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  • News: DRM-free music download service launched

    Music fans in the UK searching for DRM-free music to buy legitimately online have a new service to use.

  • News: Logitech offers Skype calling kit

    Skype and Logitech have joined up to announce the Logitech EasyCall Desktop set, which integrates standard user interface combinations with equipment to make Skype calls.

  • News: OpenOffice security is not good enough

    With Microsoft's Office suite now being targeted by hackers, researchers at the French Ministry of Defence say users of OpenOffice software may be at even greater risk from computer viruses.

  • News: Apple aims to ruin Vista's chances

    Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, is a gathering of geeks ready for a deep dive into a pool of technologies. But WWDC also has a tradition of new product introductions, and last week was no exception.

  • News: Dell offers refunds to unhappy customers

    When a group of Chinese customers complained in June that their recently purchased Dell laptops did not ship with the right processor, they vented their displeasure publicly and began plans to bring a lawsuit against the company.

  • News: Microsoft fixes Visual Basic 2005 compiler

    Issues with use of Microsoft's Visual Basic 2005 compiler in large projects have prompted the company to release a Quick Fix Engineering update to address major problems.

  • News: Microsoft will not compensate for delays

    Microsoft has said reports that it secretly plans to offer 'reparations' to corporate customers hurt by delays in the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007 are inaccurate.

  • News: Inside the Mac Pro's processor

    Although Intel has been using the Xeon name since 1998, the dual-core Xeon 5100 processors that power the Mac Pro and Xserve lines are entirely new chips, based on Intel's 64bit Core architecture platform.

  • News: What you need to know about the Mac Pro

    On Monday, Apple ended its transition to Intel-supplied chips with a bang, replacing its Power Mac desktops with the Mac Pro.

  • News: Intel requests AMD's ATI acquisition papers

    AMD sees its planned acquisition of ATI as a way to expand its ability to compete in the microprocessor industry. Intel sees it as a way to expand its defense in a microprocessor antitrust case it is fighting against AMD.

  • News: Vista upgrade coupon rumour spreads

    Unusual patterns in demand for motherboards lend weight to reports that well-known PC vendors will ship computers with free upgrade coupons for the Windows Vista OS in the fourth quarter.

  • News: More Leopard features revealed

    Unannounced extra features rumoured to be within Apple's forthcoming Leopard OS are causing a commotion among Windows developers.

  • News: Apple laptops to get Merom upgrade?

    A report claims Apple is planning to introduce revised laptops as soon as September.

  • News: Firefox flaws found by open-source system

    A software system for hunting down security flaws in open-source software is being used to iron out flaws in Mozilla's Firefox.

  • News: Blogger unblocked in China – again

    Google's free weblog service, Blogger, is once again accessible from Beijing without the use of a proxy server, indicating that apparent government efforts to block the site have been lifted.

  • News: Windows malware raises worm fears

    Attack code exploiting a recently patched vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system has been posted to the internet, prompting concerns of a widespread attack.

  • News: Vista weaknesses identified by Symantec

    A report describing weaknesses in a beta version of Windows Vista has been released by security vendor Symantec.

  • News: Laptops, iPods must go in the hold

    Authorities have banned passengers from taking electronic items on board aeroplanes following the arrests of 21 people today in connection with an alleged plot to blow up aircraft mid-flight en route to the US.

  • News: PC World selling FM transmitters

    Though they can't legally be used in the UK yet, PC World is selling FM transmitters for iPods across its stores.

  • News: Free personalised email domains from AOL

    AOL will offer personalised email domains free to all web users starting in September, the company announced yesterday.

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