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  • News: iPhone 5 Rumor Rollup for the week ending March 30

    The first days of spring found new iPhone 5 rumors soaring on eagles' wings into the iOSsphere.

  • Opinion: How to Get the Most From Your 3D HDTV

    Gamers, tech enthusiasts, and early adopters were the first to benefit from the shift to HDTV, and now they're reaping the rewards of jumping on the 3D train before everyone else. Good 3D TV programming and Blu-ray movies are still in short supply, but the amount of killer stereoscopic games is growing by the day. In fact, some of last year's biggest games came with support for 3D television sets. But just as in the early years of HD technology, discerning how to get the most out of your cutting-edge tech is no simple task.

  • News: Virgin Media launches Collections with TiVo as standard

    Virgin Media has launched its Collections bundles which come with 'superfast' broadband and TiVo as standard.

  • News: Patent reveals iPhone translation via Siri

    A patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office last spring shows that Apple is planning to enable its Siri voice recognition with a babel fish-like language translation capacity.

  • News: Bricks and Brains: Lego Shaun of The Dead Set Gains 10,000 Supporters

    While most zombie flicks generally involve a lot of gore and a number of "survivors" running around panic stricken, British zombie comedy movie Shaun of The Dead is a both a refreshing and entertaining change from the norm. If you haven't watched it, check it out. If you have, there's now a chance for you to play out your own version of the movie with Lego.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Creme de la creme

    Tim Cook is the CEO of CEOs, Apple is the consumer brand of consumer brands (in Japan), and ebooks are the, uh, books of books. That can only mean that the remainders for Friday, March 30, 2012 are the remainders of remainders.

  • Opinion: What the PayPal Here Mobile Payment System Promises

    The PayPal Here mobile payment service launched last week to a select group of retailers, and it will be available later in 2012 to all businesses. How does it appear to stack up against Square, Intuit GoPayment, and other mobile payment systems that use a card-reading device?

  • Opinion: Surprise! More Malware Appears On Android

    Another week, another announcement of new mobile malware found infecting Android phones. The new bug this week is DKFBootKit, a nasty bit of work that can come packaged inside seemingly legitimate applications--much like most of the other mobile malware we've seen thus far. What sets DKFBootKit apart from malware like DroidDream, is that DKFBootKit replaces certain boot processes and can begin running even before the system is completely booted up.

  • News: The BYOD Troubleshoot: Security and Cost-Savings

    A few months ago, a Hungarian man got a hold of a business executive's personal mobile device containing corporate customer data. The man called up the company asking for $50,000 to not expose the information. What did the company do? It called Websense, an enterprise security company.

  • Opinion: Epson's Android-Powered Glasses Are Out of Sight

    Epson (yes the guys that make printers), has invented what could be the coolest headwear since Geordi La Forge's VISOR on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • News: RIMplosion 2012: Corporate Shakeup Signals Change for BlackBerry

    Yesterday was a big day in the world of BlackBerry.

  • How-Tos: Bugs & Fixes: Problems pairing iPhones to Bluetooth audio systems

    If you have an iPhone, but your car's audio system doesn't have Bluetooth support, stop reading now and go update your system. The technology is that good. By pairing your iPhone with your car, you have the absolute best, most convenient way for hands-free talking on a phone while driving. There's no need for a headset of any kind. Nor is there any need to fumble with your iPhone when you want to make or answer a call. It can all be done from the dashboard controls or (in some cars) entirely by voice. As a bonus, the sound is typically louder and clearer than from a headset, allowing you to more easily overcome road noise.

  • Opinion: Can RIM Make a Comeback? The Word on the Web

    Blackberry-maker Research In Motion just can't catch a break. A week ago, a report claimed the BlackBerry was finally less popular than Apple's iPhone in RIM's home and native land of Canada. Then, on Thursday, RIM reported a terrible financial quarter posting a net loss of $125 million and a 21 percent decline in BlackBerry sales compared to the previous quarter. Things are so bad, RIM says it is going to give up publishing its own earnings forecasts altogether. That might be a good thing since, as AllThingsD points out, the company has fallen short of earnings expectations five times in a row.

  • Opinion: Can a Google Tablet Succeed Where Nexus Phones Didnt?

    So Google may enter the tablet fray directly by marketing its own Android challenger to the iPad while also licensing the OS to hardware partners. What makes it likely to succeed, after its Nexus phones online experiment failed?

  • News: Vote on nano-SIM standard postponed after row

    The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has decided to postpone a vote on a specification for nano-SIMs, after a row erupted between Apple and the backers of a competing proposal, Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility.

  • News: Hulu Plus Expands to Seven Android Tablets

    Online streaming service Hulu Plus rolled out to Android smartphone users last June, but Hulu has been slow to support tablets using Google's mobile OS supporting just two slates until recently. But the wait for Hulu Plus is now over for users of seven popular Android tablets running Android Honeycomb 3.0 or higher.

  • News: Foxconn's overtime reduction will not affect product prices, analysts say

    Low labor costs and a growing reliance on automation will ensure Apple supplier Foxconn's newly announced efforts to reduce overtime for its employees and hire extra workers has no effect on product prices, according to analysts.

  • News: Vote on nano-SIM standard postponed after row

    The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has decided to postpone a vote on a specification for nano-SIMs, after a row erupted between Apple and the backers of a competing proposal, Nokia, Research In Motion (RIM) and Motorola Mobility.

  • News: RIM Returning to Roots to Attempt Rebound

    It was not a great day for RIM, or its new CEO Thorsten Heins. The quarterly earnings report was worse than expected, and drove another nail in the coffin of the iconic mobile platform company. But, big changes are coming as Heins makes some aggressive moves and tries to stage a comeback.

  • News: Remains of the Day: The music, man

    Tim Cook takes a stroll down the Foxconn production line, smartphones and feature phones meet halfway, and Spotify keeps pumping those tunes for free. The remainders for Thursday, March 29, 2012 are music to your ears.

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