solve a real problem for people with bifocals or progressive lenses.

  • News: A First Look At The LG Spectrum on Verizon Wireless

    Stopping by Verizon's booth at CES, we managed to get a brief hands-on with LG's new LTE phone the LG Spectrum. The phone was announced at yesterday's LG press conference, but this is the first time we got a chance to actually handle the phone.

  • News: Kodak sues HTC, Apple over patent infringement

    Struggling Eastman Kodak is alleging that Apple's and HTC's smartphones and tablets infringe on its digital imaging technology, and has filed a complaint and lawsuits with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York, it said on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: Why the Netflix UK launch is such good news

    Music download and streaming services have shown how copyright and user choice can coexist; it’s finally happening for video too

  • News: CES: Having a whale of a time with Octa's iPad accessories

    Octa's new WhaleTail device vacuum-locks on to the back of an iPad or other mobile device and acts as a flexible stand, mount or holder.

  • News: CES: Meet Sphero, the iPhone gaming ball

    Sphero is a glowing ball that rolls around as you control it from your iPhone - or it can act as a controller itself

  • News: Polaroid to launch Android-powered Smart Camera with phone

    Polaroid finds the whole concept of a "camera-phone" a bit insulting. So it is launching a phone-camera, an Android-driven Smart Camera that is mainly for taking pictures, but can also make the occasional phone call.

  • News: After Microsoft, what next for CES?

    Steve Ballmer gave Microsoft's last keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show Monday night, a damp squib that confirmed for some that the software maker has outstayed its welcome on CES's opening night. But whether Microsoft's departure is the beginning of the end for the world's biggest consumer electronics show depends on whom you ask.

  • News: Intel enters smartphone market after uphill battle

    Intel on Tuesday announced its first smartphone customers, signaling the arrival of Intel Inside smartphones after years of uphill struggle by the chip maker.

  • Opinion: Make Your iPhone Waterproof With Liquipel

    No, Liquipel is not simply a case for your iPhone. It is a patent-pending process of coating a device inside and out with a "nano" coating that is impervious to moisture. No, I wouldn't take your iPhone SCUBA diving or anything, but if you're accident prone, this may be just the thing to save yourself another embarrassing trip to the Apple Store.

  • News: Sony to launch 'SmartWatch' that synchs with, controls Android phones

    Sony plans later this year to launch a small device it is calling the SmartWatch, which links to Android phones via Bluetooth and runs a suite of custom mini-apps.

  • News: 4 sweet smartphones from CES 2012

    Who needs ultrabooks? Some of the coolest devices at this year's CES so far have come from our old friend the smartphone.

  • News: Mobility, video and cloud will drive network revenues up 8.7% in 2012, IDC says

    A perfect storm of growth in enterprise mobility, video consumption and cloud infrastructure will come together just in time for a major refresh cycle in 2012, driving worldwide enterprise network revenues to $39.4 billion by the end of the year, IDC predicts.

  • Opinion: Eyes-On With LG's Stunning 55-Inch OLED 3D TV

    I just fell in love with a TV. Unfortunately, it will probably cost around $10,000, so our cohabitation plans are unlikely to come to fruition.

  • Opinion: Recharge Your Phone with a Tablespoon of Water? Yup

    There are lots of ways to produce electricity. We don't generally think about that fact because we're seldom very far from a power outlet. But when you're lost in the woods and your GPS device runs out of juice, an alternative to a power outlet sounds really attractive. And that seems to be what Signa Chemistry has created.

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