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  • News: CPU wars move to internet cafes

    Intel has teamed up with a Taiwanese motherboard vendor to tap China's burgeoning internet cafe market, on the heels of a similar announcement earlier this year by rival AMD.

  • News: eMusic launch gives consumers more choice

    For the launch of its European music download store, eMusic.com has added tracks from hundreds of European independent labels to its collection of US artists.

  • News: DoJ interested in HP spying allegations

    The US Department of Justice is asking questions about conduct by HP that has embroiled the technology company in controversy.

  • News: McAfee says sorry for bugs in Falcon

    McAfee has apologised to users for bugs in the company's line of client protection software, released last month.

  • News: Dell has trouble filing accounts

    Dell has delayed filing its quarterly earnings report with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and may have to restate past earnings statements, the company said yesterday.

  • News: Norton Internet Security 2007 unveiled

    Symantec this week unveiled the 2007 editions of its consumer Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security desktop products, plus a third new offering called Norton Confidential that protects e-commerce transactions.

  • News: Windows Live Search fully operational

    Microsoft is removing the beta tag from Live Search, its next-generation search engine, and making it the underlying search tool at its MSN.com portal.

  • News: EU expands probe into Intel's activities

    The EC has expanded an ongoing antitrust probe of computer chip maker Intel to examine claims that the company has been pressuring the Continent's largest computer retail chain not to sell computers containing chips made by AMD.

  • News: Vodafone enters broadband market

    Vodafone has struck a deal with BT that will allow the mobile operator to use existing fixed-line networks to provide a broadband service in the UK.

  • News: Second Life users must change password

    After discovering a security breach last week, Linden Lab, the creator of the online game Second Life, has asked all 650,000 users of the game to change their passwords.

  • News: Record number of phishing attacks in July

    Cybercriminals created a record number of phishing websites in July and hijacked a record number of brands to help them do their work, a consortium that monitors online fraud said today.

  • News: Free MP3 player for Napster subscribers

    In a bid to tempt users away from iTunes, Napster is to offer a free MP3 player to subscribers.

  • News: DRM-free video downloads from 4flix.net

    Online video site 4Flix.net has introduced a monthly subscription plan that allows unrestricted access to hundreds of feature-length movies, TV shows, cartoons and independent films for $9.99 a month.

  • News: Three-layer HD-DVD disc prototype developed

    Toshiba and Memory-Tech have developed a three-layer optical disc that can be read by both DVD and HD-DVD players.

  • News: Record sentence for software pirate

    A US judge on Friday sentenced the owner and operator of iBackups.net to 87 months in prison, the longest sentence ever given for software piracy, according to a software trade group.

  • News: Samsung unveils first 40nm flash chip

    Samsung showed off its first 40nm flash chip, a 32Gb NAND flash memory that can be used in memory cards able to store up to 64GB of data, or 40 movies.

  • News: NEC selling off Packard Bell

    NEC executives are negotiating the sale of the company's Packard Bell division, reportedly to eMachines founder Lap Shun 'John' Hui.

  • News: HP board meeting makes no progress

    HP's board of directors took no action at a special meeting yesterday and will reconvene later today to continue discussions about the scandal that has occupied the company over the past week.

  • News: Using Vista RC1 on a MacBook Pro

    Ever since Apple released its Boot Camp software in April, thus enabling Intel Mac owners to run Windows on their Apple hardware, we've been working with various permutations of Windows on a 17in MacBook Pro.

  • News: MS exec gives company B+ on security

    Since Microsoft launched its Trustworthy Computing initiative in January 2002, the company has substantially improved the overall security of its products, a company executive said this week.

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