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  • News: Enterprise-friendly VoIP software prepared

    Skype is working to make its internet telephony service more enterprise friendly, and expects to introduce a beta version of its software with support for enterprise management functions within weeks.

  • News: The HP boardroom leak scandal

    If you've been living in a cave or just ignoring the newspapers for the past week or two, here's the lowdown on the spying scandal that has rocked HP.

  • News: Apple continues to claim ownership of 'pod'

    Apple is becoming more aggressive in protecting its iPod trademark and is now attempting to establish control of the word 'pod' and, in one case, 'podcast'.

  • News: Laptop fire probably caused by battery

    A Lenovo laptop computer that burst into flames at Los Angeles International Airport last Saturday was most likely the result of a defective Sony battery, according to Lenovo spokesman Ray Gorman.

  • News: HP's Dunn resigns with immediate effect

    HP CEO and president Mark Hurd has confirmed that he approved a probe of HP employees, board members and journalists in an effort to find out who on the HP board was leaking confidential information outside of the company.

  • News: Sony shuffles control of electronics group

    Sony is reshuffling responsibilities in its key electronics group, allowing the head of the division to play a bigger role in Sony's research and development actvities.

  • News: AOL sells AOL France

    AOL continued its strategy of separating its internet access and content businesses in Europe, with the sale of its French internet access business to Neuf Cegetel.

  • News: Symantec, Adobe lobby EU over Vista

    Two Symantec engineers will visit Brussels next week to discuss the antitrust threat posed to their company by the upcoming Microsoft Vista OS.

  • News: Microsoft praised for security offensive

    CodeRed, Nimda and Blaster. These high-profile worms, which exploited flaws in Microsoft's Windows operating system and other applications, made the software giant the butt of security jokes and forced the company to re-examine its approach to developing secure software.

  • News: BitTorrent: DRM is bad for iTunes

    In an interview with PC Advisor, the filesharing giant's founder spills the beans on its new movie download service, promising faster content and hardware partnerships.

  • News: Apple updates strengthen wireless security

    Apple has released a Security and AirPort update for Mac OS X that fixes vulnerabilities found in the company's wireless drivers. The issues found were the result of an internal audit of the software drivers, and Apple claimed that no known exploits exist for them.

  • News: Outlook vulnerable to critical VML bug

    A critical bug in the Internet Explorer browser also affects users of the Outlook 2003 email client, making it much more serious than previously thought.

  • News: Major IE security hole about to go global

    An unpatched Internet Explorer exploit discovered in the wild this week could quickly spread to thousands of malicious websites as soon as this weekend, warn security researchers.

  • News: Tweaked Firefox offers secret surfing

    A tweaked version of the Firefox browser that makes web browsing anonymous has been released by a group of privacy-minded coders.

  • News: Blue Pill malware is 'undetectable' in Vista

    The researcher who developed Blue Pill, an attempt at producing undetectable malware for Windows Vista, is working on a stealthier version that could be finished within the next few months.

  • News: Silicon Graphics back in business

    High-end graphics pioneer Silicon Graphics is back in business.

  • News: House panel widens HP spying probe

    A US government panel has asked an HP corporate ethics lawyer to testify in its 28 September hearing on the company's use of 'pretexting' to spy on journalists, board members and other employees.

  • News: Windows Vista thwarts security software

    PC users switching to Windows Vista next year might have a tougher time getting their security software to work properly, according to Symantec.

  • News: Xbox 360 will have HD-DVD drive add-on

    Microsoft will launch an HD-DVD drive add-on for its Xbox 360 console in November, a company executive said today.

  • News: WiMax competitor back on track

    The process to standardise a rival to the broadband wireless WiMax technology is back on track although the delay and scandal around it could present a serious set back to the effort.

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