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  • News: Vista functions promise speed boost

    No one likes waiting for Windows to boot up but a flash memory drive from Samsung could improve system performance. The 4GB drive will take advantage of the ReadyBoost feature in Windows Vista and store information that would otherwise be written to the hard disk. That will lead to a boost in performance, says Samsung.

  • News: Wikipedia bundled with '$100 laptop'

    The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has confirmed plans to include elements of the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia as the first element in its content repository.

  • News: Apple's reputation takes a knock

    Traditionally seen as an innovative and unique company, Apple's reputation may be suffering as its sales figures rocket.

  • News: New Apple products 'imminent'

    Want to know what new products Apple will be announcing next week? Have a glimpse at the future of Vista, by taking a peak at the next version of Mac OS X, code-named Leopard.

  • News: Apple admits problems, stock plummets

    Apple Computer has found more problems with its accounting for stock options grants and now says it is likely to restate some past financial results.

  • News: Microsoft aims to combat Vista threats

    Microsoft has said it intends to find ways to stop potential threats to Vista before the operating system ships.

  • News: Another big Patch Tuesday coming

    August will be another big month for Microsoft patches, with the release of 12 security bulletins next Tuesday to fix holes in Windows and the Office productivity suite.

  • News: Microsoft, eBay crack down on German pirates

    The German subsidiaries of Microsoft and eBay are intensifying their collaboration on preventing software piracy, threatening to sue individuals who sell illegally copied software.

  • News: Proof-of-concept worm targets PowerShell

    Microsoft has not released its PowerShell scripting technology in commercial products yet, but a group of hackers has already written a prototype virus for it.

  • News: Rambus acted unlawfully – FTC

    The US Federal Trade Commission yesterday unanimously decided that Rambus unlawfully created a monopoly for certain technologies used in the DRAM memory chip standard.

  • News: MacBook hit with wireless hack

    Security researchers David Maynor and Jon Ellch performed a digital drive-by yesterday at the Black Hat USA conference. Their target: an Apple MacBook.

  • News: Gates named in Chinese 'top foreigner' list

    The world's richest man joins Karl Marx and Nikita Khrushchev on a list of non-Chinese making the greatest impact on China, published today by a state-run newspaper's website.

  • News: AOL to make some software free

    In a move to increase its online advertising revenue, AOL said today it will make a range of its software and services free for broadband users.

  • News: Bug panic played down by Microsoft

    Recently released Windows exploit code is causing confusion in the security world, as it seems to overlap with a critical bug Microsoft patched last month.

  • News: Windows Live Spaces launches

    Microsoft today launched an upgraded version of its MSN Spaces website that lets users quickly create a website or blog, post photos and build a network of contacts.

  • News: High-octane Windows to propel MS growth

    Microsoft yesterday made its OS for high-performance computing generally available.

  • News: Real to distribute Google Toolbar, Firefox

    Real, Mozilla and Google have reached a multi-year agreement to distribute certain applications to users.

  • News: Windows executives shuffled again

    Microsoft continues to make executive changes in the division that oversees Windows.

  • News: Microsoft files patent suit against Belkin

    Microsoft yesterday filed a patent-infringement complaint with the US International Trade Commission against Belkin.

  • News: Trouble ahead for Palm OS

    Palm's plans for future products could be affected by delays in development of the next version of the Palm OS software, the company warned in a regulatory filing.

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