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  • News: NotCompatible Android Trojan: What You Need to Know

    Android smartphone users should be on the lookout for hacked websites that automatically download an app onto your phone in an attempt to trick you into installing malicious code. For what may be the first time ever, analysts at Lookout Mobile Security are warning of a so-called drive-by download attack specifically targeted at Android devices. The attack uses infected websites to try to install a Trojan horse called NotCompatible onto your phone. If installed, the Android malware could let hackers use the phone as an intermediary access point, or proxy, to break into private computer networks. There is also

  • News: IT shops sifting RIM's bold promises and plans

    Research in Motion executives and managers practiced staying "on message" at BlackBerry World this week, repeating a series of mantras about the company's directions and product plans. Yet the simple message is running into the hard practicalities of enterprise IT customers, and they want details and nuance.

  • Opinion: On What Media Should I Backup My Photos?

    Nick Golna asked whether he should backup his photos onto a flash drive or DVDs. I discuss other options, as well.

  • News: RIM tantalizes crowd with BB10 demo

    Some 5,000 Research In Motion application developers and partners were wowed Tuesday by the first public demonstration of the capabilities of next-generation BlackBerry 10 operating system.

  • News: RIM won't abandon physical keypad

    The beloved BlackBerry physical keyboard won't disappear when the new generation of handsets is revealed later this year, the head of Research In Motion has told reporters.

  • News: Taking the heat at BlackBerry World

    It was hot outside the Florida hotel where this year's annual BlackBerry World conference took place. Inside, it apparently wasn't hot enough for some financial analysts.

  • News: 8 More New Uses for Your Old Smartphone

    If you’re searching for a new GPS navigator or a touchscreen remote control, a good place to find one is at the bottom of your desk drawer. Old smartphones, long forgotten after being buried under a pile of debris, still pack some punch with a decent processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth--and the devices can run apps that transform them into a new stand-alone machine.

  • EchoStar unveils Ultra Slim Box (HDT-610R) PVR

    EchoStar has announced its Ultra Slim Box (HDT-610R), the world's slimmest personal video recorder (PVR).

  • News: Xamarin has ported Android from Java to C#

    Xamarin has ported Android to C# in an effort to improve its own development tools and show that the OS doesn't have to be dependent on Java.

  • News: Smartphone screens are getting bigger

    Smartphone screens are getting larger, although vendors will likely continue to offer many sizes to woo a wide variety of users.

  • News: UK ISPs start blocking The Pirate Bay

    Broadband internet service providers (ISP) have started blocking access to The Pirate Bay.

  • News: Apple to become the next AT&T, Verizion, claims 'expert'

    Wireless industry strategist Whitey Bluestein says Apple will soon begin to offer wireless service directly to iPhone and iPad users, we can't see it ourselves.

  • News: Spotify for iPad arrives at last

    Spotify for iPad has Retina display graphics and new full-screen view, as well as AirPlay integration

  • News: Judge again orders Apple, Samsung to streamline claims in iPad patent case

    Apple and Samsung Electronics have until Monday to further boil down the number of claims to be considered in the sweeping intellectual-property lawsuit concerning their smartphone and tablet products, which is now scheduled to go to trial July 30.

  • News: RIM CEO vows to wow with BlackBerry 10

    In brief remarks to reporters Wednesday, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins revealed little of RIM's specific plans for the future but confirmed his determination to rebuild RIM as a "mobile computing" powerhouse, going beyond smartphones and tablets.

  • News: Apple bans Steve Jobs biography from Samsung hearing

    If jurors have already read the biography they may be aware of Steve Jobs’ thermonuclear attitude towards Android, which is at the centre of the Apple/Samsung lawsuit.

  • News: The Week in iOS Accessories: Sleep like a baby

    This week's roundup of new iOS accessories includes gear to help you listen to music, make music, or simply get some rest. Read on for the latest.

  • Opinion: RIM After BlackBerry 10 Debut: Dead Or Alive?

    Research In Motion recently unveiled its next-generation mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, giving critics a little more insight into the company's future prospects. BlackBerry 10 is a significant break from previous BlackBerry operating systems that focused on physical keyboards and smaller screens; BB10 is designed for touchscreens first. The new BlackBerry platform will still include RIM's traditional enterprise-focused hallmarks such as stability and security. But the company is also making a play for app developers so it can woo consumers by offering popular apps for gaming and social networking.

  • News: Sherlock actor lands Star Trek thanks to iPhone video

    Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch has landed a role in the new Star Trek thanks to a video he made on his iPhone in the kitchen.

  • News: Angry Birds Land theme park opens in Finland

    Angry Birds Land, based on the bestselling game, catapults its way into Finland's Sarkanniemi Adventure Park

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