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  • News: FTC warns makers of background checking apps

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has sent warning letters to the makers of six mobile apps used for background checks, saying the apps may violate a consumer credit protection law.

  • News: Droid 4 smartphone hitting shelves Feb. 10 for $200

    The fourth iteration of Motorola's signature Droid series is hitting the shelves for Verizon customers this Friday.

  • News: Apple worked on porting Mac OS X to ARM processors

    Apple may have been working on porting the Mac OS X Darwin kernel to the same ARMv5 chipset architecture used by the iPhone and iPad, it has emerged.

  • News: Apple's Expected Television Set May Be in TV Makers' Hands

    Reports about Apple's expected television set continue unabated with a new claim that Apple is talking to Canadian telecoms Rogers Communications Inc. and Bell Canada Enterprises about a possible TV set deal. The talks appear so serious that Bell and Rogers reportedly have Apple TV set prototypes in their respective development labs, according to The Globe and Mail, Canada's largest national newspaper.

  • News: Motorola Droid 4 Lands at Verizon on February 10

    Motorola's Droid 4, with its physical QWERTY keyboard, arrives Friday for $200 to round out Verizon Wireless' 4G LTE smartphone roster.

  • News: Apple warns iOS developers: Don't monkey with App Store rankings

    Apple has warned iOS developers not to use services that manipulate App Store rankings to make their iPhone and iPad apps seem more popular than they really are.

  • News: BYOD brings new set of IT heroes

    The dual trends of ‘bring your own device’ and the rise in mobile workforce have placed new demands on the IT team, particularly the help desk.

  • Opinion: Play PC Games on Your HDTV

    Playing games on your PC is fantastic if you have the right hardware. Sure, playing console games on a big-screen HDTV is convenient when you have a group of friends gaming together, but games will always look better on a gaming PC with a beefy graphics card and plenty of extra RAM. Hooking your PC up to your TV is also a great way to play pixel-perfect re-creations of classic console games on your HDTV, the way they were meant to be played. This guide will walk you through what to do to get those pixels in order, no matter the emulator or the TV.

  • News: iPhone 4S Helps Apple Claim Top Smartphone Spot

    Apple was the undisputed leader of the smartphone market in the last quarter, as rival Nokia lost almost a third of its sales, according to the latest research from the International Data Corporation. The iPhone 4S was the hottest-selling smartphone during the holidays, closely followed by Samsung’s devices, as the market grew by almost 55 percent from last year.

  • News: Upcoming Microsoft CRM clients may mean more productivity

    The productivity of salespeople could jump with the upcoming release of native Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications for specific mobile platforms and put the software vendor ahead of some of its competitors, an expert says.

  • News: Apple to sell 60m iPads in 2012 - analyst

    Apple will sell 60 million iPads in 2012, according to Peter Misek of Jeffries, though the analyst has revised his prediction of 150 million sales for the whole of the tablet market next year.

  • Opinion: Galaxy Nexus Gets Fixed; Update Makes Ice Cream Sandwich a Little Sweeter

    Tired of your Verizon Galaxy Nexus constantly dropping its LTE connection? Never fear, a fix is near. Over the past weekend, a select few Galaxy Nexus owners were treated to an over-the-air (OTA) software patch that updated their phone software to Android 4.0.4.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Look around you

    Google looks outside the company to hire some integrity, Best Buy looks to consumers for mythical product research, and spammers look toward Steve Jobs for inspiration. The remainders for Monday, February 6, 2012 are looking sharp.

  • News: Analysts weigh in: How to prep for Apple iOS device flood in the enterprise

    Businesses might long for the relatively simple policies for corporate-owned mobile devices of the BlackBerry age, but today's realities are forcing them to prepare their networks for a continued onslaught of authorized and unauthorized access from a slew of consumer devices, led by iPhones and iPads.

  • Opinion: Super Bowl XLVI Ads Pander to Geeks

    For most Super Bowl XLVI was all about the game. For others it's about the overhyped ads, beer, and the chicken wings. For me, it's all about the ads.

  • News: AT&T users report getting throttled at 2GB despite 'unlimited' data plans

    If you're an old-school iPhone user who still has one of AT&T's unlimited data plans, be prepared for a rude awakening.

  • News: Mobile device management: Apple's extra little tricky requirement

    Anyone wanting to buy mobile-device management (MDM) software to manage Apple iOS devices will find they need a special digital certificate from Apple to activate it, a requirement that doesn't apply to the same MDM software that would be used to manage Google Android devices, for instance.

  • News: Apple snares top smartphone sales spot

    Apple was the top seller of smartphones worldwide and in the U.S. last quarter, analysts said today.

  • Opinion: Add USB Charging Ports to Any AC Outlet

    Most modern smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other gadgets rely on USB-based chargers. Some of these come with their own AC wall adapters, while others include nothing more than a USB cable--meaning you have to plug them into your PC to get them charged. (I'm thinking in particular of Amazon's entry-level Kindle.)

  • Opinion: Must-See Digital Photography Websites

    We all have our favorite websites for those subjects that are near and dear to our hearts. There are sites I visit for tips on playing drums, for example, as well as improving my fiction writing. But what of digital photography? Obviously, you already read Digital Focus. And while you're here at PCWorld, you might also check out the monthly Hot Pic photo contest slideshow and check in on the latest camera reviews. But what's going on elsewhere on the Internet, you ask? Great question. Follow along while I take you on a tour of some of my favorite online resources.

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