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  • News: Samsung 'most popular smartphone manufacturer in the UK'

    The battle between Samsung and Apple for smartphone superiority continues with comparison website Broadband Genie claiming around a third of all smartphones sold in 2011 were Samsung.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Copycat cases

    Apple's got a new case on cases, first-generation iPod nano owners are turning into sixth-generation iPod nano owners, and Siri tickles the ivories (but not your funny bone). The remainders for Tuesday, December 20, 2011 are the sincerest form of flattery.

  • Opinion: National Geographic Hopes This Micro-Copter Doesn't Get Eaten By Lions

    Camera work in the African plains is a dangerous profession, but modern technology makes it manageable. Long-focus lenses, remote-controlled video cameras, and other essential gear is critical to getting the footage you want, especially without being attacked or eaten by the local wildlife. BoingBoing notes that Michael Nichols is taking things one step further in National Geographic's Field Test feature, hoping that some new technology will let him capture different types of close-up shots with relative ease.

  • Opinion: Any Phone Can Take Macro Photos With This Lens Band

    Although mobile phones have come a long way in the photography world, taking high-quality macro pictures isn't quite within the realm of modern design. After all, it took years just to get built-in flashes working correctly on phones. But if you don't want to stuff your jacket pockets with bulky lens attachments, there's a much more simple solution available.

  • News: Nokia, Microsoft Employees Spam Moneylife.in Review of Lumia 800

    The review by Yogesh Sapkale was based on comparing the technical specifications of Lumia 800 with the Samsung Galaxy S II.

  • Opinion: LG Rolls Out Voice-Controlled TVs With a Magic Remote

    Speculation on the much-talked about Apple TV set commonly point to the application of voice-controlled features with Siri. However, Apple isn't going to be the first company to pioneer the concept of telling your entertainment set what to play. That honor actually goes to Microsoft's Kinect, which works in conjunction with the Xbox 360 to navigate your console's content and vocally control video playback.

  • News: Patent win will boost Apple fight against Android

    The partial legal victory that Apple won Monday against HTC won't affect either company's short-term sales but could play an important part in Apple's long-range attempt to stymie Android's march, expert said today.

  • Opinion: Modded Gumball Machine Dispenses Sweet Treats With a Tweet

    Casual social media users and neophytes often ask "What's Twitter for?", and they only occasionally understand (or believe) the response. Well, the next time you get that question, give them something that makes perfect sense: Twitter is for distributing candy.

  • News: Apple reportedly buys Israeli SSD-maker Anobit

    Apple has apparently agreed to purchase Anobit Technologies, an Israeli start-up that makes enterprise-class SSDs based on consumer-grade NAND flash chips.

  • News: Google's Android Tablet: How Might It Be Different?

    Google appears to be building its very own Android tablet, one designed to compete at the high end of slate spectrum. The company's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, made the announcement to Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, adding that Google's premium tablet could debut within six months.

  • News: Cell Phone Driving Bans, State by State: Where You Break the Law

    When you're traveling, make sure to know the local laws about mobile phone use and text messaging while driving. Some infractions carry weighty fines and even potential jail time.

  • News: Ice Cream Sandwich Destined for Samsung Galaxy S II in Early 2012

    Samsung Galaxy S II owners will be upgraded to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the first quarter of 2012, the Korean manufacturer has announced. The completely revamped OS debuted on the Galaxy Nexus phone this month, and S II models will benefit from the improvements early next year, too.

  • Feature: 10 biggest tech breakthroughs

    Reaching back through the PC Advisor archives, PC Advisor picks out the 10 technological leaps forward that have most affected our computing lives.

  • News: AT&T, Verizon LTE nets offer similar data download, Web browsing speeds

    Data downloads and Web browsing on new LTE-ready smartphones were slightly faster on AT&T's new 4G LTE network than on the far more widely spread 4G LTE network of rival Verizon

  • News: Apple TV discussions taking place - report

    Apple executives have been talking up the company's vision of the future of TV with several large media organisations, according to a report.

  • News: Dell and China's Baidu launch new smartphone

    Dell and China's largest search engine Baidu unveiled on Tuesday a new smartphone that aims to help the companies expand their mobile businesses in the country.

  • News: Apple wins import block on some HTC devices

    The U.S. International Trade Commission will block the importation of some HTC products starting next April 19 after it found that the company infringed Apple patents.

  • News: Macphun and Mobitog launch International iPhoneography Show

    iPhone photography is making its leap into the art world with the launch of the International iPhoneography Show, currently being held at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York City. Founded by iOS and Mac photography app developer Macphun, in partnership with Mobitog, an online forum for iPhone photographers, the show features hundreds of iPhone photographs shot by amateurs and pros alike.

  • News: Apple wins import block on some HTC devices

    The U.S. International Trade Commission will block the importation of some HTC products starting next April 19 after it found that the company infringed Apple patents.

  • News: Employee-owned devices surging for US companies, survey shows

    Big companies, even those with demanding security needs, are nonetheless allowing employees to use personally owned smartphones and tablets for work, according to a new survey. And increasingly, it is employees and not the companies that are bearing the costs -- for the devices, and cellular data plans.

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