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More Desktop PCs Articles

  • News: Analysis: LEDs making displays brighter

    The quality of the picture on desktop monitors, laptop screens, LCD TVs and dozens of consumer-electronic devices is set to improve drastically with backlighting technology that creates far more vibrant colours, brighter screens and sharper images.

  • News: MS adds Office to Genuine Software Initiative

    Microsoft has introduced an initiative for testing if customers have a genuine version of its Office productivity suite.

  • News: EU judges question Microsoft

    European Union court judges questioned Microsoft today about the company's contention that a landmark European Commission antitrust decision denied the software giant's right to compete and innovate.

  • News: Fast reveals aggressive antitheft plans

    Fast – the Federation Against Software Theft – has warned that it's about to launch an initiative to track down users of stolen software.

  • News: Microsoft attacks EU on bundling ruling

    Microsoft kicked off its appeal against the EC’s 2004 antitrust ruling today with a searing attack on the arguments against bundling Media Player in Windows.

  • News: More Mac OS X vulnerabilities revealed

    A security researcher has released code that exploits a number of recently discovered and unpatched bugs in Mac OS X.

  • News: Apple blogger case heard by court

    In a case that could have broad implications for journalists everywhere, Apple argued yesterday that its subpoena of the ISP of an online news website should be allowed to go forward.

  • News: Analysis: no Windows Vista until 2007

    Microsoft's next operating system - initially roadmapped to appear two years ago - won't be with us until after Christmas.

  • News: Windows pundit pours scorn on Vista

    Windows expert Paul Thurrott has launched a scathing attack on Microsoft's Vista OS.

  • News: Microsoft loses bid to see IBM documents

    Microsoft failed in its bid to subpoena communications from IBM relating to an antitrust case against Microsoft in the European Union.

  • News: Gates' dream: a tablet PC for every student

    The uphill battle that tablet computing continues to face in winning favour with consumers hasn't dampened Bill Gates' enthusiasm for the technology.

  • News: Microsoft plans online storage service

    Microsoft is working on an online storage service that appears to be aimed at a service called Gdrive in development at Google, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

  • News: HP recalls 15,700 laptop batteries

    HP is recalling 15,700 laptop batteries after reports that they overheated, causing minor property damage and, in one instance, a minor burn injury, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said yesterday.

  • News: Jury orders MS and Autodesk to pay up

    A jury in Texas on Wednesday awarded z4 Technologies. $115m (about £65m) from Microsoft and $18m (£10m) from Autodesk to settle a patent-infringment suit filed in September 2004.

  • News: Panasonic to launch Blu-ray drive in June

    Panasonic plans to begin selling a Blu-ray Disc drive in Japan in June for use in desktop computers, the company said today.

  • News: China heading for top spam spot

    The US is still the top spam-relaying country, but its share of the global bane continues to drop, security vendor Sophos has reported in its latest statistics.

  • News: AMD plans antihyperthreading

    What's better than two processors? Normally the answer might be four processors but, according to a leak from AMD France, the processor maker is instead working on a multicore CPU that acts like one CPU.

  • News: LCD screen prices falling

    A string of new factories being built, combined with slow demand for notebook and desktop PC screens, caused LCD prices to fall during the first three months of the year.

  • News: PC growth strong in Q1, analysts say

    Worldwide PC unit shipments worldwide grew strongly in the first quarter, research companies Gartner and IDC reported yesterday.

  • News: Fujitsu announces four laptops

    Fujitsu announced four laptops this week, all powered by chips from Intel and all designed for business users.

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