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  • News: BT is the fastest ISP around

    If your broadband is provided by BT then the chances are you are getting the fastest service available.

  • News: Researchers discover 'invisible' rootkit

    A rootkit that will greatly increase the difficulty of detecting and removing malware from PCs has been detected by security researchers.

  • News: Microsoft junks private-folder software

    Pressure from corporate users led Microsoft to pull free software from the web that allowed users sharing Windows PCs to shield information from other users in a private folder.

  • News: Crackdown on Falun Gong, pirates, adult DVDs

    The Chinese government has moved to close down illegal production of DVDs by pirates, pornographers and the banned Falun Gong spiritual group, state-run media reported on Friday.

  • News: Hackers learn from open source

    Hackers are using techniques popularised by developers of open-source software programs such as Linux to improve their malicious code, a researcher at McAfee has said.

  • How-Tos: How to install Windows Vista today

    Today is the last day that the Windows Vista Beta 2.0 that Microsoft made publicly available last month will be downloadable.

  • News: Dell abandons rebates in PC pricing

    In a bid to simplify PC purchasing, Dell is changing the way it offers discounts to customers. Home users and small-business customers will have to fill out less paperwork when buying a computer from Dell, as the vendor announced it will phase out most of its rebates and promotions.

  • News: It's official! Apple overtakes Microsoft

    As Bill Gates prepares to exit the company he founded, Microsoft finds itself dumped from the US's favourite brands… by, of all, people, Apple! Sony was ranked the best brand in the US for the seventh year in a row, according to Harris Interactive.

  • News: Forget Vista… there's a new Windows for old PCs

    Microsoft has released a new version of its operating system for businesses this week that extends the life of older PCs by effectively turning them into thin-client computers.

  • News: First tests: Conroe smashes AMD speeds

    Exclusive PC Advisor tests show that PCs equipped with Intel's new Core 2 Duo processors set new high marks for desktop performance – they're the fastest we've seen by far.

  • News: Intel announces Conroe launch

    Intel's next-generation 'Conroe' chip for desktop PCs is slated for release on 27 July, in the second phase of its attempt to recover from slumping sales with new products.

  • News: EU fine 'won't delay Vista release'

    The head of Microsoft's Japanese unit has said EC fines levied against Microsoft will not affect the launch of the Windows Vista OS.

  • News: Heavy-handed BPI slammed by Tiscali

    Tiscali has hit back at the British Phonographic Industry after it requested that it close the accounts of alleged filesharers.

  • News: First 'vishing' attack comes to light

    An ingenious type of phishing scam that uses VoIP telephony to entrap its victims has been reported by Secure Computing.

  • News: Microsoft will push to have fines quashed

    Microsoft will appeal the fine imposed on it today by the EC on grounds that the company has worked closely to deliver the requested technical documents in the right format.

  • News: Microsoft fined €280.5m by EU

    The EC has fined Microsoft €280.5m for failing to comply with the terms of a March 2004 antitrust judgement against it, the EC said today.

  • News: Two months of Office 2007 offered

    Microsoft yesterday introduced a scheme that gives OEMs more opportunities to sell licences for its forthcoming Office 2007 suite.

  • News: HD-DVD group to blitz US and Canada

    Backers of the HD-DVD format are planning to step up their promotional activities in North America, they said yesterday.

  • News: African initiatives announced by Gates

    At the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Africa yesterday, Microsoft announced a number of initiatives in cooperation with local and global organisations that are aimed in part at boosting tourism in Africa as a way to spur economic development on the continent.

  • News: Microsoft circulates seven patches

    Microsoft yesterday released patches for a number of bugs in Windows, Excel and Office.

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