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  • News: Microsoft: Malware 'on about one in 300 PCs'

  • News: High-resolution foldable digital screen 'closer'

    Japan's Seiko Epson has developed a prototype electronic-paper display that offers the world's highest resolution, says the company.

  • News: Intel: more and more Moore's Law

    Researchers at Intel have found a better way to insulate circuits, enabling them to save energy as they pack more transistors onto each processor.

  • News: Cool gadgets-a-plenty at Computex

    The thousands of booths at the Computex trade show in Taipei are enough to keep any gadget fan happy - at least for a week.

  • News: Intel gets in a branding pickle

    As the chip maker prepares to launch a raft of new chips and processors, it's turned into a challenge for Intel's marketing department to keep its branding in order.

  • News: Intel reveals R&D plans

    Intel recently showed off a range of advanced-stage research projects to the press and potential partners at its fourth annual Research at Intel Day held at its facility in Santa Clara. The projects spanned mobile technology, enterprise computing, large-scale computing platforms and "people-centred" computing and are being developed under Intel's current mantra of "driving energy efficiency and performance."

  • News: Microsoft kills off Windows 98 and Me

    Microsoft warns customers face security risks if they use some of its ageing operating systems

  • News: Microsoft set to ship high-octane Windows

    Microsoft has finished work on a version of Windows for high-performance computing (HPC), it announced today.

  • News: Huge 16GB USB flash drives 'this year'

    Users looking for pocket-sized storage devices for digital photos, files, songs and other data should see 16GB USB flash drives out by the end of the year.

  • News: Vista promises second screen for laptops

  • News: Supply woes are over, Intel vows

    Intel launched its latest family of chipsets amid high fives between workers and several whoops proclaiming "We're back", and promised the resources were aligned to make sure there wouldn't be a repeat of the shortages the company ran into last year.

  • News: Mobile desktop PC unveiled

    There are small computers, and then there's FIC's (First International Computer's) very-slim GE2, which is even smaller than Apple's miniscule Mac mini.

  • News: Microsoft tweaks Vista security

    Bowing to criticism, Microsoft plans to modify a key new security feature in its upcoming Windows Vista operating system to make it less cumbersome for users.

  • News: Special in-flight Flybook laptop 'next month'

    So you're two hours into a long-haul flight trying to watch a DVD on your laptop when the person in front of you decides to go to sleep, throws his seat back an obnoxious 30 degrees and shoves your tray table and notebook into your stomach.

  • News: Greenpeace slams high-tech toxic waste

    Members of the international environmental group Greenpeace have protested at the Computex trade show in Taipei. The group was seeking to bring to the attention of show-goers the issue of electronic waste, displaying shocking pictures of the consequences of high-tech pollution.

  • News: Intel: no support for DDR3 RAM until mid-2007

    PC enthusiasts hoping to see faster memory chips in the near future will have to wait until around the middle of next year, because that's when Intel plans to add support for DDR3 to its chipsets.

  • News: Microsoft releases Vista public beta

    Microsoft has launched its widest release yet of the beta version of its troubled next-generation Windows Vista operating system.

  • News: Microsoft still working on tiny Haiku PC

    The lacklustre reception of the ultramobile PC hasn't put Microsoft off the portable PC space. In fact, the company has continued to work on another mini-Tablet PC concept called the Haiku, and expects it on the market within the next few years.

  • News: Via goes pret-a-porter with Vogue PCs

    Via is going pret-a-porter with Vogue, its latest reference design for PC makers, announced today at the Computex exhibition in Taipei.

  • News: Russian extortion Trojan hits web

    A week after a woman from Rochdale was reported to have fallen victim to an encryption Trojan, Arhiveus-A, an older rival has reappeared on the internet.

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