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  • News: Conjugate your verbs with Microsoft

    Those of us who took Latin at school know how hard it can be to keep all of the verb forms straight when trying to learn a new language.

  • News: Huge tech support service launched by DSG

    Dixons Stores Group, which operates electronics and computer stores throughout Europe, has launched a large customer support operation to capitalise on the increasing frustration of consumers with high-tech items.

  • News: Intel confirms job losses

    As anticipated, Intel has announced layoffs as part of a larger restructuring plan that envisions some 10,500 employee layoffs by mid-2007 and $5bn in savings by 2008.

  • News: IBM nets $35m supercomputer contract

    The US Department of Energy has chosen IBM to build a new supercomputer for its Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

  • News: AMD gains antitrust approval to buy ATI

    AMD has gained approval from key US, Canadian and German antitrust regulators for its $5.4bn plan to buy ATI.

  • News: Subliminal spam provides a quick fix

    PandaLabs says that it has detected a spam message that uses subliminal advertising techniques. The advertisement, which gives users the opportunity to buy financial stock online, features a sequence of images featuring the word "Buy" displayed extremely rapidly.

  • News: Apple ships 24in iMac, updates range

    Apple has updated its entire iMac line with new Intel Core 2 Duo processors in every model and added a new 24in iMac.

  • News: Word flaw being used in attacks

    An unpatched flaw in the Windows 2000 version of Microsoft Office 2000 is being used by attackers to run unauthorised software on a victim's computer, according to security firm Symantec.

  • News: Sony upgrades LocationFree platform

    Sony is upgrading its LocationFree platform with more efficient video compression and a receiver add-on for televisions.

  • News: Windows Vista RC1 impresses critics

    Microsoft looks set to hit its November release deadline for Windows Vista, after testers praise 'impressive' Release Candidate 1.

  • News: Official Windows Vista prices released

    Microsoft has released US pricing for Windows Vista, about a week after online retailer Amazon.com disclosed the OS's pricing on its website.

  • News: Microsoft nets phishing filter technology

    Microsoft is using data-mining techniques from a third party in its internet browsers to guard against 'phishing' attacks, where dubious websites try to harvest personal information from unknowing victims.

  • News: Buyers warned over DRAM price hikes

    Some of Taiwan's DRAM makers have reported record monthly sales for August, highlighting an increase in DRAM prices that could continue in the months ahead.

  • News: Dual-core boost for mobile gamers

    Desktop computers have long been the preferred systems of gamers, but that's starting to change, thanks to the introduction of more powerful mobile processors and mobile graphics chips.

  • News: Norwegian city cans high-profile Linux plans

    Two years ago the city of Bergen caught the attention of the IT world when it decided to go for a fully fledged Linux strategy. Now those plans have been put on hold.

  • News: Sun, Unisys file joint DRAM complaint

    Sun and Unisys seek compensation from Hynix, Infineon and Mitsubishi over price-fixing allegations.

  • News: Philips sees a future in healthcare

    Philips hopes to dominate the market for electronic healthcare products in much the same way that Apple conquered the ears of consumers with its successful iPod portable music player.

  • News: Mac Pro better deal than Dell

    According to Associated Press, Apple's Mac Pro is a better deal than a top-flight Dell PC.

  • News: Steve Irwin news devours bandwidth

    News of Australian crocodile hunter Steve Irwin's death had website traffic in overdrive today, with many news sites operating on low-bandwidth mode as a result of high traffic.

  • News: Free Wi-Fi for World Bank meeting

    Singapore's Infocomm Development Authority is testing a free wireless internet service ahead of the annual meeting of the boards of governors of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, which take place this month in Singapore.

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