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  • News: Microsoft goes after 'cybersquatters'

    Web users who've had the frustrating experience of mistyping a common or popular website URL and inadvertently landing on a page full of pay-per-click ads may soon have relief due to a campaign by Microsoft.

  • News: PowerPoint flaw 'old news'

    An unpatched security flaw in PowerPoint is not so new after all, according to Microsoft, which claims it fixed the problem earlier this month.

  • News: Microsoft encouraged to ease Vista transition

    Microsoft partners are asking the software vendor to do whatever it takes to make the transition to Windows Vista easier.

  • News: Panasonic rolls out MP3 players

    Panasonic will soon sell two digital audio players that are designed to closely integrate with two companion home stereo systems.

  • News: Novell and Red Hat wage bitter war of words

    Linux' two main distributors, Novell and Red Hat, have embarked on a bitter war of words, trading insults over one another's virtualisation strategies.

  • News: Shareholders hit Apple with lawsuit

    Apple shareholders have filed suit against the company, in the latest development of the options furore.

  • News: IBM Turbo charges storage

    If turbocharging makes cars faster, IBM believes turbocharging its storage products will help it pass rival EMC. IBM introduced new storage products today offering faster performance, improved system management and lower cost of ownership than previous IBM models or its competitors’.

  • News: Dell stays with Sony, for now

    Despite all the negative publicity Dell has encountered over its battery recall, the biggest in consumer electronics history, the company's CEO and founder, Michael Dell has stressed he retains his trust in Sony, the company's battery supplier.

  • News: Next Lamborghini laptop due early next year

    Asus will release the next generation of its Lamborghini notebook system available at the start of 2007, but the company would not say if it will carry an Intel microprocessor.

  • News: Battery fire risk known of 10 months ago

    Sony has admitted that both it and Dell knew about problems that have caused the largest ever recall in consumer electronics history as long as 10 months ago.

  • News: Microsoft could face another patent lawsuit

    Microsoft could face another lawsuit from a patent portfolio company over technology within its SQL Server database.

  • News: Latest Intel chipset in short supply

    A spike in PC demand has created a new shortage of Intel chipsets, potentially reviving an issue blamed for causing the company to lose market share to rival AMD last year.

  • News: Dell to launch AMD-powered desktop PCs

    Dell is extending its relationship with AMD by launching Dimension desktop computers with AMD processors in September.

  • News: Environmental impact of Dell recall 'minimal'

    Many of the 4.1 million laptop batteries recalled by Dell last Monday will end up in landfill sites around the world, but experts agree the environmental impact will be minimal.

  • News: Boeing 'disappoints' in-flight partner

    Lufthansa's in-flight internet service could be grounded, and the company isn't happy.

  • News: Tech terror travel tips

    Call it the tech-savvy traveller's nightmare: When you arrive at the airport for your flight, you're told that, for security reasons, you must check your usual carry-on bag - including all of the sensitive electronics it contains.

  • News: Transistor run at world record speed

    Researchers at the University of Southampton have set a record by getting a transistor running at a staggering 110GHz.

  • News: Windows Live makes test debut in Vista

    Microsoft has begun showing how it will integrate its Windows Live online services into Windows Vista in recent test builds of the operating system, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

  • News: AOL security tools raise adware issues

    Just days after posting details of searches made by hundreds of thousands of subscribers, AOL is in hot water again with consumer advocates.

  • News: Few violations found at Chinese iPod factory

    An investigation by Apple into the manufacture of iPods in China has unearthed several violations of the company's supplier code of conduct.

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